Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Your Partner?

A couple (partner)

This is a big one and one that really shocks people a lot!

People don’t even think about how lying next to the person you love affects your sleep. We are so conditioned as a society that it is completely automatic that you sleep every night in the same bed as your significant other.

Yet has anyone ever stopped to ask why we do this religiously?

Lying next to another human being has many disastrous effects on the quality of your sleep and, therefore, ultimately, how you feel the next day.


Huge Improvements in Your Sleep Quality


Your sleep quality will improve massively as soon as you start sleeping alone.

When you first broach this topic, you will be hit by fierce resistance and your partner may even think you have fallen out of love or it’s something to do with them. 

So your first point of call is to make them understand it’s nothing to do with them and is all about getting a good night’s sleep possible. Reassure them and be supportive to their needs as it may come as a big shock.

To make this transition easier, explain to them why it’s important to you. Most importantly, sell them the benefits, e.g. they get a more vitalised, calmer and kinder you. You will then have more energy to shower them with love and attention, what man or women could resist such an offer!


Give Your Partner a Wild Card


What I did to transition this and make the process a lot easier was to just make this a Sunday to Thursday sleep arrangement. Then come the weekends, I would share a bed. And to really spice things up, I would offer a “wild card”, whereby once a month, she could bring out the said wild card, and we would spend the night together.


Make it A lot Bigger


If all else fails, the best option and an excellent option for those whose other bedrooms are taken up with children are to buy a super king bed. This is a complete and utter game changer for you quite simply.

A bigger bed will allow you to put distance between yourself and your partner while still allowing intimate and loving connections.

One of the significant issues I found when sharing a bed with my fiancé was that she likes to strike out in the night, and I would often be awoken to some random attack whilst she was in the midst of some exciting dream.


Stop Sleeping with Mike Tyson

Even if you don’t have Mike Tyson sharing a bed with you, their movement throughout the night for some of you will drive you mad. Others who don’t consciously notice this during your sleep will be waking you up from your all important deep sleep and REM sleep cycles. The really important quality part of sleep.

You also have their hot body that will be heating you up, and one of the critical things for a great night’s sleep is being cool, as the body’s temperature drops when you sleep. Having another warm body next to you will raise your body temperature and reduce the quality of your sleep.


Separate Blankets


An excellent tip to combat this is to have separate duvets, which allows you to regulate your own personal temperatures better. Plus, no bitter midnight battles for duvet domination…

This is all before we even cover the obvious ones. Such as your partner bringing their phone into the bedroom with them. All this unwanted blue light hits your eyes and stimulates you, just as you want to sleep.

Your partner may like going to bed at different times than you so if you are the one going to bed first, they will wake you up when they get into bed.

Then if you are the one going to sleep first, you will most likely be the one waking up first, in turn, then waking them up when you get up.


Your Next Steps to a Great Night’s Sleep…


Start slowly.

Perhaps start with doing this only one or two nights a week before building it up to just weekdays and spending the weekends together in bed.

Then if all else fails, get to the bed shop and buy a super king bed with two sets of duvets.


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