Your Complete Treatment Guide to Ozone Saunas for Home & Spa

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Table of Contents


1. What is an Ozone Sauna?

2. How Do You Use an Ozone Sauna?

3. What is Ozone & How Does it Help With Your Health?

4. What Are The Benefits of an Ozone Sauna?

5. What Type of Ozone Sauna is Best to Use?

6. How Much an Ozone Sauna Treatment Cost?

7. Can You Have an Ozone Sauna at Home?

8. Who Can’t Have an Ozone Sauna Treatment?

10. Before & After Best Practice for Ozone Sauna.

11. Safety & Dangers of an Ozone Sauna.

12. Ozone Sauna Treatment FAQs.


What is an Ozone Sauna & How Does it Work?

We’ve all heard of the ozone layer, and yes, it’s this same amazing ozone that is a both an easy and great way to start understanding what this treatment is all about. Ozone is simply three oxygen (O3) molecules instead of two, three for the price of two! Its naturally present within every living organism and free of chemicals, which makes a pleasant change in today’s world!

The idea behind an ozone sauna is to simply enhance the benefits of a steam room by introducing ozone into the environment. Think of a steam room but supercharged with ozone!

You have your very own private cabin, with your head placed out of the ozone sauna itself. It uses steam and the magic ingredient of ozone. Ozone is 100% natural and it’s in fact found in the earth atmosphere to protect us against the sun’s harmful rays, you can think of it as natures natural defence for you!

Ozone will oxygenate your body via your blood, cells and tissues. It therefore increases the health of your cells, while also helping simultaneously to destroy faulty or senescent cells, plus bacteria, viruses and fungi within your body.


Why Add Ozone to The Sauna?

Detoxification – Ozone supports the body’s detoxification processes by enhancing the elimination of toxins through the skin.

Immune System Support – Ozone stimulates the immune system, boosting the body’s ability to fight off infections.

Improved Circulation – The combination of sauna heat and ozone enhances blood circulation, promoting better oxygenation of tissues.


How Do You Use an Ozone Sauna?

Very simply and below are the four steps from start to finish for your ozone sauna experience:

1. Steam Sauna: You begin with a traditional steam sauna session. Sat in a private pod, with your head outside of the pod. The temperature is set to up to 40C, which of course leads to you sweating and increased circulation. This helps in the elimination of toxins from the body through sweating.

2. It’s Ozone Time: The ozone gas is then introduced into the sauna chamber. This can be done in different ways, such as by injecting ozone directly into the sauna or by using an ozone generator to produce ozone gas, which is then pumped into the sauna.

3. Ozone Absorption: The skin is the primary route for ozone absorption during the steam sauna session. Ozone can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, where it can then exert its potential therapeutic effects.

4. Your Times Up: Ozone sauna sessions typically last between 20 to 30 minutes.


What Is Ozone and How Does It Help Your Health?

Oxygen is the most important substance known to man! I love the saying…you can go weeks without food, days without water yet only minutes without oxygen!

Why can we only go just a few minutes without oxygen? Your body put quite simply needs a continuation and never ending supply of oxygen for every cell in order to generate ATP or energy to live. Without ATP (adenosine triphosphate) you die. It’s that simple.

Oxygen also helps with repairing and rejuvenating healthy cells and for the body to remove toxins in everyday life.

There are many ways us humans mess with our health when it comes to reducing the amount of available oxygen for ourselves to live healthy lives. Popular ones include:

– Environmental pollution i.e. reducing oxygen levels below 21%

– Smoking

– Not exercising.

– Bad posture.

– Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose.

– Low quality water.

– Highly processed toxic foods.

These all reduce our cells ability to perform at normal levels, nevermind for optimal performance!

The two main reasons for the pandemic of bad health these days is stress and what we are addressing here, lack of sufficient oxygen. Stress and lack of oxygen like all things bodily related are interconnected and both contribute to chronic inflammatory based disease such as dementia, heart issues, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis. Then for those “more” fortunate you will merely experience tiredness, more frequent colds, migraines, brain fog etc.

