Die Like a Peasant or Live Like a Prince…

The Secrets to HRH Prince Phillips Long Life

How did Prince Philip become the longest living male royal ever in the history of Great Britain? What were his secrets? Was it because he was a true blue blood with better genes than all us common folk, or was there more to it than just genes?

Here we look at what you can do to ensure you live a long and fulfilling life, just like His Royal Highness Prince Phillip.

Its actually really quite simple, you will be both shocked and pleasantly surprised.

Prince Phillip is an interesting character when you view him from a longevity perspective as he does a lot of the simple things in life, though it’s hard to say for certain which is “the” biggest influence on him living a full and long life, the big ones are his weight, Prince Phillip was never fat.

His sense of purpose, giving him a reason to live, that most of us loose when we retire.

And his diet was key, both what he ate and how much he ate, as rather interestingly there are no fat centenarians (that I know of). However, let’s look at each of these in more detail, plus the other great things he did, that you will find are all rather interlinked, so you can also live like a prince…

  1. He Never Outgrew His Trousers.

The fact that all centenarians you meet or see in the news are slim, is not to be overlooked, that saying with 8 billion of us on the planet there maybe the odd fat 100 year old but in reality they are like rocking horse manure!

Keeping yourself slim is key to a long and healthy life as it reduces inflammation, the pre cursor to all the world’s most popular diseases.

Interestingly it’s been said that Prince Phillip could still fit into his same naval uniform from his wedding day over 70 years ago, while his personal tailor, John Kent said a few years back “I’ve never had to let out any of his clothes”

2. He Wanted to Wake Up in the Morning.

Retirement can literally be the death of you. We all hear the stories of someone who within a week of retiring drops dead! Well guess what age Prince Philip retired? Officially at 96, that’s 30 years later than the typical man on the street.

This has a profound effect on you both mentally and physically, first it keeps your mind active and sharp, as its being used regularly.

Prince Philip who is “the worlds most experienced plaque unveiler” as he described himself had an incredibly busy diary, he was involved with 992 charities throughout his life, gave 5,493 speeches and attended an incredible 22,191 engagements “without” the queen.

As humans we need a purpose and without one, we can simply wither away as we are no longer useful! Working late into your life keeps your mind active, keeps you physically fit and gives you a reason to wake up every day.

3. He Didn’t Stuff His Face.

As we’ve established the one thing you notice about all centenarians, is that they are all slim. They are slim as they haven’t overeaten during their lives.

Both the quality and quantity of what you eat matters, if you take the Princes diet from the little we know, was that he was partial to fish and scrambled eggs, which would of course been organic i.e. no GMO, pesticides and fertislisers.

These foods are packed with great nutrients such as omega 3 and protein, while also low in carbohydrates helping you to reduce your insulin levels, which in turn reduces the amount of fat your body stores.

4. He Liked to Move it.

Where do we begin with this one, as Prince Phillip was super active, loving lots of sporting activities.

However, we shall begin with a shared joy, as we all know the queens love of long walks at Balmoral and Sandringham, and who better than her beloved husband to join her.

This is amazing for one’s health as you are not just getting exercise but fresh air that’s full of negative ions (air particles charged with electricity) that are great for stress, depression and sleep, plus you are getting a huge boost of natural sunlight, great for vitamin D.

Then we move onto his more active pursuits such as playing polo for around 20 years, a keen cricketer, he rowed, played hockey, sailing was also a huge part of his life, then as he got older, he took up carriage driving – an equestrian countryside sport.

And of course, the day job, a Royal Naval officer, it doesn’t get much more active than this!

5. He Looked on The Bright Side of Life.

Stress is one of the big ones, especially when it comes to an early death and this great man knew how to bat it off faster than a cricket ball!

Those with a great coping mechanism for stress, consistently live longer than those who take everything to heart, quite literally!

This is due to the response from your sympathetic nervous system and in turn the release of stress hormones, which when under real attack are great for us but in today’s modern world, this constant stress, leads to chronic stress and back to that nasty thing, chronic inflammation, the pre cursor to the world’s favourite dis-eases.

Often the best way to deal with stress is to have a great sense of humour and they don’t come much better or sharper than his royal highness.

Having a good sense of humour helps you to see the bright side of life, which in turn reduces your stress levels, all key for a long life.

So, when you next drop the toast on the floor, jam side down, instead of blowing up into ball of rage, just have a good ol’ laugh to yourself!

6. He Wasn’t a Drinker nor a Smoker.

Though he used to smoke, he gave this deadly habit up long ago, in fact over 70 years ago, in his mid twenties. In time for his wedding to the queen, due to the queens fears of having lost her father, to smoking related lung cancer.

Smoking will reduce your life by around 10 minutes per cigarette, give or take a few minutes based on your chosen cigarette’s strength and length, plus gusto of your inhalation and general underlying health.

While no teetotaller, nor was he a drinker to the extent of Churchill. Indulging in small amounts only, which is explained by no amusing drunken escapes reported by the press!

We all know how destructive it is to our health, but this is probably the hardest for most of us to give up in reality.

7. Family & People Connections.

The prince has a large and active family, that he is in regular contact with and takes great care of. That’s before we even consider his very social roles.

By being socially active and close to those around you, you create bonds with people and don’t feel isolated or lonely, which is horrifically bad for living a long time.

The prince, though through birth and luck has created an almost perfect environment and lifestyle through which to have the keys to a long and happy life.

However, there is no doubt to the huge part he has played in his own longevity, a strong sense of purpose, retiring only at the very end, keeping active outside of work, a great diet, great humour to fend of stress and staying away from toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol.

There is a lot to be learnt from this fine dashing Royal Naval officer.

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