Your Complete Treatment Guide to EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation & Ozonation)

EBOO Treatment

Table of Content


1. What is EBOO & IV Ozone Therapy?

2. Why Would You Have an EBOO Treatment?

3. What is Ozone & How Does it Help Your Health?

4. How Much Does an EBOO Treatment Cost?

5. What’s the Difference Between EBOO & IV Ozone Therapy?

6. Who Can’t Have EBOO?

7. Best Practice Before Having EBOO.

8. Best Practice Post EBOO.

9. EBOO Treatment FAQs


What is EBOO & IV Ozone Therapy?

EBOO is an advanced form of IV Ozone Therapy. Which simply means, a doctor or nurse (under a doctor’s supervision), will use an intravenous drip, where your blood is taken and filtered, then mixed with ozone and then simply returned back to you in a lot better condition than when it left you!

It’s a form of ozone blood dialysis and it allows for the detoxification of blood using ozone. The process is very straightforward, taking around an hour:

1. Blood is extracted from a suitable vein using a medical pump.

2. Your blood is then filtered.

3. Your blood is then ozonated.

4. Your blood is returned to your body through an additional vein.

In total around 1.8 to 3 litres of blood will have been filtered and enriched with ozone before being returned safely to the body. The power of EBOO is in both the ozonation AND filtration process, with Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) machines being the only dual ozonation and filtration process that exists in the world today.

Although discounted by conventional medicine, very interestingly EBOO has an incredible 20 year track record of safety and efficiency in Asia and Europe, and ozone itself has been used for centuries due to its healing properties.


Why Would You Have an EBOO Treatment?

Here is a quick summary of the main benefits, out of over 100 health benefits (though too many to list here) for you having regular EBOO treatments.

I am to begin with the main uses of EBOO & IV Ozone Therapy, which are focused on the specific chronic health conditions, before covering the longevity and wellness aspects from a proactive perspective.

1. Cardiovascular disease.

2. Lyme disease.

3. Rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Motor neuron disease.

6. Multiple sclerosis.

7. Chronic hepatitis.

8. Lupus.

9. Herpes.

10. Chronic fatigue states.

11. Chemical sensitivity.

12. Macular degeneration.

13. Chronic bladder conditions.

14. Inflammatory bowel disease e.g. Colitis, Crohn’s disease.

15. Auto-immune disease.

16. Kills viruses.

17. Kills fungi.

18. Kills bacteria.

Then the areas that are of interest from those with a longevity and wellness focus are:

Stress Relief: Being an author on stress, I love this one! This is where things get really good as ozone helps to relieve your stress, as it calms down your central nervous system to help relieve your anxiety and tension.

Boost Your Sleep Quality: Again being an author on sleep as well (STOP!! Waking Up Tired… The Beginners Guide to Sleep), this just makes me love ozone even more as it balances your serotonin and melatonin levels, helping to improve arguably the most important thing in your life…sleep quality.

Detoxifies: Ozone combined with the blood filtration process, is highly effective at eliminating toxins, we’ve already covered viruses, fungi and bacteria above, however, it also eliminates yeast, heavy metals and environmental pollutants in your body. Which of course helps you to detoxify your body.

Boost Your Immunity: Ozone strengthens and stimulates your immune system, by cleansing your body circulation, allowing your blood and your lymph to normalise, in turn reducing inflammation.

Improves Your Daily Performance: Ozone improves your mental performance, capacity, focus and memory. People often report the lifting of brain fog and a sense of clarity.

Restores Your Body’s Balance: Ozone reduces stress on your body, relaxes your central nervous system, improves your blood circulation and mineral absorption.

Increases Your Energy Levels: Ozone oxygenates your body and in turn boosts your energy levels, which reduces fatigue and boosts your endorphins production.

Looking Younger & Anti-aging: Ozone helps with the overall health of the body which reduces the impact of premature ageing leaving your skin looking glowing and radiant.

