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Toxic Beauty Products

Your Daily Self Poisoning

Toxins were the reason for the title of my book, STOP!! Killing Yourself…, due to the massive amount of toxins surrounding us in our day-to-day lives, and yet we hardly even realise.

It’s so fascinating when you start to scratch the surface of the HUGE lies we have continuously been told and the horrifically dangerous substances we encounter daily that we are told are good for us. Yet, a sinister undercurrent awaits us as profit and money seem to be the name of the game, with little regard for our family’s health.

The reason toxins are so vital to your longevity is the damage and extra workload they place on your liver. A toxin is merely a substance that damages your body in some way.

Some are blatantly obvious, like drinking bleach! However, others are more silent and hidden, like the chemicals stored ​in your “Anti-aging” moisturiser, ironically applied to make you look “younger.”

All, however, are putting extra stress on your liver. Like the rest of you, your liver is also aging and becoming less efficient every year we occupy a space on this planet. It’s for this reason we need to be as kind as truly possible to this organ, as the liver is key to keeping you alive and still shagging at 90!

The Top Toxins Killing You Are

Toxins you need to be super vigilant for, in your life, I have divided into the following main categories, to make spotting them easier for you, they are:

1. Home (covered in Guide – R4).

2. Environment & lifestyle factors (covered in Guide – R4).

3. People (covered in Guide – R5).

4. Work (covered in Guide – R5).

5. Daily Routine.

6. Orally Consumed.

In this Guide R6, we cover questions for you to ask yourself about how safe your daily habits are for you and your family.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Your Daily Routines

1. What’s in your toothpaste, fluoride (my best friend, an expert dentist, would argue with me on this point, and he has good points, but this is my guide, so bugger off Russell)?

2. Do you use an aerosol spray deodorant?

3. Do you use a natural deodorant or one with toxic aluminium in (I am a hypocrite here but will explain why in the next section)?

4. Do you use an aerosol hair spray?

5. Ever wondered what’s in your makeup and moisturiser’s? Well, now’s the time to check those ingredients to remove toxic daily routines…

6. Same goes for your shower gel, toilet bowl cleaners, handwash, shampoo, and conditioner. What dangerous chemicals are you putting into contact with your body every day?

Orally Consumed Toxins

1. Do you smoke?

2. Do you drink daily?

3. How often do you get tipsy/drunk?

4. Though sugar has its very own chapter as it’s that horrifically bad for you, I am briefly mentioning it here as another reminder to get sugar out of your fucking life!! How many grams of sugar a day do you have?

5. Do you buy organic food? If so, how much are non toxic cleaning products at your food shop?

6. How many meals a week that you eat need the top pricking with a fork?

7. Do you store your liquids and food packages ​in plastics? This includes pre-packaged water

8. Do you filter your tap water?

Stop Your Daily Routine Killing You

There is a lot of controversy over fluoride, as, on the one hand, it helps against tooth decay, yet on the flip, too much fluoride can be toxic.

My toothpaste doesn’t have fluoride; it’s aloe vera-based and as natural as possible, considering it comes in a plastic tube!

When in school getting changed after PE (physical education) lessons in the changing room, it always dawned on me that all the multiple sprays going around the indoor air from everyone’s deodorant was incredibly intoxicating, and I thought to myself, this can’t be good for anyone’s having health problems.

My (occasionally smelly) dad, who refuses to wear deodorant, was banging on about the fumes from the aerosol’s decades ago. Though mum and I agreed with him, we still suggested he use a roll-on deodorant, as occasionally it could be a little embarrassing the waft of body odour!

That being said, Big Will was right, and from a young age, I switched to roll-on deodorants for this very reason, while all my friends were silently intoxicating themselves in their cramped bedrooms full of fumes. Where possible, I remove myself instantly from a room full of aerosol fumes!

Stop the Metals Killing You

For years I thought I was pretty fly for a white guy being one step ahead. I watched a documentary back in 2017 British Medical Journal nailed it and talked about aluminium production (yes, I must have been super bored that day, I know!); WOW, my eyes were opened up, well, and indeed, to this toxic metal.

And guess what’s in deodorant…you got it! Aluminium.

So, for the next year, I tested a few different “natural” deodorants and some which were super safe, resulting in me stinking like my dad, not good…especially on dates! A few others left me with severe itching (again, not good being in public frantically scratching your armpits, people might start throwing bananas at me!).

