Cryotherapy Chambers – Your Complete Treatment Guide

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Table of Content

1. What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

2. How do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber?

3. Benefits of a Cryotherapy Chamber?

4. What Type of Cryotherapy Chamber is Best to Use?

5. How Much Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment Cost?

6. Can You Have a Cryotherapy Chamber at Home?

7. Who Can’t Have a Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment?

8. Safety & Dangers of Cryotherapy Chamber.

9. Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment FAQs.


What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

Breaking back cryotherapy to its very essence, it means “cold therapy” and in one sentence you would describe it as “your body is subject to temperatures ranging from -110°C to -130°C.”

The treatment takes just 3 minutes, which makes it a highly optimised and time efficient treatment for your longevity, and don’t let the short time fool you as the effect on the body is most spectacular. The extreme cold provides stimulus that activates physiological processes in the body.

It’s like restarting your PC, a system reboot of your body, your body scans itself for underperforming bodily functions, then repairs itself rapidly.

This guide gives you everything you need to know, before you can even start considering whether having regular cryotherapy treatments is right for you and whether you would personally benefit from investing in a cryotherapy chamber, for you and your family?

Having sold these to clinics, gyms, spas and homes, for the last 7 years and actually have one of these at home, in my own personal “Longevity Spa”, I believe you will agree that I am well versed to write about this subject to help you get the most benefit out of it!

How do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber?


What makes this one of the best longevity devices to own at home, in your own personal longevity spa, is the fact that the whole treatment takes just 3 minutes!

Yes, you head that right, just 3 minutes.

This is a game changer, as it allows very little interference with your day, means you can fit it in so easily, between appointments without much effort.

This is where this excels over other great devices that I personally use daily, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy and red-light therapy, all which require 15 to 75 minutes each session. Which is hard to find when you are the director of a business or even multiple companies.

You simply step inside for just 3 minutes, while the temperature is around -110°C or -166°F for the electric powered cryotherapy chamber or -120°C/-184°F for the liquid nitrogen powered cryotherapy chambers.

You are then free to go about your day, no downtime, it’s that simple.


What Shall You Wear?

When in your cryotherapy chamber you want as much of your skin as possible exposed to get the maximum benefits, though balanced between being safe and not having your extremities protected such as your hands, feet and head (if head in).

In a nutshell, this simply equates to swimwear, socks and gloves.


How Often Do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber?

How often you use your cryotherapy chamber is of course down to you, however if you aren’t going to use it at least once a week, then it’s pretty pointless investing in one and I would recommend simply visiting your local wellness centre or longevity clinic.

To really get the benefits, I would suggest you use it most days, especially when you consider the convince factor and ease of use when you have one at home, combined with it being just 3 minutes.

For sports stars, it could be that you use this twice a day on training days and after intense training, therefore at least daily.

When you go in the cryotherapy chamber depending on if you have a “head in” or “head out” depends whether you wear a mask, however for both you will simply wear shorts/underwear along with socks and gloves.

You will begin to feel results straight away, with a great sense of wellbeing and vibrancy (well that’s what I get!), this is due to the endorphins and serotonin being release from the exposure to extreme cold.

For those investing in cryotherapy due to suffering from pain issues, you will really notice the difference after a week or so of not using, therefore a good plan would be to use most days.


 Benefits of a Cryotherapy Chamber?


The benefits you get from a cryotherapy chamber are both numerous and varied, that’s why we go into a lot of detail in this guide for you, to fully understand all these benefits and why having regular treatments yourself is an absolute game-changer for your health and longevity.


Faster Recovery

The main reason for this is the huge reduction in inflammation (the body’s natural healing process) after having cryotherapy. Plus, the release into your bloodstream of oxygen, nutrients and hormones. It also helps to flush out your system’s harmful toxins.

All in all, this allows you to return to training quicker and in turn train harder to become even faster, stronger, and win more.

Faster Healing After an Injury

For the same reasons as above, you can heal much faster from an actual injury as well as from intensive training. It can also help to reduce the pain associated with an injury.

Boxing, MMA, rugby and football are all extensive users of cryotherapy, and all are very vocal about the benefits and advantages it’s given them. Other sports that suffer from repetitive strain injuries such as tennis and golf are also fast beginning to realise the benefits of cryotherapy and the competitive advantage it gives them over ice packs, cold water immersion, and other cold therapies.

Even though Science proved the short term cryotherapy benefits for sports related injuries, it’s not just sports stars that benefit from injury recovery, anyone can!