Pain Management: Ozone takes away your aches and pains and heals your body by stimulating your joints, muscles, nervous system and cells.

It will enhance your cellular oxygen utilisation and blood flow. Along with your cellular healing by way of protein like molecules called cytokines, which play a key role in the growth of your blood cells and other cells that help your body’s immune system and inflammatory responses. These same cytokines can also make abnormal cells die and healthy cells live longer, all great for boosting anti-cancer activity within your body.

Research on ozone therapy has been extensively documented in peer reviewed medical and scientific journals for many decades now.


What Is Ozone and How Does It Help Your Health?

Ozone increases your tissue oxygenation by infusing the mitochondria of the cell with oxygen, resulting in increased energy for you. As we are all energy, this is extremely important. Ozone enhances your blood flow; it relieves your pain and the big one…reduces inflammation!

Ozone also up regulates your body’s antioxidant enzyme defenses, scavenging excess free radicals, which is key in the body’s rejuvenation and for your overall excellent health.

Ozone will improve oxygen delivery within your body via your blood, cells and tissues. It therefore increases the health of your cells, while also helping to simultaneously regulate homeostasis of your immune system.

Oxygen is the most important substance known to man! I love the saying…you can go weeks without food, days without water yet only minutes without oxygen!

Why can we only go just a few minutes without oxygen? Your body quite simply needs a continuation and never ending supply of oxygen for every cell in order to generate ATP aka energy, to live. Without ATP (adenosine triphosphate) you die. It’s that simple.

Oxygen also helps with repairing and rejuvenating healthy cells, plus allowing the body to boost its remove of toxins from everyday life.

There are many ways us humans mess with our health when it comes to reducing the amount of available oxygen for us to live healthy lives. Popular ones include:

– Environmental pollution i.e. reducing oxygen levels below 21%.

– Smoking

– Not exercising.

– Bad posture.

– Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose.

– Low quality water.

– Highly processed toxic foods (pains me to call “it” food!).

– Commonly used medications.

These all reduce our cells ability to perform at normal levels, never mind for optimal performance!

The two main reasons for the pandemic of bad health these days is stress and what we are addressing here, lack of sufficient oxygen. Stress and lack of oxygen like all things bodily related, are interconnected and both contribute to chronic inflammatory based disease such as dementia, heart issues, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis. Then for those “more” fortunate you will merely experience tiredness, more frequent colds, migraines, brain fog etc.

Ok so what does this all have to do with an ozone? Well ozone or O3 is three oxygen molecules instead of the two that we breathe. So think of ozone as activated oxygen, that in a short period of time will simply revert back to normal oxygen. Ozone preconditions the body to upregulate antioxidants.

So is this ozone treatment a new invention then Ralph? Well would you believe it most certainly isn’t! It’s been around not just for years or even decades but centuries! Us humans have been benefiting from ozone since the 1800s, yes that long ago! Ozone is incredibly powerful in its oxidative properties. In addition to this it can also be used in situations where it wouldn’t be safe or advisable to use chemicals, like your body!


How Much Does an EBOO Treatment Cost?

Having researched the entire UK market for a current assessment of EBOO prices for you, at present EBOO is only offered in a few select London clinics. With prices ranging from £2,100 to £2,400.

This will come down very shortly and we believe the price will settle around £1,490 in central London and £990 to £1,490 in the regions, where of course treatments are often significantly less.

Typical venues such as clinics and wellness centres that’s offer EBOO, also offer IV Ozone Therapy, which for the 10 pass, a less advanced form of IV ozone treatment than EBOO, the price is around half.

As the benefits of EBOO are cumulative and on-going, thereby it’s not just a one off treatment, most people will highly benefit from having EBOO yearly, quarterly or monthly depending on their health issues and desire to optimise their health for longevity.


What’s The Difference Between EBOO & IV Ozone Therapy?