After a few attempts to find a natural deodorant to disease control that stopped me from stinking and was kind to my body, I did the typical human trait and went back to what I knew.

So, this is where I turn into a hypocrite! As I went back to an aluminium roll-on, however, this time, instead of lashing it on in extreme quantities, I do two swipes and two swipes only (unless it’s over 25C, then I go crazy and give myself a third going around, and we all know how often it’s over 25C in the UK!), so limiting the amount I put on but yes still using aluminium! The result is I don’t smell, have no irritation, and have kept my exposure to aluminium low(ish).

Stop Spraying Yourself to Death

The same goes for hair spray and air fresheners, as this is an aerosol. Due to this, I tend to use gum so that no sprays are used in my bathroom at all. Around one in three UK adults have some form of allergic disease, and aerosols can aggravate these. Even for those without allergies, you are still exposing yourself to the risk of headaches, breathing issues, and skin reactions because you will most likely be applying these in a small, confined space, i.e. your bathroom (doors and windows will most likely be shut and a lot of ensuite or apartment bathrooms, don’t even have windows) and the fine mist is not just easily inhaled, it also lingers in the outdoor air!

And finally, do you want high levels of butane and propane in your blood long-term!

Would I also read the labels on the back of your makeup and moisturisers? You need to check those ingredients as some will potentially be causing you harm. Ones to avoid are:

1. Aluminum.

2. Polyethylene glycol.

3. Parabens (Butyl, Ethyl, Methyl, Propyl).

4. Diethanolamine (DEA), Monoethanolamine (MEA), and Triethanolamine (TEA).

5. Mineral oil.

6. Synthetic fragrances.

7. Triclosan.

8. Propylene Glycol (PG).

9. DMDM Hydantoin.

Stop Forking Your Food

Processed food, e.g. the meals you have to prick the top with a fork to eat, are horrible for you, as they have high levels of toxic chemicals/preservatives, often low in fibre, high sugar, and lack nutrients, therefore, dead calories. And to add insult to injury, they come stored in a BPA toxic container that leaches these harmful toxins into your food when heated up. That’s before we even mention emulsifiers!

A recent study of 45,000 people in France over a 7 year (yes 7 years!) period showed that every 10% increase in processed food consumed was associated with a 14% greater risk of death from ANY cause. Do I need to say anymore? So, stop forking your food!

As mentioned above, be very careful with what passes your lips (yes, girls, often wise due to a toxicity test on your new boyfriend!) that has been stored in a plastic container due to the toxicity of BPAs.

Water is a great example, something that is good for you, yet man has managed to tinker with it, resulting in an end product not so good for you. This is why it’s always best to keep things as natural and essential as possible.

While on the topic of water, your tap water has many harmful chemicals and heavy metals lurking around yet invisible to the human eye, so this reason provides medical advice that you need to be religiously filtering your drinking water.

However, in the “Improve” section of my R.I.O Model, I dedicate a whole guide I2 to water, as it’s a magical liquid, and just a few paragraphs in this guide don’t do it justice!

Stop Sucking Fags

I don’t even need to cover cigarettes, as we all know what they do, and we all know nicotine is one of the most, if not the most, addictive substances in the world. It’s hard to give up, however possible, as millions do it every year. I still have the odd cigarette drunk and hate to say that it feels fantastic after a few pints! That being said, boy, don’t I pay for it the next day! A worse hangover, lousy throat, my next run is super brutal, etc.!

Again, I don’t want to cover well-trodden ground by people with far more expertise and experience on these subjects than me. However, when you start to understand the body more, this helps cut back on the booze a lot easier. When you know what it does to you, it makes you take a second thought and go, should I have that next drink!

Meditating has also worked really well for me, whereby I now don’t feel the need to keep drinking until either I’ve run out of money or can no longer stand! It’s helped me have just a couple, then call it a night earlier with more money left in my pocket!

What I’ve learned with regards to myself over the last 5 years is my hangovers are becoming super deadly as in lasting for up to 5 days in some instances, the reason being alcohol destroys the production of the hormones that make you feel great and give you your “get up and go”, not only this, it also fucks with the quality of your sleep. So, add the two together, and you have super shit hormone production.

This is TERRIBLE for your moods and productivity.