You will also experience less muscle soreness and spasms. The fast and effective removal of excess heat from the point of injury, while lymphatic drainage is drastically improved and finally, for the same reasons as to why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective, you are increasing your blood flow of oxygen-rich blood cells, again speeding up your recovery time.

Increase You Immune System

Cryotherapy is fantastic for stimulating your body’s immune system, via the improved production of hormones triggered by exposure to extreme cold temperatures. This in turn increases your body’s immunity to day-to-day infections and colds.

Enhanced Hormone Production

Though mentioned above the improvements in your body’s production of hormones, which justifies its own section, as whole body cryotherapy sessions will increase your testosterone production while reducing your stress hormones and muscle pain, a win, win!

It doesn’t stop there as endorphin levels are also improved, which all help to reduce antioxidant stress within your body.

Sleep Recovery & Insomnia

It helps to relax you, while simultaneously reducing your anxiety, which all lead to a better night’s sleep for you.

Also, it can make you tired, so this again helps you to sleep a lot easier and the quality of your sleep is also improved.

Weight Loss

Within the following 12 to 24 hours your body will burn on average an extra 800 calories (varies

from person to person obviously the exact amount). So just by going in a Cryotherapy Sauna for 3 minutes, you will be burning an extra c.800 calories and we all know how long that would take you to burn off exercising!

However it doesn’t stop there, as the very cold temperatures also speed up your metabolic rate, so not only are you burning more calories but more efficiently.

Happiness & Helping Depression

Put quite simply it just makes you feel better!

A lot of the previous benefits overlap, it relaxes you, increases your production of endorphins, and obviously by you getting a better night’s sleep, it helps your mind and body repair which all lead to a reduction in depression and feeling happier.

Improving Your Longevity & Health

You will feel younger and you living longer.

Increasing your hormone production (this drops significantly as we age) which is key to a longer and better quality of life, combined with reducing your oxidative stress and the flushing out of your toxins, all provided by whole body cryotherapy treatments.

Plus by you feeling more relaxed, less depressed, and ultimately less stressed, all keys to creating illnesses within your body, in turn, allows you to live longer. According to the American

Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer cells, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

Do we need to say anymore?

Beauty & Skin Health

One of the key components to you having amazing-looking skin is collagen. Cryotherapy increases your production of this wonder protein. Collagen is arguably the most important factor in you having great-looking skin.

This helps to make your skin thicker, tighter with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. The reduction of inflammation, also makes your skin look brighter and more radiant.

Women have reported it had helped the reduction of their cellulite.

Pain Relief & Disease

For those suffering from chronic pain, cryotherapy treatment can literally be a lifeline for you.

The improvement it has been shown to offer those suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis,

fibromyalgia plus many more, have been life-changing for many. Though not a cure, it significantly helps with your pain associated with these conditions and helps improve the effects of these diseases.

So it both reduces pain and short-term effects of symptoms for you.


What Type of Cryotherapy Chamber is Best to Use?

When it comes to using a cryotherapy chamber and even more so when investing in one, there are two very key variations to consider, these are:

1. Enclosed cryotherapy chamber with “head in” or exposed cryotherapy sauna with “head out”?

2. Electric cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen?

Head in or Head Out?

This section is purely concerned with ‘‘head in “or ‘‘head out“ cryotherapy!

You can’t go as cold in a cryochamber as a cryosauna, with the limit generally being around -110°C, whereas with a cryosauna you can reach down to -180°C. However, you don’t actually need to go this cold, so actually pointless! More key is that as your head is actually exposed to the cold air, unlike a cryosauna, where your head sticks out the top, you don’t need to get as cold.

In fact, you get a lot more health benefits from a cryochamber. It’s also hardly a surprise having your ‘‘head in” and therefore your head also benefitting from the cold, will create a more significant reaction within your body, in response to being exposed to these temperatures. In the chamber, the human body responds best to a temperature of -110 ˚C down to -130˚C which is proven to have positive effects.

This creates a 30% increase in autonomic nervous system responses, immediately stimulating the vagus nerve. This is something we really want, as this vagal response, reduces stress and anxiety by reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. This may prompt the release of endorphins, activate the immune system, boost blood flow and metabolism, detoxify cells, and activate healing processes.

Furthermore, a study in France in 2013, measuring the biomarkers epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, to analyse the activation of the autonomous nervous system, confirmed the whole body or ‘‘head in”, worked best.

