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Stop the Arguing – It’s Killing You

Toxins were the reason for the title of my book, STOP!! Killing Yourself…, due to the massive amount of toxins surrounding us in our environments 24/7 and people and your work environment are no different.

Toxins come in many forms, with some people merely being another variation of something that damages your body and mind.

It’s fascinating when you start to scratch the surface of the HUGE lies we have continuously been told and the horrifically dangerous substances we come into contact with daily yet are never actually revealed, just how bad these things are for us.

How is the air recycled in your office or what fumes are off-gassing from the carpet in your workplace whilst you sit there for 8 hours a day, all while being on one of these new business parks which are often situated next to a motorway!

The reason toxins are so crucial to your longevity is the damage and extra workload they place on your liver. A toxin is merely a substance that damages your body in some way.

Like cigarettes, some are blatantly obvious, while others are more silent and hidden, like the lead paint on your walls.

All, however, are putting extra stress on your liver. Like the rest of you, your liver is also aging and becoming less efficient every year we occupy a space on this planet. It’s for this reason we need to be as kind as truly possible to this organ, as the liver is key to keeping you alive and still shagging at 90!

The Top Toxins Killing You Are…

I have divided the toxins you need to be vigilant for into the following main categories in your life. To make spotting them easier for you, they are:

1. Home (covered in Guide – R4).

2. Environment (covered in Guide – R4).

3. People.

4. Work.

5. Daily Routine (covered in Guide – R6).

6. Orally (covered in Guide – R6).

In this Guide R5, we cover questions for you to ask yourself how safe your workplace is for you and one that often goes under the radar, how toxic are those you have to interact with frequently, whether a family member, friends, or work colleagues?

So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper by asking you a few questions, so you can start to take a good look at your life and see who or what is slowly killing you:

Toxic People

1. Do you lose your temper/get angry more than twice a week with people you live with?

2. Do you lose your temper/get physical aggression more than twice a week with people you work with?

3. How long do you typically remain angry for, is often far more than just a few moments, say 5 or 10 minutes?

4. Do you hate anyone you have to work with, e.g. colleagues, customers, or suppliers? Is your relationship toxic?

5. Write a list of all your friends you regularly see (at least once a quarter), then put a line through those that have caused problems twice or more in the last year. We all deserve to be in a healthy relationship in which we are respected and treated with love. Remember, friendships should be enjoyable and supportive, not toxic and draining while appreciating we all need support and compassion from time to time!

6. Have you fallen out with any of your neighbours? 

7. If you are having a hard time cutting a toxic person out of your life or struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues resulting from a toxic relationship, you may find it beneficial to speak with a mental health professional.

Toxic Work Environment

1. Can you open the windows in your office?

2. Does the air feel stuffy or static and just generally yuck?

3. What chemicals do you come into contact with your job? Have you personally checked if these are harmful, and please don’t just take your employer’s word for it!

4. Is there a friendly environment/energy in your workplace, or is it hostile, uptight, quiet, etc.?

5. A lot of the issues for your home are the same issues in your workplace. However, most people have little control over these at work unless you are a director or owner of the business; hence, why not revisit here. But if you can change these aspects, then please do so for your own health’s sake and your colleagues. Refer back to the home section to revisit these aspects.

Stop Letting People Slowly Kill You…

Like sugar, stress is one of the “Top 5 Super Removers”, and certain people create stress in bundles.

If you find yourself angry multiple times a week and for long periods, this will make you ill. And when I mean sick, not some cold (though it does weaken the immune system, and you will get more annoying colds), we are talking severe chronic illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes, to name but a few! 

You have a few options to overcome this; firstly, it’s most likely you, if this happens and with numerous different people.

You can either deny it as you are perfect, and then be in both long-term chronic pain AND eventually (it gets even better!) be the most righteous man in the graveyard, OR think fuck having to be emotional or physical abuse all the time. I’d instead feel happy, healthy and see my grandchildren get married and have their first child!

Stop Spending Time With Your Family

However, there are times when you are surrounded by some of the most awkward, stubborn bastards this world has ever produced, and I appreciate there are a lot of them out there!

As much as I love my father very dearly, he sometimes can be such a man, things like going out for a meal, putting new towels out when I stay, have caused huge arguments, and he is always right, of course! So be aware that some of the people you love most in the world can contribute to your early death…

In these cases, as I do with my dad, I only see him once a fortnight, now as he is my dad and I love him very much, I can’t see him, but often I will come away from seeing him, and my mood has changed for the worst, I feel the tension inside me and can even feel fucked off. This is not good for my health, so I “Remove” this toxicity from my life as best as possible, but it’s not easy. I can grant you that.

Now, if these are a colleague(s), member of staff, or a lover, then it gets even more straightforward as you can quit, sack, or dump them! It may take a bit of time to maneuver your situation, but it can be done and NEEDS to be done soon.

Stop Silly Battles With Your Neighbours

Neighbours is an interesting one as you can be all chummy one day. All of a sudden, for example, you don’t mow your lawn when they want you to, (I have first-hand experience of this one!) than those twice a week, half an hour pleasant conversations you always have with them, turn into that same other person completely blanking you. Now it took me weeks to work out the sudden split personality of the opposite neighbour, and though not sure, this seems to be the most likely cause.

Now I could confront him; this could quickly escalate into an argument and then all sorts of fun games to get one upon each other, OR you can ignore him and remove him while carrying on with a calm, peaceful life!

However, so many people refuse to let things go! 

