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Movement is the Key to Living Longer

Quite simply put, movement is key to you living a long and healthy life, free of pain and misery.

This means you want to be regularly moving; being static for long periods of time is just not good for you to remove laziness. Exercise can take many forms, so if you hate the gym, those classes where you have to wear bright coloured lycra or even outdoor sports, don’t worry as there are many easy solutions.

The critical thing is that you move and move often. So, for those who don’t like to exercise, start with a regular walk every day, even if this is for just a few minutes, as long as it gets you into the habit.

Once you’ve done this for a few weeks, you can then increase this to around 20 minutes; however, if you don’t want to do that long, don’t. The key thing is you are doing something, no matter how small.

I don’t want to go into huge detail here, as like everything with these “RIO for Longevity Guides”, the idea is to keep it simple so that you get on and do it. I could talk about all sorts of HiiT, split sets, etc. however, this will confuse you, and when people are confused, they do nothing. This guide aims to make you live longer, most quickly and simply possible, without overcomplicating things.

Think to yourself, what do you enjoy? Then start doing it and if you are not sure, try different random types of exercises. I don’t care what it is as long as it is something.

Huge bonus points here, if what you choose happens to be outside, you get the significant extra benefit of nature and her magical healing powers.

 I Like to Move It…Do You?

1.     How often do you exercise a week?

2.     What days do you exercise a week?

3.     What exercise do you do?

4.     Do you enjoy it, and if so, why? If you don’t, also why?

5.     What time do you exercise?

How Often do You Exercise a Week?

Though you don’t need to do formal exercise every day, impressive though if you do! It’s essential that you are regularly moving throughout the day, every day.

How Much Exercise Do We Need to Live Longer?

You don’t have to become an elite athlete to improve your longevity. Regular, moderate activities, such as brisk walking, have been associated with increasing impact life expectancy by several years. For example, 150 minutes of exercise or more each week increased life expectancy by about 7 years. According to Dr. Dean (Harvard Medical School), research suggests that exercise can improve blood pressure, decrease the chance of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and some cancer risk, and even protect against a heart attack.

What Days do You Exercise a Week?

If you have set days that you exercise, this is great, as you most likely have now formed a habit, which means you will stick to this. If you haven’t formed a habit yet, by exercising the same days every week, this will soon form a great habit for life…

What Exercise do You do? Do You Enjoy it and if so, Why?

One of the key things about regular exercise is that you need to enjoy it! If you don’t, try something else out and as previously mentioned, sex counts, so why not try your wife out for a change! The reason enjoying exercise is key, is that we want you to stick at it for good health benefits until the day you die! When you enjoy something, you are more likely to keep up with it.

Obviously, the reverse is true, if you hate road running (I have huge doubts over the benefits for those long-distance runners come their later years, as they will be needing new hips and knees!), then sooner or later you will stop. Once you stop there is a big risk you will stop for some time, if not for good!

What Time do You Exercise?

It’s been proven time and time again the best time to exercise is first thing in the morning! Why? Well for me (and what the scientific studies also confirm) is that I know it’s done, there is no, well I’ll just finish what I am doing and do it later…well later often never comes! It’s a great feeling knowing it’s done and conversely, I don’t have that nagging feeling on my mind that I’ve yet to do it today!

Next, there is that amazing feeling you get after you exercise, now if this isn’t an amazing start to your day, then I don’t know what is! It helps improve your mood, your focus, and the quality of your work. Regular physical activity reduced the risk for heart disease & colon cancer by about 24% in men.

Then finally for you vain buggers like me, you look amazing as that glowing skin you get from blood pumping around your face, makes you look like a million dollars!

On the reverse side to all these positives, again backed up by scientific studies, if you exercise late at night, you are releasing stress hormones into your blood leaving you in a state of alert. Regular physical activity not only helps you maintain a healthy weight but also boosts sensitivity to insulin and thereby modestly reduces blood sugar levels. however, if the only time you can exercise is late at night, do it! Exercising is always better than not exercising, regardless of the time of day, it’s just better earlier on in the day.


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