This is a very good question and if you are new to the world of ozone therapy, one that can be quite confusing at first, well it was for me!

The two main types of IV Ozone therapy machines are:

1. IV Ozone Therapy (think 3 pass, 5 pass or 10 pass).

2. EBOO.

Another term often used to describe IV Ozone Therapy machines with overlapping technology and treatment processes, is major autohemotherapy or MAH. The three main differences between the two types of machines are as follows:

1. Significantly more blood is filtered with EBOO than 10 Pass.

2. EBOO also filters your blood as well as oxygenating it.

3. How the blood is taken from you.


More of Your Blood is Ozonated

The traditional or standard type of IV Ozone Therapy, is often called 3 Pass, 5 Pass or 10 pass, this relates to the number of times your blood is mixed with ozone as part of the treatment. Typically around 150ml of blood is removed via a vacuum, having been heparinized so that it doesn’t clot, then it is mixed in a sterile glass cylinder that is then infused back into you. This treatment takes around 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

When your blood is mixed with ozone at pressure this is then called Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy (HOT). Similar principle to a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber whereby you are delivering higher levels of oxygen into your blood stream under pressure.

With EBOO machines, we are significantly increasing the volume of blood treated per treatment. Generally, though not always, the more blood that is oxygenated the better your results. To give you an idea of the difference in blood volume oxygenated, with 10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy you will do one pass of 150ml 10 times, i.e. in total 1,500 ml of blood will be oxygenated.

For EBOO Machines, this levels is up to 3,000 ml of blood, which as you have around 5 litres of blood in your body (obviously this amount varies from individual to individual), this equates to around 60% of your blood being treated with EBOO compared to 40% with 10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy and even less with 3 Pass (450 ml) or 5 Pass (750 ml).


Your Blood Has An Added Filtration Step

With an EBOO Device we are also filtering your blood unlike standard IV Ozone Therapy 10 Pass. EBOO treatments use an EBOO dialysis filter, which is the additional blood filtration part. The EBOO dialysis filter cleans your blood of heavy metals, plastics, fungi and bacteria.

EBOO is ultimately the progression and development of 10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy as technologies improve with time. Both treatments are brilliant, its just that one type of ozone therapy does alot more than the other.


Two IVs Instead of One IV For Your Blood

The other two key differences being, that the blood is pumped through the system, being taken from one arm via IV just like 10 Pass however, the blood is then infused back in your other arm. Therefore two separate IVs are placed with in both your arms, one to draw your blood and one to return your blood.


Who Can’t Have an EBOO Treatment?

People who are listed below are unable to have an EBOO treatment:

  1. Ozone or heparin allergy.
  2. Severe Cardiovascular instability.
  3. Metabolic steroid use.
  4. Anabolic steroid use.
  5. Acute alcohol intoxication.
  6. Anaemic.
  7. Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) allergy e.g. miraLAX.
  8. Low haemoglobin. 
  9. Acute and chronic tendency to bleeding/haemophilia.
  10. Low platelets count. 
  11. Recent heart attack. 
  12. Thrombocytopenia.
  13. G6PD insufficiency.
  14. Severe hypertension.
  15. Pregnant.
  16. Photosensitivity or the taking of photo-active medication.
  17. Active diverticulitis.
  18. Porphyria (UV blood irradiation).
  19. An overactive thyroid or thyrotoxicosis.
  20. Massive and acute haemorrhage.
  21. During convulsive states.
  22. Uncompensated diabetes.


Before Having an EBOO Treatment

It’s always best to prepare the body before an EBOO treatment, ideally five days beforehand.

– One to two weeks before your EBOO session run lab work on bloods.

– The day of the treatment do not consume any antioxidant supplements. You can resume the following day. As vitamin C would you believe, destroys ozone and ozone destroys vitamin C! So not ideal for an ozone session!

– The morning of your EBOO treatment, please take one baby aspirin, to ensure that your blood is thin enough to avoid issues during the treatment.