What I personally like about the “head out” cryosauna having had one for many years (though my decision was financial driven than what was best due to my budget), is that the treatment is a lot less intense, and you get a feeling of space and freedom. This is why there is not one absolute “this is the best” type of cryo chamber, it all depends on your circumstances and preferences.

A big advantage of the larger ‘‘head In” cryo chambers, is that they allow you to have multiple people to have true whole body cryotherapy all at the same time.

Now for those of you wanting a cryochamber for home, you might be thinking this is pointless, however, think if you are a professional sports team, with 30 or so players and you have to wait for one at a time, this is going to take around 2.5 hours to get everyone chilled!

Though a lot of great cryo electric chambers are also one person only, ALL cryosauna’s (head out) are for single person use. This works better or worse for you depending on your requirements, so neither is better, just what’s better for what you want a cryotherapy machine for.

No Entry Without a Mask

The one thing I personally (and others) don’t like, is that in a cryo chamber (head in) you annoyingly have to wear not only gloves, socks, and underwear but also head protection and a mask. I appreciate not the end of the world, though just an added hassle.


Electric Cryotherapy Chamber or Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Chamber?

When it comes to what you use for your personal treatments, unless you are purchasing one for your home (electric every time if have the budget), then it makes no real difference as long as you are using a good quality cryo chamber as to whether its powered by electricity or liquid nitrogen.

That being said, if I had to choose between the two or had the option, due to the dangers of liquid nitrogen, I would always opt for the venue with an electric cryo chamber, if I had the choice nearby, however it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me if all that was available locally was a liquid nitrogen cryo chamber.


How Much Does a Cryotherapy Session Cost?

It depends!

We have assessed the whole UK cryotherapy market place and in fact have a list of all the commercial establishments (I appreciate new venues are being added all the time to the UK cryotherapy market, which are subsequently picked up annually when we next update it), on this website for you to find your nearest cryo chamber.

First off and the biggest consideration is where you are based!  As you can imagine the price for a cryo chamber treatment is a lot more in London, than it is in the regions and in particular up north.

Then secondly it depends on the quality of the venue, as you will have some very high end longevity clinics up north contrasted with more budget focused wellness centres in London.

The lowest price points for a cryotherapy treatment typically come in at around £29 per session. This is a common price in around Liverpool and Manchester.

Then in London at the very best longevity clinics, expect to pay up to £125 per session, though the average is £85 in central London.

I personally think around £50 per cryotherapy treatment, is a great balance between being fair to the consumer and encouraging them to come back regularly in London and the best of spas and clinics in the regions, combined with being profitable for the venue offering the cryotherapy chamber treatment.

Then the sweet spot for wellness centres outside of London operating at your average levels (i.e. not HNW individuals) is around £29 per cryotherapy chamber session.

Cryotherapy Payment Plans

What we have seen to work the best over the years, from both the consumer and the providers perspective, is offering a monthly payment plan. This really incentives you to make use of having regular cryo chamber sessions as you are paying for it, in turn getting the massive benefits. Then for the providers perspective, they now have lots of walking talking fans, spreading the great word of their treatments and business!

A typical monthly payment plan would operate along the lines of unlimited cryotherapy sessions, for between £199 to £299 per month. Then for the high-end cryotherapy venues, a monthly figure of around £399.


Can You Have a Cryotherapy Chamber at Home?


Yes, you most certainly can! In fact many do, just like me! I’ve had my own cryotherapy chamber at home for years now, in my garage!

So this firsthand experience, combined with having sold cryotherapy chambers for the last 6 years, puts me in a good place to write about whether to have a cryotherapy chamber at home for you.

I will cover the basics here. However for those wanting to know a lot more in depth about investing in your own home cryotherapy chamber, I have created what I believe to be one of the most comprehensive Buyers Guide to Cryotherapy Chambers currently available, which you can get for free at the bottom of this article. In fact, so that it remains at this level, its updated annually as the competition is very good and fast on my heals that’s for sure!

Who Would Benefit From Having a Home Cryo Chamber?

Anyone who is actually going to use it!

This is not some shiny new toy, a cryotherapy chamber is there to be used and used often. If you are not going to use it at least once a week, I would say, don’t bother and save your money for something that you will use.

This, therefore, means people who will actually use their cryotherapy chamber, multiple times a week. In turn this makes a cryosauna or cryo chamber a very worthwhile investment for you. This will include sports stars and high performing athletes, plus those with chronic pain, depression, or simply mad longevity enthusiasts like me, who are neither high performing sports stars nor in any pain, and just love the treatment, hence why we do what we do!


