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Factory Pollution


How Safe Really Is Your Family Home?

You will be shocked and very surprised at what’s actually lurking in innocently in your home…

I sometimes wonder is ignorance bliss…

For a long time in my life, I was blissfully unaware of the huge amount of toxins surrounding us in our environments 24/7.

Though ironically, it actually also very insightful and fascinating when you start to scratch the surface of the incredibly audacious lies we have repeatedly been told about the dangerous substances we come into contact with daily. 

Why aren’t we actually told just how bad these things are for us?

Has it ever crossed your mind how toxic your daily walk to work is along that bumper to bumper congested road in your polluted city is?

Or what the fumes from the carpet in your bedroom may be doing to you while you sleep every night, while also being surrounded by city center pollution!

The reason toxins are so key to your longevity is the damage and extra workload they place on your liver. A toxin is merely a substance that damages your body in some way.

Some are blatantly obvious, like cigarettes, while others are more silent and hidden, like the lead paint on your walls or the Botox, ironically injected into you, to make you look “younger.”

All, however, are putting extra stress on your liver. Like the rest of you, your liver is also aging and becoming less efficient every year we occupy a space on this planet. It’s for this reason we need to be as kind as truly possible to this organ, as the liver is key to keeping you alive and still sh@gging at 90!


The Top Toxins Killing You Are…

Toxins you need to be super vigilant for, in your life, I have divided into the following main categories, to make spotting them easier for you, they are:

1. Home.

2. Environment.

3. People.

4. Work.

5. Daily Routine.

6. Orally.

However this article is mainly concerned with your home and environment. I will write future articles on people, daily routines and toxins consumed orally for those of you who want to investigate this area futher.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Ask Yourself About Your Home

1. Do your household fabrics, e.g., carpets, curtains, sofas, etc., contain volatile organic matter (VOC)? Well, I bet you don’t know? However, it’s worth you finding out!

2. Does your paint contain lead? Again, unless you did this yourself, you probably don’t know; again, this is worth finding out!

3. Are the water pipes that come into your home lead (will only apply to old houses built before the 1970s)? This is a bit easier to know or find out.

4. Do you use a chemical disinfectant in the kitchen and bathrooms? I know the answer to this will be a yes for 99% of you!

5. Do you have artificial air fresheners or sprays around the house?

6. What chemicals are in the capsules/tablets/powder you use to wash your clothes? Are you getting irritated skin? Could it be your detergent?

7. Do you keep your mobile phone on your person at all times throughout the day?

8. Do your lights emit UV light?

9. Do you sleep with your mobile phone next to your brain?

10. Is your WIFI left on overnight?

11. Do you sleep with synthetic and potentially chemical-ridden pillows or duvets?


Ask Yourself About Your Living Environment

1. Do you live on or near a busy road?

2. Do you live next to any transport hubs, e.g., airports or train stations?

3. Do you walk/run/cycle to work or exercise along a busy road?

4. Do you live near a factory pumping out pollution?

5. Do you live under or near electricity lines?

6. Any of your neighbours generate excessive noise that irritates you regularly?


Make Your Home Safe Again

We now look back at the Victorians and laugh at the fact that they used to have arsenic in their paint! However, there is a huge lesson here. Does it not make you think if the Victorians were happy to put arsenic on their walls back then, what are we consuming today that people will look back on and laugh at us in a hundred years?

Don’t be fooled to think it can’t happen to us, as it will happen, and we will be very surprised at what they turn out to be!

Will the humans of 2123 be in stitches at us because we used to have such highly insulated houses, having multiple volatile organic compounds in the home, with no ventilation, and then wonder why we had bad health…

I am super anal when it comes to painting doors, skirting, and wood in general. I now will leave the house as the toxic smell is just too much and, if at all possible, will even stay away for a few days afterward (though annoyingly, this is not always possible) due to the lingering toxic fumes.

Before painting, look for good quality safe paints and be very careful what you are putting on your walls!

The same goes for fabrics in your house, Strong and hazardous chemicals are used to treat your family’s carpet, sofa, and curtains in the manufacturing process. This means for the first few months of ownership (maybe longer), you and your family are exposed to higher levels of toxic chemicals than is healthy. You need to understand what you are buying and how it’s been treated.