Ok so what does this all have to do with an ozone sauna? Well ozone or O3 is three oxygen molecules instead of the two that we breathe. So think of ozone as activated oxygen, that in a short period of time will simply revert back to normal oxygen. During ozone’s very short life, it can be utilised for amazing things such as sterilisation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast!

So is this ozone treatment a new invention then Ralph? Well would you believe it most certainly isn’t! It’s been around not just for years or even decades but centuries! Us humans have been benefiting from ozone since the 1800s, yes that long ago! Ozone is incredibly powerful in its oxidative properties. In addition to this it can also be used in situations where it wouldn’t be safe or advisable to use chemicals, like your body!

Just wait until you hear this! Ozone works 2,500 times quicker than chlorine; you know that stuff that they put in pools and hot tubs that stings your eyes and skin! Plus it is also almost three times as powerful as chlorine.

It’s for this reason that ozone will often be used in sewage plants and water purification. It can also remove algae, oxidise iron and remove odour from water.

However, it is not just water that we can use ozone to sterilise, it is also used to treat polluted air. It can remove odours, carbon monoxide and even cigarette smoke. It is also used to prevent the spreading of airborne diseases such as tuberculosis and flu viruses.

Can you see where we are going with this now!

We have been benefiting from the health benefits whether to heal, prevent or optimise of ozone in a number of ways for a long time. With sterilisation of surfaces and substances, ozone saunas and ozone therapies such as EBOO and IV ozone that purify and oxygenate your blood.

Here we are more concerned with the how, so please refer to the list of the many (though not all) benefits of ozone for you and your families health. A few interesting things it can help with however include cancer treatments, skin conditions, would healing and diabetes.

For those who want the highly scientific background to how we benefit from ozone, then investing in the world renowned ozone expert, Dr Velio Bocci’s book Ozone: A New Medical Drug would be a good move for you. However it’s not a cheap book, shall we say!


What Are The Benefits of An Ozone Sauna?

Here is a quick summary of the main benefits, out of over 100 health benefits (though too many to list here) for you from having regular ozone sauna sessions at your local spa, clinic or at home.

These are in my favourite order of why I love ozone saunas, however I am sure you will have your favourite reasons as well!

1. Stress Relief: Being an author on stress, I love this one! This is where things get really good as ozone helps to relieve your stress, as it calms down your central nervous system to help relieve your anxiety and tension.

2. Boost Your Sleep Quality: Again being an author on sleep as well (STOP!! Waking Up Tired… The Beginners Guide to Sleep), this just makes me love ozone even more as it balances your serotonin and melatonin levels, helping to improve arguably the most important thing in your life…sleep quality.

3. Detoxifies: Ozone is highly effective at eliminating toxins, yeast, heavy metals and environmental pollutants in your body. It will also kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Which of course helps you to detoxify your body. It does this by stimulating your sweat glands, without putting undue strain on your internal organs.

4. Boost Your Immunity: Ozone strengthens and stimulates your immune system, by cleansing your body circulation, allowing your blood and your lymph to normalise, in turn reducing inflammation.

5. Improves Your Daily Performance: Ozone improves your mental performance, capacity, focus and memory. People often report the lifting of brain fog and a sense of clarity.

6. Restores Your Body’s Balance: Ozone reduces stress on your body, relaxes your central nervous system, improves your blood circulation and mineral absorption.

7. Increases Your Energy Levels: Ozone oxygenates your body and in turn boosts your energy levels, which reduces fatigue and boosts your endorphins production.

8. Looking Younger & Anti-aging: Ozone tightens and firms your skin, preventing premature ageing leaving your skin looking glowing and radiant.

9. Glowing Skin: Ozone cleanses your skin! Plus for those with acne, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections, it will also improve these annoying conditions.

10. Pain Management: Ozone takes away your aches and pains and heals your body by stimulating your muscles, nervous system and cells.

11. Weight Loss: Using an Ozone sauna will help boost your metabolism naturally and burn up to 500 calories per session.

12. Improves Cellulite: As ozone removes toxins and improves your circulation, this can help with the break down and appearance of cellulite and help reduce stretch marks.

