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The Silent Assassin: Does stress make you age faster?

Another silent assassin that’s all around us…

Just look at the defensive way people these days react to any confrontation, or the quick-to-react road rage never mind the whole world being so uptight and sensitive to any (perceived) insult. Well, this is the cumulation of years of stress with no form of release, pent up inside, ready to explode and explode it does! Just look at social media for all the continuous stream of “outraged” people…

Humans today are trying to cope with the increased stress levels the modern (western) world has brought us! We are not designed for this new modern world full of 24/7 bright light, alerts, hustle, and bustle.

Why Life is Currently Just Too Much For Us All

Just think of what most of us have to go through day to day in the life:

• Bringing up children.

• Work deadlines.

• Mortgage/rent payments.

• Health worries.

• Looking after elderly parents (a lot with dementia and other serious health concerns).

• Being contactable 24 hours a day.

• Continuous beeping of alerts going off.

• Commuting.

• Fear of crime/violence.

Plus, I am sure you have your own personal stresses…

My First Experience of Stress

My first real encounter of stress was my dad’s attitude towards me on a regular basis when I moved back home after university and traveled for my first job.

After a long day at work, I would come home to my sister and me constantly being told off for this and that! Looking back now, it is actually quite amusing but at the time it was a constant bombardment of stress on all fronts, with very few calm environments to relax in.

Before long, this brought me out in psoriasis. At first, I was massively confused as to why I had these unsightly red patches of sagging skin (thinning skin and excessive vascularization) on my hands. I even went to the doctors about this and was given a range of things that didn’t work, before finally being given steroid cream that improved the symptoms, though not eliminating them and most importantly, it still did not fix the cause.

The most interesting thing happened a year later, I moved out after selling my car to buy my first house. In a matter of just a few days and certainly, no longer than a week, the patchy red scaly skin cells just disappeared.

It was then that I realised the power that stress has on not just our mental wellbeing but also our physical state. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin’s surface. Its job is to protect the skin from toxins and allergies and prevent essential water and electrolytes from evaporating. Emotional stress can interfere with the functioning of the skin barrier and have negative effects on skin aging and cause wrinkles to form.

Stress Really is a Killer, a Silent Killer!

Every time you get stressed, you are taking a small amount of time from your life, it wears you down, slowly but very surely. Along with sugar, stress is the key contributor to inflammation and as we have covered, the root causes to the popular killers in the western world.

So how does stress kill us silently? It’s mainly (though not all) to do with two hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal glands and is a very, very important hormone for us humans and though it’s often thought of as bad, we need cortisol to perform properly, it’s just that too much cortisol is bad for us and so is too little!

If we have too little, when we wake up in the morning, we will feel tired, even after a long sleep, as we need the cortisol to wake us up. According to health news, stress can deplete our cortisol reserves, making us tired when we first wake up.

Even worse is that if you have too little cortisol, you lose its anti-inflammatory benefits and create excess inflammation, which can lead to a number of health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Stop Turning Your Muscles into Sugar

It’s the turning of proteins in the muscle, to glucose that causes serious long-term health issues, this is what too much cortisol does! Increasing your blood glucose level if you are constantly stressed. Whether this is increased weight gain, heightened risk of diabetes, and/or heart attacks.

Adrenaline, on the other hand, tells the body when to release glucose into the bloodstream, in order to fuel your body with the energy needed if you have to fly, speeding up your blood pressure & heart rate, which I’m sure you have all experienced at some point in your life.

It’s this continuous state of being on guard, that the modern western world ie toxic anti-social media, 24-hour fear-based media, and tech taking over our lives, has created for us which is why, what is actually designed to be a good and safe bodily reaction/function, is actually harming us.

Chronic stress hormones take a toll on the body, triggering premature cellular aging of immune system cells. Very interesting however that the end game of stress comes back to sugar/glucose levels in the blood…

How Stressed Are You?

1.     How many nights a week do you wake up in the middle of the night with a lot on your mind?

2.     Do you find yourself getting angry quickly and/or over minor things?

3.     Do you worry about the future or are you a worrier in general?

4.     Do you dictate what happens to you, or do you let the world dictate what happens to you?

5.     Are you worrying continuously about your children?

6.     Are you spending a lot of time on your phone replying to texts, social media notification,s and emails, yet still can’t manage to get through them all?

