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Stop Putting Miles on the Clock

For a long time, probably almost 20 years ago, I thought to myself that surely the more we eat, the more we are using up our bodies! I used to relate it to “putting mileage on the clock”, using the car analogy, that the more we eat, the more we wear ourselves out, and that our body has only so much capacity it can process before we die (excluding scientific developments!).

Now I am not sure about the latter part, that we only have so much we can eat/process before we die, however indeed there has to be a limit, as our bodies (yet) can’t go on forever and isn’t it coincidental that all the centenarians are slim!

Fast forward 15 years, and I started looking into fasting a lot more. I have never eaten vast amounts of food; however, the scientific evidence is entirely overwhelming that this is the key to a long and healthy life.

Now I bet some of you will be thinking, and this bastard wants to starve me, well he can piss off…

Well, would you like the good news? Of course, you do! It’s very simple to do.

Part-Time Fasting

My form of fasting is 4 to 6 days a week; I am not precious about it having to be exactly 6 days, as if I am away from home or socialising, I will throw aspects out of the window. I will admit, I have looked a bit rigid at some events in the past, which is not ideal the first time you meet people by declining to eat most of what’s on offer as you can come across as picky, so often I will eat it.

In fact, ironically, I like this, as it serves as a great reminder of how these foods alter my mood, energy, and overall feeling for the worse. However, these are just the short-term benefits of fasting and caloric restriction! Though the ultimate motivation for me is many, many decades away.

I generally fast for approximately 24 hours daily; this means I have one meal (normal caloric intake) a day at around 1 pm, i.e. I go typically about 23.5 hours between meals.

However, you don’t have to skip two meals a day, by just skipping one meal a day is impressive to remove fewer calories and a huge game-changer. Days I am hungry or predict will need more energy, I will fast for 20 hours, eating two meals, within a 5-hour window of eating between 1pm and 6pm, the 19/5 fasting plan.

Stop Being Like My Mum

It’s also worth noting that my favourite person in the world, my beloved mother is fat and when I say fat, I am not joking, she is grossly overweight! In turn, she has had nothing but health problems the last 15 to 20 years of her life very sadly.

She is on painkillers due to the intense pain in her knees, brought on by her excessive body weight and lack of movement over the years. She can no longer walk due to the pain, then if that wasn’t bad enough, she now has dementia and very sadly is due to go in a home soon, where she will ultimately die in a few years. It’s very interesting to watch the decline of such a fun, amazing and outgoing lady to this child-like state, all based on a few lifestyle choices made a few decades back.

Sadly, all this has come about from her stuffing her face over the years, with little regard for her health. Please don’t make the same mistake as her, otherwise, you will spend the last decade or two of your life, like she has, in pain and going nutty!

Before we put a plan together for you, let’s look at the benefits and then do a quick consultation together on your eating habits.

Benefits of Fasting for You

1.  You will live longer (get to attend your great-grandkid’s wedding!).

2.  You will have more consistent moods (stop falling out with colleagues before/after lunch).

3.  You will have more energy (get more stuff done).

4.  You will be slimmer and more toned (think amazing abs!).

5.  You will sleep better (better moods the next day).

6.  You will have better concentration levels (better quality of work).

Stop Being Fat & Having Small Muscles

Though I like to keep things simple, it’s worth quickly explaining one of the key ways that fasting is when you restrict your calorie intake for a certain period of time and it is life-changing, as is it reduces your insulin levels in the blood, which is key for increasing fat burning.

The fat burning doesn’t stop there either as we also produce more growth hormones fasting, which can increase many times over (think 3 to 5 fold, not just an extra 30%!), The longevity diet recommends these are great for fat burning and not so surprisingly given their name…muscle building as well!

Now, who doesn’t want to lose weight and have bigger muscles?

Anyone here got diabetes? Well, the good news keeps coming! You guessed it! Fasting is not intended for healthy weight loss, but it reduces your insulin resistance by reducing your blood sugar levels. One of the most important things we need to do is to lower blood glucose levels as that stops/reduces high blood pressure or any sort of chronic age-related diseases.

While I am at intermittent fasting also helps with oxidative stress, the whole thing where crazy molecules called free radicals to go off and cause mayhem in our body to produce healthy cells to slow the aging process, think of it as a naughty mischievous child causing problems when it’s not welcome!

One last point is fasting-mimicking diet really helps with cell waste removal, in a process called autophagy, which eliminates the dead cells out of our body that we really don’t want anymore! These waste products can in fact lead to health issues if we allow them to be stored up. So, it’s key we remove these dysfunctional proteins from our bodies.

Though there are a lot more other benefits from fasting, this is a beginner’s guide to living longer, so will stop here as we have a fact find for you to do now…

How GREEDY Are You? You’re Eating Checklist…

1.     How often do you eat a day?

2.     What times of the day do you eat?

3.     Do you keep your eating times consistent?

4.     Do you eat after 7pm? If so, how many times a week?

5.     After meals do you feel super full, bloated or can’t move and just want to sit on the sofa?

6.     How many courses do you have with each meal?

Stop Eating All the Time…

Just by reducing what you eat by around 30% to 40%, will make you live easily 10% or 8 years longer. This really is an easy thing to do, it just means skipping one meal a day and I have found (though I love breakie) that breakfast is the easiest to skip.

It’s also quite handy as well, as it saves you time in the morning, no longer preparing and cooking food, having to eat the food, and then tidying up after yourself. This can easily add up to an extra half an hour added back into your life every day. Put another way, this is 14 hours a month, with this amount of extra time, who needs to live longer!

In order to help me through the day, I have the amazing Bullet Proof Coffees. These are simply immense; they really keep you fueled up for the day and are extremely good for you, and it could have health benefits as well. They include MCT C8 oil and all the high-quality nutrients in organic grass-fed ghee such as Vitamins K, E & A, Omega 3 & 9, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) plus high quality saturated fat. Reduce your animal protein intake by 40 percent, or undergo a vegan fasting-mimicking diet for 15 days a year.

I would start off just skipping one meal, to begin with, then if you feel up for taking things to the next level, try as I do, by skipping lunch as well…

If this doesn’t work for you then you can always just go back to skipping breakie during the week and remember you don’t need to be doing this every day, just weekdays are fine!

Stop Eating Whenever

Your body likes consistent regular habits and patterns, whether this is going to sleep, waking up, or eating. Keep the times you eat approximately the same every day, you will also get into a good habit for planning your day as well, though not the objective just a “Brucie Bonus”!

Stop Eating After 7pm?

I eat most days at 1pm, this gives me plenty of time for my food to be well digested by the time I go to bed around 10pm, if I do have a second meal, which is a few times a week, this will ideally be around 4pm and absolute latest 6pm.

You need to ensure, as an absolute minimum, that you are leaving at least 3 hours between your evening meal being devoured and your bedtime.

This is key for a number of reasons, but the most important one being is that you don’t want your body having to process food while you sleep, sleep time is for the body and mind to reset, clear out all the toxins and grow!

Stop Being a Bloated Beach Whale on the Sofa

Well, you are simply eating too much. Plain and simple. Reduce your portion size.

If you enjoy feeling stuffed and unable to move, carry on as you won’t be lasting long on this planet!

Stop Eating All the Pasties

The whole multiple courses concept was created by profiteers! Restaurants want to sell you more, yet you don’t need more.

A lot of the western world’s common practices boil down to money and greed (no I am not a socialist and will reiterate again I am in fact a capitalist!). Just because it’s expected to eat more than one course, don’t. You don’t need it, in fact, you get a lot more fulfillment out of eating just one good meal.


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, get more energy and live longer, then you will love my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available on Amazon below.

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