Are You Looking For a Used Secondhand Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Chamber?

Knowing if a used HBOT chamber is the right investment for you can be confusing. We make it easy.

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How much is a USed Secondhand HBOT Chamber?

Well of course it depends! In fact it depends on a few factors, which are:

1. Manufactuer of HBOT Chamber?

2. Type of HBOT chamber?

3. Age of HBOT Chamber?

4. Condition of HBOT chamber?

5. Number of hours used?

Being a very active part of the longevity and wellness equipment industry and market place, we often get asked to sell spas, clinics and peoples used and secondhand hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, cryotherapy chambers and red light therapy beds.

If you are looking to sell yours? Then please get in touch as we proabably have a buyer for it. And of course, if you are looking to buy a used HBOT chamber? Then also please get in touch.

Originally founded in 2005, The Longevity Clinic has evolved from selling thousands of anti-aging treatments to supplying some of the best longevity devices available for your home, spa and wellness clinic.

Want a HBOT Chamber Just Cant Afford A New One? This is How We Can Help You in 3 Steps whether for your home, spa or wellness clinic?

Just follow the 3 steps below…

Step #1

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Step #2

Speak to a real human and book a call with Ralph, whether you are looking to sell your HBOT Chamber or Buy a Used HBOT Chamber. We are sure we can help you in someway.

Step #3

Once Ralph has spoken with you, he will then put you in touch with people who are either looking to sell their second hand HBOT chamber or who are looking to buy a used HBOT chamber.

The Benefits of A Used HBOT Chamber...

Here is a quick summary of the main benefits of buying a secondhand HBOT chamber, instead of new.

Obviously cost is number 1!

Get it quicker. Instead of waiting 6 to 8 weeks, get your HBOT chamber in a few days.

Though, if HBOT is something completely new to you and you are nervous then buying a used hyperbaric chamber, allows you to invest less and allow for a lower cost exit if it is not for you.

Then if in time you want to upgrade or know this is the thing for you and invest in a newer device, you can then get back in touch and sell your HBOT chamber with us.


Not Ready Yet to buy a secondhand hbot chamber?

We also get alot of people who though they are not ready now to invest in a secondhand HBOT chamber, appreciate it can take time to find the right used HBOT chamber. Its for this reason that they get in touch with us, if that is you then please feel free to use the contact to register your interest by clicking the button below:

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