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Stop Being a Hottie

Being super hot can kill you! Yes, hot people really die sooner AND have more health issues…

It was first brought to my attention in 2017 when doing the due diligence for The Skin Repair Group, which has decided to start offering cryotherapy chambers. I was overwhelmed with all the fantastic health benefits, and it dawned on me if cold is so good, then is heat terrible for us?

This was further supported by noticing how girls I’ve dated over the years who had severe health problems were also always very hot, yes, they were good-looking, but they were like radiators to lie next to!

So why is heat bad for us? The obvious starting point needs to be the news headlines. When we have a heatwave, lots of young children and older people die in large numbers due to the extreme heat, who would not have usually died.

This is over and above the fact that we can’t sleep well, and the resultant huge effects on your body the next day, plus often extreme heat comes as part of a long term heatwave, i.e. two weeks, further amplifying the heat exhaustion that we experience.

The Issues of Being Too Hot

The results are dehydration, headaches, heavy sweating (and sticky, uncomfortable skin), cramps, feeling sick, weak pulse, and lack of motivation/tiredness (this aspect affects me the most as I struggle to get much done).

This excess heat is therefore obviously not good for us.

These are the conclusions I came to from 41 years on this planet and observing the effects of heat on others and myself. However, it’s worth pointing out that numerous studies have shown how much slower you will perform, plus how less accurate you are when it comes to any form of cognitive testing.

We’ve already covered pollution under toxins; however, it’s worth noting how higher temperatures increase the rate that pollutants react with atmospheric gases to form ozone pollution. This is where things get super crazy as a study in 2008 showed that for every degree increase in temperature, ozone pollution will kill an additional 22,000 people worldwide due to upper respiratory tract infections.

It’s not just outside heat killing people and making their lives a misery but your daily normal body temperature. Inflammation is at the route of nearly all diseases that kill us (except for accidents). Inflammation, by its very nature, is body heat, so for a lot of hot people, it will be due to increased levels of inflammation in their bodies.

The Problem With Hot People

Interestingly hot people will often have the following issues:

1. Taking medication, which further increases their temperature.

2. Hyperthyroidism.

3. Stress & Anxiety.

4. Multiple Sclerosis.

5. Fibromyalgia.

6. Diabetes.

7. Anhidrosis.

8. PMS.

9. Menopause.

A lot of the above are inflammatory issues! To finally cap it off, this is why the joints radiate such heat for those suffering from arthritis.

Due to this, I do everything in my power to avoid extreme heat, ruthlessly pursuing a cool environment. One of the things I actively do at home includes a cold air conditioning unit in the bedroom to remove heat, which in the UK is unheard of!

This is a game-changer as I can sleep during those super hot heat waves. So, when the whole country is not sleeping, I am wrapped up in a blanket fasto…

That being said, short exposure to heat, like in a sauna or steam room, is good for you. You don’t need to avoid these; it’s the prolonged exposure to high temperatures that you need to avoid.

Finally, it’s up to you. Are you going to be a sweaty betty or a cool cucumber…

How Hot Are You? Your Heat Checklist…

1. Do you wake up in the middle of the night hot regularly, even during the winter months?

2. Do you ever break out in hot sweats/flushes randomly during the day?

3. Do partners ever comment you are like a permanent radiator when in bed together?

4. Do any parts of your body often feel particularly hot, e.g. stomach, back, joints?

5. Is most of your life felt feeling hot?

6. Describe how you feel on sweltering days, i.e. over 25C/77F?

7. How is this different from those around you?

Stop Heating Yourself…

We’ve all heard the stories of those crazy older people who swim in near-freezing lakes in winter yet live forever and NEVER get a cold! And what about those nutters who have a cold shower every morning to “wake them up”!

Below are the key reasons why you should be getting cold as well, followed by how best to do this:

1. You Feel Super Amazing – There are loads of great health/longevity reasons. However, I love getting cold for short periods of time, as I feel super amazing for some time afterward, so regardless of all the below amazing reasons, it’s worth doing just for this!

The cold temperatures activate your endorphins, and it’s these chemicals that make us feel good. The cold water immersion acts as a “system reboot”, as I call it, sending many electrical signals to your brain, which account for many of the positive aspects listed here.

2. It Reduces Stress – By regularly getting cold showers, you put both your mind and body through a small level of stress which toughens you up the more you do it! Your nervous system slowly gets used to this regular minor onslaught on the body fight or flight response, helping keep you a lot calmer and, more importantly, NOT stressed!

3. Improves Your Circulation – There are two sides to this, but as most people won’t be going down to -130C, I shall explain the most likely situation for you. When your skin sensors detect the cold (though not life-threatening levels of cold), they send blood to the surface/extremities, i.e. hands and feet, which helps flush your veins, arteries, and capillaries.

4. Boosts your immune system – In a nutshell, it boosts your white blood cell count, which is very good for you, and the more you get cold, the better your body gets at activating its natural defences! Also, the shock of cold water therapy stimulates leukocytes production, which helps fight infections in the body. Though not proven yet, it’s likely related to an increase in your metabolic rate, which in turn stimulates your immune response.

5. Improved Alertness – The reason I have one early on in the day after I’ve exercised is that they wake you up! This level of stimulation provides you with outstanding levels of alertness and deeper breathing, helping you remove CO2 from your body.

6. Increased Willpower – I’d like this to be easy for you, but let’s cut to the chase. It’s not! Some mornings I think to myself, oh do I have to…But then I am super glad I did afterwards! I find once you are in, it gets better very quickly (which is good!), it’s just that initial few seconds. You can further make this easier for yourself by taking deep breaths when the cold pool water hits you first, which makes a big difference!

By getting cold exposure regularly, you strengthen your willpower which obviously carries over into other areas of your life!

7. Burn More Calories – Exposure to cold in general (I’m sure most of you have heard the story about burning more calories by drinking iced water than room temperature water!) helps you burn more calories. We’ve mentioned above how it increases the metabolic rate and blood pressure, which is amazing, plus ice baths stimulate the production of brown fat, which in turn generates energy by burning calories.

8. You Glow – This is down to a previously mentioned benefit, improvement in your circulation, which in turn means you have an inner radiance, just like after exercising. I also find it tightens my skin, giving me a more youthful appearance!



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