Your Budget to Invest in a Cryotherapy Chamber?

I’ve cover this in a lot more detail in our “Buyers Guide to Cryotherapy Chambers” available at the bottom of this page for you. However I will do a quick recap here for you.

Your budget is the key consideration when it comes to buying your own cryotherapy chamber for home. If you don’t have over £30,000 to spend, it’s a simple process for you. You buy a cryosauna (head out), direct feed liquid nitrogen.

If you have a healthier budget, of around £50,000, you can then look at getting an indirect feed

cryotherapy chamber (head in), which will get better results for you, while also being far safer, by not coming into direct contact with liquid nitrogen.

Then finally, if you have over £70,000, then you are in the premier league…You can get the holy grail of cryotherapy machines, an electric cryotherapy chamber that goes down to -110°C cold temperature (don’t even chance getting a -85°C).


How Much Space Do You Have For Your Cryo Chamber?

When it comes to purchasing your cryotherapy chamber, due to the number of variables, it’s often not just a one size fits all answer. I will however start with the minimum space for the world’s smallest cryotherapy chamber, the Cryomed One. This takes up a floor area of 1m2.

Therefore the dimensions to be working from as a starting point are:

Length 1120 mm x Width 900 mm.

You will of course need space around this in order to open the door, have access to the back for installation, and connecting the liquid nitrogen when it needs replacing.

Next, let’s not forget about ceiling height. Remember your head is going to be sticking out the top, if you go for a cryosauna, which starts off at 1780 mm (1.8m) in height, add in your head from the shoulders, approximately a foot, then to make the experience comfortable for you and your family, I would be wanting at least another foot above my head.

So 2 feet or 60 cms above the cryosauna height of 1,780 mm, gives you a total minimum ceiling height of 2.4m or just under 8 feet.

The above is the bare minimum and for larger cryotherapy chambers i.e. “head in”, you will need to be speaking with your cryotherapy chamber supplier for exact room specifications.

Space Required for Electric Cryotherapy Chamber?

Then for the minimum size, when it comes to an electric cryotherapy chamber, it will require a floor area of at least 3m by 2m, therefore 6m2.

Length 1,533 mm x Width 1,250 mm. With a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m. This is for a single user electric cryotherapy chamber.

Electric, or Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy Chamber?

This is very simple for those with a healthy budget. Always an electric cryo chamber!

However often budget has a hand here in your options, like it did for me when buying my home cryo chamber. I would have loved an electric cryo chamber, however the option as liquid nitrogen cryo chamber or NO cryo chamber! So again very easy…

I cover this in a lot more detail in our “Buyers Guide to Cryotherpay Chambers”, which you can get for free at the bottom of this article.

What Level of Maintenance Does a Cryo Chamber Need?

If looked after which we are sure it will be, very little if any.

It’s always worth looking around your cryotherapy chamber once a month, like you would for your car, checking tyres, water, oil, etc, for anything obvious and of course any funny noises that occur out of the blue, you would be wise to investigate further.

Nearly all cryotherapy chambers have the ability to remotely fault find and even fix. Plus a good cryotherapy machine supplier will be at the end of the phone for you with a solution if it can’t be rectified remotely.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Cryo Chamber?

Electric cryo chambers are a lot cheaper (and easier) to run than the more expensive liquid nitrogen cry chamber options.

Per treatment, costs depend on how many treatments you’re having at any one time, as a liquid nitrogen fed cryo chamber needs pre-cooling (the highest use of liquid nitrogen) before a treatment can begin. However, once it is precooled, it can deliver many treatments without further pre-cooling. It will cost about £4 per treatment if you are having two treatments back-to-back.

Then for an electric cryo machine, you are talking peanuts, as you can run a full day of 6-8 sessions an hour, for just £12 a day. So easily 60 treatments for just 20 pence per cryo session!

Who Can’t Have a Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment?