Set Boundaries for Yourself Once you decide to cut out a toxic relationship, it is essential that you set boundaries for yourself so that you do not risk accidentally letting them back into your life. There are a lot of theories about why toxic relationships happen and how toxic relationships affect future relations.

This is doing you so much harm to your physical health. They are helping to kill you, so each time you want to react or do verbal abuse, remember do you want them to kill you slowly! It’s worth noting he doesn’t speak with his next-door neighbour toxic person either, so always a good move to spot these people early on as they can become your silent assassin if you enter into their funny world of grudges and games.

Stop Being Friends With Friends

Finally, friends! Or some can be more like silent enemies! You will find that out of your group of friends. Some people cause problems, and they attract them all the bloody time!

I used to have a friend Larry (not his real name!), and he was always asking to borrow money, late for work, getting sacked, problems with where he was living, etc., the list was endless.

I liked Larry and enjoyed spending time with him, as we would have such a good healthy relationship; however, it wasn’t until my new girlfriend said to me, “has it not dawned on you all the problems Larry brings you”? and though I was aware, it had never crossed my mind that I don’t have to be friends with him. I could remove him from my life, so I did.

It was pretty simple as he owed me £80, so I asked for this back, he said he didn’t have it, and I knew that this would turn into one of my most significant investments ever by simply letting him keep the £80! In return I would never hear from him again, and I didn’t for about 2 years until he called, so I asked him for the money back he owed me, he claimed he was skint (he always is!) and then never heard from him since and that was 8 years ago!

Perfect, if I can do it, then so can you!

Stop Dying to Get to Work

I’ve never heard of the phrase “sick building syndrome” well, some offices and work environments can indeed be quite literally killing you, which I get as some people are just “dying to get to work”!

There are many causes at work (pun intended!) that will damage your mental health. However, many can be improved or removed by simply opening a window and letting that amazingly fresh and healthy air in. However, the problem lies in can you open an office window 10 stories up! Of course not. Also, if you are in a building with windows, I am sure you are fully aware of the arguments that soon start with the influx of this newfound fresh yet cold air, with Trevor complaining about his papers flying everywhere while Tracey is moaning, she’s cold! You have now opened a can of worms…

Never mind the noise from the traffic whizzing past outside, and that’s before we get to the real evil, the pollution from a congested city.

Stop Working in a Gas Chamber

Sealing a building from outside fresh air creates an environment whereby every breath you take is raising the carbon monoxide levels in the building, which if there are enough of you, with no ventilation, will cause you drowsiness and headaches, the exact opposite to what you want from your staff (never mind killing them; however, that will be another companies’ problem in 20 years!)

Now I can hear a few of you out there saying, well, my brand spanking new office has air conditioning, so there! And yes, on that 30C degree summer day, you are very much the envy of other office workers (mainly public sector workers, who I pity in their old sweltering offices with no air-con). However, where does this air-conditioned air come from?

Well, it’s sucked in from outside, then circulated your office. Being an office, you are most likely in a city/town centre or business park which are nearly always next to a, wait for it motorway (it’s a selling point!), so you are having all these highly signs of a toxic air sucked into your building and delivered right to your mouth!

If your air-con has filters, you are fine but guess what, these systems are more expensive, and what do companies like to do to keep costs down!

It gets worse, as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that air pollution is often two to five times greater inside than outdoors, and at its most extreme, can be 100 times worse than outside!

We’ve already covered cleaning products and building materials in the home section of Guide R4. However, the same principle replicates itself in the workplace. As a quick recap, don’t forget about the volatile organic compounds from paints, carpets, furniture used in the building that escape into the air you breathe for a number of years after being fitted in what’s known as “off-gassing”.

The main issue you have here is that once you are aware of the problems at home, you have the power to be able to change them. In contrast, in your workplace, you often have little control over these, unless you are a director, own the business or make everyone else aware, getting everyone on board to force through change (ironic for a capitalist that I sounded pretty socialist, maybe with age I am becoming a leftie!).

Stop Your Work From Killing You

This part is not relevant for everyone, but some of you reading this will have dangerous jobs. I will cover shifts working on the sleep section; however, STOP NOW if you work on changes. It is KILLING YOU. It’s that simple, STOP!!!!

Certain jobs put you in dangerous work environments that may not cause disease yet put you at high risk of death, again. Why do something that can kill you when you can do something far more enjoyable that doesn’t kill you?

There are other jobs that will slowly kill you by what you encounter today, though no risk of instant death. This could be chemicals or toxins in the air, jobs such as:

● Rubber manufacturing.

● Mining.

● Farming (unless an organic farm).

● Hairdressers.

● Metalwork.

● Nail technicians.

● Decorators.

● Plastic Manufacturing.

● Stressful jobs in general.

Finally, building on the last point, specific jobs seem to attract stress, and this is undoubtedly a great way to die young and never even get the chance to stink of piss at 90! Things like being a solicitor/liar (sorry, meant lawyer!), journalist, paramedic, etc., and I am sure for many of you, your jobs could easily be added to that list.

It’s not just the type of job you do that can be stressful, but your work environment can also be. If you have a horrible boss or colleague and dread going into work each day to confront these toxic people & negative relationships, it can wreak havoc on your mental well-being.

Multiple factors cause your work environment to be toxic to your health; however, just by being aware of this, it is a giant leap forward, and once you make yourself aware of these factors, you can then put plans in place to address this. Whether that’s having a word with a few people or even getting a new job, always remember your life depends on it!

Plus, on a lighter note, I suppose it could be worse. You could work in one of those Chinese nail bars! I feel like I am being gassed just by walking past those places, and that’s with the door shut!


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, get more energy and live longer, then you will love my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available on Amazon below.

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