Stop Drinking Polluted Water

Water is one of my favourites! I love water; this means I like my water to be in a safe state when it arrives at my lips. Whenever I am out for dinner where I live, in the beautiful Regency town of Cheltenham, most restaurant are in old buildings. This means there is a good chance that the plumbing is still very old and pre 1970s.

There is no real for me to find this out without pulling tiles off in the bathroom wall when I go for a pee, I always edge on the side of caution and won’t ever drink their tap water. Instead, I opt for mineral water in a glass bottle. But be careful with plastic bottles and canned foods.

When it comes to your house, it’s worth checking the plumbing. If you live in an old house and if you have lead pipes (low chance though possible), get these changed YESTERDAY. Plus the water will be polluting you when you shower and not just when you drink the water.

In addition, it will also make your water filter work a lot hard to remove the higher levels of heavy metals in your drinking water supply.

That being said, there is one aspect that you can’t do much about, and I had this in a previous house that was built in the 1890s. When I had a lot of the plumbing updated, I could see the pipes connecting my house to the water mains, and it was lead! Oh shit! However, bugger all I can do about it, my only options being move or harass the local water board to get it changed. Who lets be honest, won’t be particularly interested in replacing this…


Stop Spraying Poison Everywhere

Disinfectant sprays are an interesting one, especially as we apply these with a spray mechanism. Therefore, these toxic residue chemicals don’t just go on your hands (though this is bad enough) when wiping down surfaces. You are now also sending these toxic chemicals into the very air you are inhaling! So, if it’s not being absorbed through your skin or via any cuts on your hands, it’s also coming in via your lungs.

The same goes as above when it comes to indoor air fresheners. How about just opening the window? Even if it’s cold outside, the colds good for you, never mind the benefits of the fresh air and the removal of positive ions generated from all your numerous electrical appliances!


Stop Frying Your Brain

Mobile phones are covered in more detail in the article on “Removing” stress. However, we look at them from the other angle whereby they directly kill us instead of just indirectly. The EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation phones give off are not kind to human soft tissue. How does your ear (and brain) feel after a 15 or 20-minute phone conversation on your mobile when held against your head? Exactly! Your head is super-hot and feels like it’s going to explode!

I mainly take phone calls on my mobile using a set of headphones with a wire attached to the mobile phone and not the blue tooth headphones, again more EMF radiation, albeit a lot less. This is just replacing a broken foot with a broken toe! Why break anything! If I don’t have a set of headphones with me (spare set in car, briefcase, and office), then I will take calls on loudspeaker with the phone around 25 cms away from my brain.

Another thing I started a few months back and yet knew I should have done this about 5 years ago (though in my defence, I have been putting my phone on airplane mode for almost a decade now) was to remove my phone charger from my bedroom and place this in my office.

If you don’t have an office, keep your phone charged downstairs in your living room for example. However, if you are having an affair, this could prove the end of your marriage leaving your phone lying around for everyone to see! I appreciate this would perhaps be more stressful, so please keep your phone next to you, frazzling your brain. I hope she’s worth it!

This has so many benefits, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and no frying of your brain.

Next is WiFi. For a very long time, way before any scientific proof had confirmed this, I had this gut feeling that having our brains continuously soaked in an EMF soup bowl was not good for our brains. Yet another source of EMF radiation for our bodies to battle against.

More recently evidence has come about that this is now the case. I believe we all need to be protecting ourselves from this serious harm.

Though some studies have shown WiFi to be safe, they generally have some financial incentive behind the scenes from the industry most likely to lose out, if this becomes widely known. Just think of big tobacco, claiming cigarettes are safe, and the audacious Camel claims that it was the “doctors preferred” cigarette!

A really simple solution and one that I adopt, is to turn off my WIFI when not using it. It started just overnight. However, I am now getting into the habit of turning it off when it’s not needed, i.e., not using it on Sundays. 

The other benefit is it stops pings coming through and distracting you, such as emails, WhatsApp, notifications on anti-social media, etc.