I’ve found CBD oil has massively helped with this as I can now muster motivation the next day after a late one. I also increase my Omega 3, Milk Thistle, and B vitamins post-drinking along with 4 charcoal tablets before and after drinking, much to the amusement of my friends!

Ironically I desired to drink still, yet not age and destroy my body, which got me into longevity in the first place. I thought if I could overcompensate in other areas of my life, this would counteract the booze. Ironically the more I learn, the less often I am drinking. However, always remember the old saying, “ones too many, threes not enough.”

The best way to stop people with bad addictions/habits is to find something more enjoyable to do instead. So, your first point of call would be to think of something unique you would love to do regularly and go and do it! Also, the less free time you have, the less time you have to drink…

Sex is a good one, as most people enjoy this activity so that you can replace a booze addiction with sex addiction. As long as you wrap up safely, you have now given yourself a physically exerting hobby, so congratulations, don’t tell the wife…

Stop Agreeing to Eat Poison

Now on to food, if something has a label on it, don’t eat it, it is a perfect way to live your life! How often are the foods you are eating requiring you to get a fork out of the drawer, then start attacking the top of it?

Ideally, no meals should require you to fork them hard. However, the odd one now and then isn’t going to be the end of the world! It’s not as simple as removing microwave meals as foods like crisps, sausages, cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals, pies, softs drinks, etc. All fall into the processed food family.

The reason these foods are bad for us nutritionally is covered in more depth in Guide R9. However, in a nutshell, generally, they contain high sugar, high carbs, and low fibre.

This guide, though, is concerned with toxins, and the biggies are:


You’re thinking never heard of it! Well, I bet you have, as they are widely known as BPAs, a chemical found in plastic that leaches into the liquid or food that it is supposedly “keeping safe” and storing! A massive example of this is plastic water bottles. I always have my water in the glass to stop these dangerous, volatile organic compounds ​from contaminating my body.

BPA mimics estrogen by binding to the receptor sites meant for the hormone, which can disrupt normal hormone function. This is not the only hormone. It’s been thought to do this, and thyroid hormone production also suffers from the same process. In addition, high BPA levels have been associated with diabetes and infertility.


Did you know that seafood is the most significant source of mercury in the human body! So ironically, what you thought was a healthy fish meal, has polluted you with a high-level toxin!

Now I am sure you know that fish aren’t made from mercury. It’s more a case of the toxic waters they inhabit being highly polluted by humans, with the mercury moving up the food chain. How ironic!

Mercury is a super severe toxin; in fact, it’s a neurotoxin, which damages your brain and nerves.

Tuna is a mixed bag as some brands, especially canned varieties can be highly contaminated. In contrast, anything caught far away from industrialised countries, e.g. Alaska and stored in glass, are a lot better for you.

However, certain fish types are a complete NO, these being Swordfish and King Mackerel.

Vegetable & Seed Oils.

Vegetable oils bring no value to the table (get it!) as they contain no nutrients, i.e. they are merely empty calories while being highly processed.

They are high in polyunsaturated omega-6 fats (which we do need); however, not to this level as we need to keep the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fats to around one to one and not the six, eight or even 10 times that the modern western diet exposes us to! High consumption of omega-6 linoleic acid can increase inflammation. This isn’t good!

This is all before we even come to what happens when we cook with vegetable oil and increase its temperature. They then release free radicals that play havoc with our bodies.

Trans Fats.

These are the worst fats you could consume!

Due to the way they are made (by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated oils to turn the fat solid), our bodies don’t recognise trans fats, so, therefore, we can’t process them in the same way as natural fats can be. The result is trans fats cause inflammation.

Inflammation is quite literally a secret assassin to humanity!

PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

Are toxic by-products from cooking red meat when cooked at high temperatures on a grill. The fat drips onto hot cooking surfaces, producing PAHs that then seep back into the meat. Incomplete burning of charcoal can also cause PAHs, which have links to increased prostate, breast, and lung cancer.

If you can, it’s best to use other means of cooking; however, minimising smoke and quickly removing any drippings will improve the level of PAHs produced.

MSGs (monosodium glutamate).

Famously used in Chinese food (which is one good reason to throw that Chinese takeaway flyer in the bin, NOW!) however also prevalent in the processed food industry. It’s a flavour enhancer found in things like salad dressing, soups, and frozen food, but it’s easy to spot; just look on the label!


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, get more energy and live longer, then you will love my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available on Amazon below.

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