– For people with lots of inflammation of poor circulation, take one hydrogen tablet per day in 250 ml of water.

– Eat a high carb or high calorie meal at least one to two hours before your appointment.

– No smoking the day of your EBOO treatment as it inhibits blood flow.

– Please ensure that any medication you are taking is consumed with a clear 4 – 6 hour window BEFORE your ozone session as ozone, unsurprisingly will cleanse your body of the medication.

– Do not consume alcohol within 24 hours, ideally 72 hours.

– If you are currently taking chemo or radiation therapy, please wait a clear 4 days before your EBOO treatment as ozone can increase the absorption of chemo affecting your prescribed dosage. It’s also worth informing your doctor of this treatment.

– Wear comfortable clothing that you are happy to lie down in for over an  hour and that provides easy access to your arms.

– Make sure you go to the loo before your session as an hour is a long time to be holding your urine!


After Having an EBOO Treatment

  • Eat light for the rest of your day. Best to limit consumption to smoothies, fermented veggies, broth, salads raw, steamed food, soups, coconut kefir, kombucha.
  • Leave bandage on for four to five hours. This is very important due to the mild use of heparin during your EBOO treatment.
  • Do not consume antioxidants e.g. vitamin C that day, as vitamin c would you believe destroys ozone. So not ideal for an ozone session!
  • Please ensure that any medication you are taking is consumed with a clear 4 hour window AFTER your ozone therapy, unsurprisingly ozone will cleanse your body of the medication.
  • Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours of having EBOO, ideally 72 hours.
  • Drink plenty of water after your ozone therapy.
  • Some patients may experience a ‘herxheimer reaction’, i.e., die off reaction of bacteria/fungus/virus etc. causing flu like symptoms, in response to the treatment.
  • As with any intravenous therapy, you may experience transient hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), headache and/or light-headedness, local swelling, bruising or irritation at the catheter insertion site, or a slight hemolysis if you have a G6PD deficiency.
  • During and after the procedure the patients may experience mild weakness, slight dizziness, sleepiness that lasts for a short time.


EBOO Treatment FAQS


What is an Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation & Ozone Treatment?

A straightforward and simple medical procedure whereby your blood is filtered and then mixed with ozone, before being returned to your body.

How Long is the EBOO Treatment?

Typically the actual ozone therapy session should last for no more than an hour. Once you go over an hour treatment, there is an increased chance of blood clots and blood breakage.

Though of course allow time to go through everything with your practitioner before and afterwards plus time to get settled.

How Often Can I Have an EBOO Treatment?

We do not recommend more than one EBOO session per week as there will be a fast drop in hemoglobin.

With once a month as an ongoing health optimisation and preventive measure for those looking for wellness and longevity.

What Are The Health Benefits For You Having an EBOO Treatment?

Detoxifies your body, boosts your immune system, pain management, improves mental performance, increased energy, helps reduce the effects of chronic inflammatory diseases such as dementia, MS and arthritis, reduces skin issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, stress release, boost your sleep quality, helps with joint pain.

Will I Need To Take Time Off Work After My Treatment?

No. You can go back to work straight after your ozone therapy session. Though you might be feeling really relaxed and calm and not want to! However, that’s for you to decide…

How Do I Prepare For an EBOO Treatment?

One to two weeks before your EBOO session run lab work on your blood. The morning of your EBOO treatment, take one baby aspirin, to ensure that your blood is thin enough to avoid issues during the treatment. Plus eat a high carb or high calorie meal at least one to two hours before your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing that you are happy to lie down in for over an hour and that provides easy access to your arms.

How Much Ozone Is Given Per EBOO Treatment?

This will vary depending on the patient. We have found those patients with higher levels of oxidative stress will have a higher uptake than healthier patients. However, this uptake also varies on a daily basis as well. We would expect ozone concentrations of between 3.5 to 7 g/Nm3.

