Where in the UK Can I Have an Ozone Sauna Treatment?

Ozone Sauna UK Locations

We have put together a comprehensive list of all the spas, clinics and wellness centres in the United Kingdom that offer Ozone Sauna treatments.

Like you we were rather surprised at the small number of wellness centres offering ozone sauna sessions. However Like a lot of things when it comes to great natural and effective treatments for health, wellness and longevity in the UK, we are always a few years and sometimes even decades behind the world!

The price for each clinics ozone sauna treatment is also listed where available. This list is updated annually and was last updated February 2024.


Bristol Ozone Sauna

Cheddar – www.rosamedicaclinic.co.ukPrice £35.


Winchester Ozone Sauna

www.theozoneclinic.co.uk– Price £80.


London Ozone Sauna

Putney – www.retreatlondon.co.ukPrice £90.

Kensington –www.rechargerooms.co.uk Price £75.

Enfield – www.urbandtox.comPrice £120.


Leeds Ozone Sauna


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