Why Your Wardrobe is Slowly Killing You…

And What You Can Do to STOP This in Just a Few Weeks.

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Did you know by making more decisions in a day than you need to, you actually lower the quality of your decisions as the day progresses?

It’s called decision fatigue or as I like to call it “bandwidth reduction”. Which in a nutshell means, you get mentally worn out having to keep making lots of small decisions throughout the day.

This in turn leads you to make a lot worse decisions later on in the day, than you would have, “if” you had saved your mental capacity by making less decisions earlier in the day.

What’s the solution? Well, it’s extremely simple, make less decisions!

And where is the one of the quickest wins in your world of making less decisions? Well, the article title gives it away!

Yes, your wardrobe.

This all came to me one morning when I was going for a business breakfast at the Ivy in Clifton, Bristol and after multiple clothing changes, which took over half an hour (yes, I am male).

I eventually settled on a pink large square gingham shirt with cut away collar, sky blue trousers, a beautiful mid blue linen blazer (pictured above) and to top it off a pink hankie, blue suede shoes, blue Breitling watch and blue suede Russell & Bromley belt and it did look exceptionally good, which in turn elevated my mood, which of course is a good thing.

However, the price I paid to look that good was a huge mental drain.

The extent of my clothes was actually pretty incredible when I look back now, as my fifth bedroom was a dedicated wardrobe, plus I had two built in wardrobes in my bedroom (one a walk in) and to really top it off, I still had a walk-in wardrobe at my parents with lots more clothes.

My first and a very logical plan after that self-realisation that I just wasted over half an hour of my life, simply putting on clothes, was to go through all my clothes and get rid of large chunks of my numerous wardrobes’, which I did. However, with multiple large bin bags packed and ready for the charity shop, I was still left with a lot of clothes, and I wanted a process much more efficient.

This is when I came up with the idea to have set pieces of clothing, in set colours by brands I know fit well. This simple, yet highly effective idea allows me to look good consistently and yet, with very little time and more importantly, very little brain power used up in the process.

It Goes Along the Lines of…

I have set colours that I know look good on me and only maintain (buy new or repair) clothes that are white, pink, sky blue and navy blue.

Next, I have set clothing staples that I like, feel comfortable wearing and that look good on me, these being t-shirts, polo shirts, casual linen shirts, dress shirts, swimming shorts, formal shorts, jeans, trousers, blazers and over coats.

Pretty standard items I appreciate, however when you know what you want, it stops you getting distracted by shiny new things, like black leather trousers that you know you are never going to wear, and you only want to buy a pair as Jim Morrison used to wear them!

Finally, I know certain brands fit me well across their range of clothing, so for example most of my clothing consists of Ralph Lauren, with a few Hackett items and all my dress shirts being Thomas Pink or TM Lewin.

I do have quite a few clothes still left over that don’t fit the above set wardrobes criteria, however I love these and I will continue to wear these items until they wear out or get damaged and then they are simply not replaced.

Buying clothes is now simple and requires very little decisions making or thought process as its simply, is it:

1. Ralph Lauren, Hackett, Thomas Pink, TM Lewin?

2. Is it white, pink, sky blue or navy blue?

3. Is it the type of clothing I wear e.g. I won’t be buying a cardigan (though I still have one I refuse to throw out that I love)!

Though I don’t spend much time buying clothes, so this is not a huge reclaiming of my mental bandwidth, it does make life simpler for you.

What I really love, is the simplicity in the colour matching, as over the years I have spent ages getting ready so many times, seeing if different colour combinations of clothes that I have never previously worn together, look good.

Whereas now, I know that white, pink, sky blue or navy all work well together, and it’s pretty difficult to walk out the door with some colour mismatch.

I know there used to be a lot of talk about big American CEO’s just wearing black for similar reasons, however there is no reason to have to look this unstylish and dull. That’s the beauty of this, it combines efficiency with elegance and style, something lost on a lot of the black t-shirt wearing brigade!

This then leads me onto the motivation to do all this, making great decisions consistently.

Why do we need to make great decisions consistently? Well, our life depends on it. Quite literally!

If you have run out of decision making power, come the evening you start thinking “oh I could die for a few beers”, or “go on, treat yourself to that ice cream, it’ll be fine”, or “let’s get a take away as I can’t be arsed to cook, especially after the day I’ve had” etc. etc.

Its these decisions that in turn put poison in your body (whether this is alcohol, sugar, MSGs or glyphosates, or in fact most likely all of them!), long term this will kill you, it’s that simple.

However, it doesn’t stop there as if you are eating large meals late, or boozing or eating large amounts of sugar, you aren’t going to sleep well that night.

This is the biggest longevity factor in our lives, sleep, so you have not only poisoned yourself, you are now denying yourself of high quality sleep, which in turn will also kill you.

Which leads me back to why your wardrobe is slowly killing you! So, what are you going to do about it?


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