If you have any of the following, then this means you unfortunately can’t have a cryotherapy treatment:

1. Heart conditions or complaints?

2. Pregnant or breastfeeding?

3. Cancer?

4. Raynaud’s disease or any other cold-related conditions?

5. Under 10.

6. Mid to high blood pressure?

7. Angina?

8. Cardiac arrhythmias?

9. Cardiovascular diseases?

10. Intermittent claudication (also called peripheral arterial disease)?

11. Venous thrombosis: a blood clot in the veins by using ice packs?

12. Acute cerebral haemorrhage or a stroke in the past?

13. Epileptic seizures?

14. Lung conditions in which symptoms are present?

15. Bleeding disorders?

16. Severe anaemia?

17. Acute kidney diseases and acute disorders of the urinary tract?

18. Acute myocardial infarction and rehabilitation period after the infarction?

20. History of strokes?

21. Stage II essential hypertension?

22. Stage II cardiac insufficiency?

23. Cold/Fever?

24. Pulmonary tuberculosis inactive form?

25. Malignant growths?

26. Hemorrhagic


 Safety & Dangers of Cryotherapy Chamber


Firstly, cryotherapy has been safely used for over 30 years.

Secondly, we wouldn’t personally use it ourselves every week if it wasn’t!

That being said, you will need to always follow the instructions carefully for your whole body cryotherapy treatments. It’s important that you wear no wet clothing and that you are completely dry for your treatment, sensitive parts of your body are covered, and no metals are on your person, whether in clothing or jewellery.

There Must Be Some Risk Though?

Cryotherapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. Blood pressure can rise, however, this is only temporary.

There are a number of health conditions listed above that exclude some people from the treatment, however, most people can safely have a cryotherapy treatment for pain management. You must wear (dry) protective clothing including socks, underwear, and gloves.


Cryotherapy Chamber Treatment FAQs.

What is Cryotherapy?

Your body is exposed to a temperature of -110°C and -130°C. The treatment takes as little as 2 to 3 minutes, however the effect on the body is most spectacular. The extreme cold provides stimulus that activates physiological processes in the body.

It’s effectively like a system reboot of your body, as the body scans itself for underperforming bodily functions and repairs itself rapidly.


How Does Cryotherapy Work?

At -110˚C, the temperature at the surface of your skin after around 3 minutes, drops significantly. We are looking to achieve thermal shock, whereby the surface temperature of your skin is now between 12°C – 18°C.

This in turn activates your skin receptors (nerve endings) to start sending signals to the central nervous system, telling it that the body is in critical danger. Your body will immediately activate a wide range of defence processes which are exceptionally good for your wellbeing.

You will increase production of serotonin, plus other endorphins such as norepinephrine, which act as natural painkillers and feel-good hormones, your blood circulation will improve plus natural anti-inflammatories will also be activated and produced by the body.

This new increased level of oxygen and nutrient rich blood will help you rid your body of toxins and any metabolism residues. In a nutshell, the cold stimulus can be thought of as the body pressing a special button which activates a process creating a whole body readjustment and improvement.

How Long is a Cryotherapy Chamber Session?

Between 2 and 3 minutes generally.

Is Cryotherapy Safe?

Cryotherapy is a relatively risk-free treatment. Blood pressure can rise, but this is only temporary.

There are a number of health condition that exclude some people from the treatment however most people can safely have the treatment. You must wear dry protective clothing including socks, underwear and gloves.


Is Cryotherapy Painful at Such Low Temperatures?

The very first time I had by first cryotherapy session, I was a touch nervous and was thinking what it must feel like to be that cold yet oddly it didn’t feel that bad at all. I have in fact felt colder stood in ques waiting to go into night clubs in my 20s!

A temperature of -110˚C seems cold, however, remember the air in the chamber is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the cold as unpleasant. Plus, your only in there for on average 3 minutes…


How Often Can You Have Cryotherapy?

Obviously, this really depends on each individual person!

However, once a week is a very good starting point. For sports stars they may need to come in daily to speed up recovery and enhance strength and endurance. While for someone who just wants to help with depression and feel better a few times a month.


Can You Stop During the Treatment if it’s Too Cold?

Yes, you can and very easily. Simply open the door and just walk out!

Whether you’re not feeling well or just don’t like it, that’s absolutely fine to stop at any time you want.


Can Cryotherapy Help With Arthritis?

Though Cryotherapy is excellent for pain relief and living with rheumatism, what it can’t do however is cure it. A course of 10 to 20 treatments in rapid succession will have a great effort on your quality of life and this can in some people last for months afterwards.


What Do You Wear During a Cryotherapy Treatment?

Cryotherapy is most effective when as much skin as possible is exposed. Only the extremities require protection. Please don’t wear any creams, oils or perfumes for the treatment. So we recommend (we appreciate the whole socks and underwear look is not ones best!):

For men – boxers, sock and gloves.

For women – underwear or bikini (no metal in bra), socks and gloves.

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