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What are the health effects of sugar: The Silent Killer

From a young age, we are all told not to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs but for a long time, no one really warned us against one of the world’s biggest “silent killers” SUGAR!

This stuff really is horrific for us humans. Why is it that bad, I can hear you all say? Well, it’s all to do with inflammation, which is the root cause of the world’s most “popular” (if not all) chronic diseases such as:

• Heart disease.

• Cancer.

• Diabetes.

• Alzheimer’s.

• Lung disease.

• Strokes.

Why Sugar is Killing You & Your Family?

And what is one of the most “popular” root causes of inflammation…you guessed it SUGAR! We of course cover in the next longevity article, the other key factor in inflammation, stress.

So, by simply removing sugar and stress from your life, you have created life-changing habits that will see you living a lot longer and healthier life or as I like to call it “stronger for longer”.

Inflammation is not intended to be bad for us, in fact, quite the opposite as it’s the body healing mechanism to fix us if something goes wrong for example, if you cut yourself, the body via the immune system releases an array of response reactions to instigate the healing process, you will often notice this taking place by the said area being warm, red and swollen, this is inflammation.

However, the issue with inflammation is not the occasional response to an issue but rather the ongoing continuous exposure of our bodies to high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease, it’s this permanent or chronic inflammation that is at the heart of every chronic illness. It could be a sign that you’re eating too much sugar. Studies show that sugar consumption can increase your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis which causes inflammation.

If we take the world’s most “popular” chronic disease, heart disease, this is caused mainly by inflammation in the arteries, which also helps you on your way and/or get diabetes and a stroke…

Stop Taking Sugar You Addict

The purpose of this longevity article is to get you to stop taking high sugar foods. Yes, I term it that way, like you would say to an addict, “stop taking heroin”.

Before we go through all the ways to help you get off sugar, let’s do a little fact-finding, to see just how sweet you really are…

How Sweet Are You?

1.     Do you add sugar or any other sweetener to your drinks eg tea or coffee?

2.     Do you drink soft sugary drinks eg coke, and if so, how often?

3.     Do you have deserts after dinner and if so, how often?

4.     In the day, will you have biscuits, doughnuts, cakes, sugar-sweetened beverages, etc mid-morning or afternoon?

5.     Do you ever check the blood sugar level on packaged foods?

Stop Being So Sweet…

One of the first things you have to do if you are serious about living longer is to start lowering your sugar intake. Don’t do this all at once otherwise you might be less inclined to stick with your great new habit.

If you take two sugars (teaspoons) with your tea, just drop this down to one sugar for the next few weeks and it won’t be long before you get used to this and 1 sugar becomes your new norm.

Then once you are used to 1 sugar, drop that down to half a sugar, then after a few weeks you can either remove the sugar completely or take it down to a quarter if you are still clutching on to your old ways. Any reduction in your current consumption is amazing, so though the goal is to have you not adding any sugar, even if we just halve your sugar intake, I’m a happy man, your body is very happy with you and it’s a very strong move forward for you.

Stop Drinking Poisoned Sugar Water

No level of soft drink/sodas are good for you, a typical can of coke contains 36 grams of sugar, and guess what the American Heart Association’s recommended daily sugar level is for an adult? You guessed it, the very same (well 1 gram more at 37 grams per day) as that in a can of coke!

So, by having just one can of coke a day you are maxing out on your entire sugar intake for that day! Yes, crazy isn’t it, just one can of coke takes you to your daily limit for sugar.

Some common types of added sugars are brown sugar, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, malt sugar, molasses, high sugar diet, and sugar molecules ending in “ose” like dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, and sucrose.

The only solution here is to stop drinking soft drinks or as I like to call them, carbonated sugar!

I always remember a guy I used to work within one of my first jobs after uni, he drank around 1.5 litres of coke religiously every day, not only that, but he would also brag about it at work events over a few beers. He looked terrible, he was mid-30s yet already looked like a down and out, brown teeth, dull rotting skin and he was wondering why he was single…

However, in line with getting optimum uptake from you, if you are currently drinking a can a day, reduce this to a can every other day for a few weeks, and then after a month or so you will be easily able to take this down to just once a week, then before long you will simply stop craving it and can remove it completely from your life for good.

Stop Eating Poisoned After Dinner Sugar

This next bit was probably the hardest for me, having grown up with ice cream every night after din dins! In the last decade, I have stopped ordering ice cream with every shop and limited it to just once a month, when I would treat myself. However, in the last year, now knowing just how incredibly bad sugar is (I always knew it was bad just didn’t realise it was this bad!) I have even stopped my monthly treat, so no ice cream for Ralphy (never said this was going to be easy!). However, it was a lot easier to give up than I realised as now I don’t get that horrible dairy after taste in my mouth all night anymore, no weird changes in my mood or being bloated.

If you are having desserts with your evening meal every night, then why don’t you just make it a treat once a week for Friday after the end of a week of work? Or perhaps Saturday night when you go out for dinner with friends?

You don’t have to quit desserts completely (though this would be super amazing if you did), just limit the times you have them to special occasions.

This next one is a killer for your productivity and mood throughout the day! The mid-morning or afternoon tea break with biscuits, cakes, or dare I say it doughnuts!

I can’t even be bothered to ask you nicely to gradually reduce this habit, just stop and stop now. You do not realise what a huge impact this is having on your life!

Stop Being a Sugar Victim

Finally, it’s worth checking the food labels you think are safe to eat, I was absolutely overwhelmed when I checked the sugar content in ketchup! The other sugary foods that I know aren’t ideal but thought were ok, like a McDonald’s iced frappe, yes I do still occasionally go to Maccy D’s as I like it, even though I know it’s terrible hence why it’s limited to once a month! This is the theme and point behind this book, you don’t have to remove things completely or forever, it’s more about limiting the frequency and/or the amount you have. I was actually HORRIFIED when found out that there is 88g of sugar in a MacDonald’s iced frappe, that’s almost 3 days of too much-added sugar in one drink!

If you only do one thing, and one thing only, after having read this article, that would be simply paying attention to you what you are eating and drinking, and ask yourself, how much sugar does this have, before you choose to consume it?


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, get more energy and live longer, then you will love my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available on Amazon below.

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