13. Potential Joint Benefits – Heat therapy such as offered by a sauna of any kind, can be beneficial for joint pain and arthritis.

15. Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis & Inflammatory Diseases – Ozone sauna therapy can be particularly valuable for people with chronic inflammatory degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.


What Type of Ozone Sauna is Best to Use?

Well like most things in life, it depends!

There are a few types of ozone saunas. The three main types are:

1. Home only use ozone sauna tents.

2. Steam pods with mild ozone.

3. Ozone sauna with medical grade ozone.

A home only use ozone sauna tent is around £300 to £1,000. These are almost disposable, as in the case that after around 6 months of regular use, the ozone will break down the materials made in construction. So please view these as either a temporary measure or for when travelling. Though we do cover these in far more detail in our “Buyers Guide to Ozone Saunas” that you can have for free at the end of this article.

Steam pods with mild ozone cabinets are the Chinese made options, that you will get huge benefits from the steam element however they are not real ozone saunas. Though they do make a great low price option for those of you wanting a steam room at home.

Then finally what this article is all about, what’s the best real ozone sauna to use at home or in a spa or longevity clinic.

Before I begin, it’s worth noting as with everything in life, manufacturers will have different levels and specifications based on what they think is either best for you or their profit margins.

Let’s start with the more basic and introductory offerings before we move upwards in price, though not necessary in quality.


Let’s Start With The Basic Entry Level Ozone Sauna First…

Entry level into the amazing world of ozone saunas starts off with Chinese models at around £2,500.

These are often sold by UK resellers or can be purchased direct from the Chinese factory. These are ok if you want a steam room at home. These however are not Ozone Saunas; they are a steam room that utilises ozone to clean the sauna at the end. The only health benefits you are getting is the steam, which is good just no ozone.

Its key when going to a spa or longevity clinic, if specifically for their ozone sauna you know that it is NOT one of these as you will not be getting the ozone sauna benefits, it’s a glorified single use steam room without the benefits of getting your head and face exposed to the steam.

Though build quality is acceptable, they will tend to only be fully functional for a few years as opposed to a few decades. But what do you expect at this price point and it’s a far exchange of value for price paid and the minimal level of quality offered.

If I was on a budget of around £3,000 this is what I would buy as to have a home steam room at this price is great. Though don’t forget to add in VAT at 20% plus delivery often another £1,000 which takes the quoted price of around £2,500 to over £4,000 in total by the time you turn it on and have your first ozone sauna using it.


Mid-Range Ozone Saunas

These come in at around £5,000 to £8,000 and are the minimum level to be having an ozone sauna experience.

However this is where it gets really interesting and very confusing, well it was for me when I started on my quest to supply a world leading ozone sauna! First off these are “ozone saunas” however the ozone is provided by a small built in ozone generator that utilises ambient air i.e. 18% – 21% oxygen.

To have a medical grade ozone sauna, you have to have one of two things:

1. An external oxygen source e.g. oxygen bottles or cylinder from a gas supplier.

2. A medical grade oxygen concentrator e. 90% pure oxygen at 2litres/hour.

Often you will find they have extremely low levels of ozone such as 10-70ug/ml. This alone then renders them comparable to using a bike to tow your caravan as opposed to a car with a large powerful engine!

Another key aspect of using the ambient air as your source of ozone is that ambient air contains 78% nitrogen. When nitrogen passes through the ozone generator, the 78% nitrogen in the air becomes nitric acid, which in such amounts is harmful to humans, hence why it’s not medical and can be harmful to you and your clients.

In fact why not type into Google what nitric acid does to humans, once you have read this guide?

Another huge difference between these and the best comes down to size, build quality and durability.

They are often very small and make sitting in the ozone sauna for 30 minutes very claustrophobic and extremely uncomfortable. A larger ozone sauna is a lot more comfortable for normal sized people as it gives them extra space. Plus for those larger people both in height and build, it allows them to actual get in the ozone sauna and not be cramped and confined. Which ultimately means you can offer the ozone sauna treatment to a wider range of people.