After the uptake of ozone, waste ozone will be discarded through the waste canister. Though measuring the volume of blood treated during EBOO is difficult as it depends on health conditions, viscosity of blood and lipid particles. Though the targeted range of blood treated during an hour long session is between 1,800ml and 3,000ml.

How Many EBOO Treatments Is Best For You?

Depends on the individual and current state of health. For those who require intense healing, then a maximum of one EBOO session per week is permitted. Then for those looking for a proactive and preventative approach to their health and longevity, then every month to every quarter based on budget and time commitments would be recommended.

Is Ozone Safe?

Depends! Like anything the dose makes the poison! With the correct levels its very safe, in excess levels it of course could couse problems.

Who Can’t Have an EBOO Treatment?

There are numerous contraindicators, however a few of the contraindicators include: Ozone or heparin allergy, steroid use, Anaemic, Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) allergy e.g. miraLAX, Low haemoglobin, haemophilia, low platelets count and G6PD insufficiency amongst many others.

When Will I Feel Beter After an EBOO Treatment?

Most people will feel great straight afterwards, with sharpness of mind and both a sense of relaxed calmness along with a sense of vitality.

What Do I Wear During My EBOO Treatment?

Comfortable clothing, where you can lie down and relax for an hour. Loose clothing maybe best for this, plus you will want to be able to easily roll your sleeve way up past your elbow.

What’s The Difference Between EBOO and IV Ozone Therapy 10 Pass?

Main difference is that your blood goes through an extra stage of process whereby your blood is also filtered as well as oxygenated. Plus EBOO will ozonate around 3 litres of blood compared to 2 litres of blood with IV Ozone Therapy 10 Pass.

How Do You Feel During an EBOO Treatment?

Generally fine.

How Does EBOO Help With Inflammation?

Inflammation is a defense mechanism of our immune system to fight against foreign agents like pathogens, chemicals and injuries. Our immune response will send inflammatory cells and cytokines to prevent further damage from these foreign invaders and to help repair the affected or damaged areas. Pain, swelling, brushing and rashes are a result of the immune response while healing the affected areas.

Inflammation is divided into acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is when you have an injury or infection. Whereas chronic inflammation is due to non-modulated immune system whereby inflammatory cells are constantly being produced without regulatory stimuli. Chronic inflammation is generally known as autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, asthma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, plus many more.

EBOO helps inflammation in three ways:

  • Ozone delivery by EBOO is an effective bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. It reacts with bacterial envelopes and virus capsids to kill them and prevent further growth. As such it prevent major inflammation contributions in acute inflammation.
  • Ozone from EBOO is an excellent immune modulator, whereby it will significantly inhibit expression of inflammation factor such as pentraxin-3 (PTX3) and highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein (hCRP), common biomarkers for blood level inflammation. Numerous studies have confirmed that ozone therapy will significantly down regulate interleukin-17, interleukin-6, tumour necrosis factor alpha, transforming growth factor beta and inferno gamma. These biomarkers are responsible to stimulate the signal for proinflammatory cytokines.
  • EBOO helps to remove impurities in the blood which is one of the contributing factors to inflammation such as inflammatory protein and fats, petroleum products, dead diseased cells, fat microparticles and heavy metal toxins.

What Does The Blood Filter Absorb During an EBOO Treatment?

Based on recent lab test analysis, the filter purifies mostly lipid particles. We have found heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium. Also microplastics, biofilm, micro clots, yeast and fungi.

Of course this will all vary patient to patient and even day to day with the same patient.

Can You Have EBOO While Fasting or on a Ketogenic Diet?

No. In fact we recommend patients to eat a high carb meal prior to treatment to increase safety and ensure no hypoglycemia issues. It is recommended to keep a sweet drink of glucose on hand during EBOO in case of hypoglycemia. You want to keep an eye out for symptoms such as shaking, dizziness, sudden sweating, hunger, irritability, anxiety, flushed face or headache.


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