Stop Washing Your Clothes

For many people with sensitive skin, who have been searching for years the source of their irritable skin and red rashes, it often comes as a big surprise to them to find out it’s their washing powder!

The very stuff that is supposed to be keeping them clean! For research, I took one of my Persil capsules and broke the liquid out onto my hands, and my god, were they super itchy and irritated (yes, I know it says not to get in contact with the skin on the packaging!). I also appreciate these capsules are significantly diluted with loads of water when put in the washing machine, but it certainly gets you thinking…

My girlfriend was very sensitive to many things in life (probably me as well!), and she would have to wash her clothes with a special detergent. 

Perhaps it might be worth us edging on the side of caution and using organic non toxic washing detergents or baking soda. You then don’t have the strong enzymes, which are used to digest the stains in clothes and cause irritability.

On that note, I always used to find it hilarious that if you bought my mum anything, not gold or silver, i.e., some plated cheap crap, she would come out in a rash! Clever mum…

If you think about it, clothes are in continuous contact with your body, and if they are laced with strong harmful chemicals, this could be causing you problems. I have no (visible) problems; however, now that I have just turned 40, it’s time for me to change washing detergent. Like with many of these toxins, a lot is lurking inside that we can’t see or even feel, and only find out to our peril when things start going wrong…


Stop Sleeping With Danger

When it comes to nearly everything in life, if there is a natural alternative, I always go with the natural option, and bedding is no different. For that reason, always opt for natural bedding., whether silk, cotton, wool or feathers. My pillows and duvets are all Hungarian Down feathers and certainly not artificial foams.

However, I appreciate some people have allergies to such fillings and are unable to have these. What is super interesting about that last statement is that when you start actioning the steps in this article to reduce your exposure to toxins, you may find you no longer have these allergies. You can now, in fact, sleep with the best birds in town; well, their old feathers!

Finally, give a thought to the type of lighting you have in your home, the new style and super powerful (and fashionable) spotlights provide us with a blue light which is great in the morning when we want to wake up, though are bad for our sleep pattern in the evening.

On top of this and a key aspect of artificial internal lighting, is that it can emit higher than ideal UV light, which in excess is bad for us and has been linked to skin cancer. So again, this is worth checking out if you spend a lot of time indoors!


Stop Your Environment from Killing You

If you live on a busy road, near or next to transport hubs such as train stations and airports or factories pumping out smog and other toxins, then I would move.

I am not going to mince my words here and do some gradual phasing out of this problem. You need to move as the damage this pollution is doing to you is incredibly dangerous.

This is not up for negotiation if you are serious about living longer.

This leads me nicely on to the next thing, and I still can’t believe when buying a new house, people completely ignore electricity lines? A lot of research indicates there are no health risks from ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation, the type that’s emitted from power lines.

However, sometimes I feel you need to apply some common sense as research papers can have numerous backers with large amounts of self-interest and power. Again, the tobacco companies claim smoking was safe with research-based evidence. Sugar groups have been known to “pay” researchers to help their side!

I have very little evidence to back this up, and it’s up to you what you believe. However, I practice what I preach and would not live near electricity lines or any power generating station. The simple reason is that the nose simply sounds incredible when you are near them. Combined with that level of power, we are yet to find out what damage it can do long-term or with credible independent studies, so why take the chance?


Stop the Disco

Having neighbours who regularly creative excessive noise that constantly irritates you (suppose it’s different if it’s your favourite band played loud!) is an aspect of your life that needs to be rectified. This will create a chronic form of long term stress and annoyance otherwise, which is not good for your health.

You have a few options:

● Speak nicely to them.

● If they don’t agree, accept this if you want to continue living where you live and forget about it.

● Speak with the council.

● If that can’t be rectified and it annoys you that badly, move.


Your Next Steps…

I appreciate that it’s a lot to take in, and I have split toxins into three guides to make it even more easily absorbable for you.

My final words to you would be, look around and take note of your home and environment, and don’t take things for granted as things are often made for profit and not your family’s safety or health.


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, get more energy and live longer, then you will love my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available on Amazon below.

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