7.     Do you feel overwhelmed with life?

8.     Do you have financial worries?

9.     Do you find going to work a chore and something you don’t look forward to?

10. Do you have any health concerns and if so what?

11. Does the state of the world or your country really get to you?

12. Do you rely on coffee and/or Red Bull type energy drinks throughout the day to get you going, yet then at night in order to sleep resort to a few alcoholic drinks?

13. If you commute, how do you feel about it?

Time to Calm it Down….

The solution to all of these is really quite simple!

The first course of action for you would be to exercise as this burns off anxiety and worry. It really is a game-changer regardless of all the other amazing health benefits you get from exercise.

Next would be to stop all stimulants after 2pm, ideally, midday but 2pm will allow you to see drastic improvements in your ability to sleep and relax come the evening (and not require booze!).

Stop Being a Megolamaniac

Stop worrying about things in your life you can’t control e.g. the state of the economy or terrorism and just focus on what you CAN control. This has a powerful effect on your mind. First, you are no longer wasting valuable time and energy on things you have little or no influence on, so they are best forgotten about.

Next, focusing on what you can control, gives you a great sense of direction and control in your life.

Do not underestimate the big impact on reducing or managing stress, that simply being amongst nature can have on you. By being by the sea, which is my favourite, provides you with lots of negative ions that are amazing for us, plus the calming sounds of the sea. Then there is the forest or mountains whereby you get the phytoncide from trees, and in fact, in Japan, they even refer to it as “forest bathing” due to all the goodness you get from nature.

Stop That Phone

Finally, put those bloody phones away! Turn off your notifications on your phone for everything except perhaps phone calls (the real purpose of a phone!). This means beeps, vibrations, and flashing lights, so no distraction. By constantly being interrupted by this modern cancer you are putting yourself under lots of minor stress continuously throughout the day.

For the super brave out there (perhaps only SAS and Seals are brave enough for this one!), turn off your phone an hour before you go to bed and then turn it on again at midday the following day. I do this around 4 or 5 times a week and it’s amazing how much more you get done, in fact, I am writing this now at 8 am having not yet looked at my phone (or emails).

In fact, it’s super weird as you end up getting lots of work done to a high standard, yet it feels almost effortless and oddly that you haven’t actually worked as hard as normal. It’s this confusion we all have today, of confusing being busy with being productive.

The other added benefit of this is that you don’t get the crazy idiots who keep calling you multiple times when you don’t answer the first time because you are busy (odd I know during a working day!).

They now won’t be able to ring you 20 times in the space of a few hours! I’ve started blocking these annoying and selfish individuals! Whatever happened to the old, call once maybe even twice later in the day, leave a voice message and the person calls you back after their meeting!

I now simply remove anyone like this from my life, these people are killing you by the too much stress and drama they create and cause. Stress and anxiety attacks can speed up the aging process by shortening the length of each DNA strand. Remove them from your life before they remove you, from your own life!

Plus, rather ironically, they often block you when you are no longer any use to them, and they don’t need you anymore!

Stop the News

A super easy and quick win is to just simply turn off the news, for those worried about the world and their country this is one of the worst things you can be consuming. Just turn it off.

Plus, you will also be very grateful for the time you save! As those into the news, will watch it typically daily, and if you think 30 mins a day which is easily done, works out at 900 minutes a month, which breaks back to 15 hours, or 2 average working days given back to you every month for free.

However, when you look at it from an entire life perspective, the figures just blow your mind, 2,400 working days over a 100-year life (yes, I know babies don’t watch the news, however it kept the math’s simple!).

Just think of how less stressful life will be with all this extra time to get things done, plus you’ve also now recouped all that wasted time spent worrying about things you can’t even control as that worry has now disappeared!

I want to keep things simple here, so I don’t want to go into meditation too much as this will be saved for later stages of my “R.I.O. for Longevity” model. However, if you already do this, then incorporate it into a daily habit to help you reduce your stress overload levels.

Sleep is key to you being a lot calmer and less stressed premature aging and the good news is, we also have a whole guide on this coming up shortly for you…

So, in order to live a stress-free life, well a life with a lot less stress as for humans there is no avoiding stress completely, the above are very simple and yet.


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