When it comes to the build quality, re-enforced fiberglass takes longer to build and costs more to make. This means that you have a longer lasting and safer ozone sauna. Plus it also allows you to have heavier individuals use the ozone sauna such as athletes who are often heavily muscular.


The Best Ozone Saunas

Obviously as I am writing this, I am going to be slightly biased that our Ozone Saunas are one of the best you would typically think? However I am going to say they are not the best.

In fact from my experience the HOCATT system is the best due to the exceptional range of therapies it offers all in one system. In fact it offers these therapies that ours doesn’t:

– Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF).

– Breathe pure oxygen while having an ozone sauna.

– CO2 infusion to create carbonic acid.

– Micro currents.

– Option to add Essential oils.

– Full spectrum colour light.

– Activated charcoal ozone destructor.

The main things of value to me would be the PEMF. However, that being said, you can simply buy a great PEMF mat for around £900, though you would have to use separately so the HOCATT does save you time by stacking modalities, that is for sure.

Pure oxygen is a gimmick as your oxygen will be increased by the ozone alone, plus a HBOT chamber is the best place to go if this is something you want and with the difference in price you can buy your very own HBOT chamber!

I don’t have the expertise when it comes to CO2 infusion and the carbonic acid affect, though it does sound good that’s for sure.

Regarding the micro currents, if you are using PEMF, I really don’t see the value in using micro currents as well, as the PEMF is recharging you.

Essential oils when I go in a steam room and other people have put them in are pleasant however it’s not something I have wanted enough to buy my own, so this will come down to personal preference.

The full spectrum light is a bit of a gimmick as you already have the powerful healing properties of far infrared in both the HOCATT ozone sauna and our ozone sauna.

The finally, the ozone destructor sounds nice however is a waste of time as you simply open the ozone sauna doors to let the ozone out. If a small room, then simply open the windows. The only time this could be handy is if it’s a real tiny room with no windows and if that’s the case you might not fit all this extra equipment in anyhow.

However there is of course a big catch, in fact a very big catch! All this costs and costs a lot! We are talking about an ozone sauna that is over THREE times the price of our ozone sauna. Yes 3 times! So this is not some slightly more expensive ozone sauna, where it might be a few thousand pounds more, we are talking you could have three of our ozone sauna for the price of their one ozone sauna.

The HOCATT ozone sauna costs c.£50,000 depending on exchange rates and specification. Whereas our ozone saunas start from £14,990. Ours includes delivery as well to your front door. I am not sure of the delivery charges for the HOCATT ozone sauna.

One thing I have been told by a few people who have bought the HOCATT ozone sauna, is that it is built in China. How do they know? Well the ozone sauna has been sent direct from the Chinese factory and has the senders delivery address and details. Plus its covered in “made in China” stickers. I haven’t been personally able to verify this with my own eyes, so do your own research.

In order of transparency ours are made in South Africa.


How Much Does an Ozone Sauna Treatment Cost?

We have researched the entire UK market for a current assessment of ozone sauna prices for you to know roughly what to pay for where you are in the country.

Typical venue that’s offer ozone sauna therapies are spas, clinics and wellness centres.

As expected, the price varies greatly between London and the regions, which is very standard for most things in life. Prices in London start from £75 up to £120 per ozone session. Then for the regions they start off at around £35 up to £80 dependent on venue.

Due to the cumulative benefits of using ozone saunas, you get the best health benefits for your life from having regular ozone saunas, just like a normal sauna! Which is why it’s worth investing in 10 to 20 initial sessions to begin with, then a great idea is to have a monthly direct debit with the venue in so that you can keep returning every week for your ozone therapy.


Can You Have an Ozone Sauna at Home?

Yes. In fact most ozone saunas in the UK are in fact would you believe in private residences due to both the huge benefits people get from using an ozone sauna a few times a week and also very importantly, is that not everyone is close to a spa or wellness centre with an ozone sauna.

This can make it very difficult to get your one to three ozone sauna sessions in every week, if you have to drive an hour each way just to use an ozone sauna. Which when you add getting ready to leave the house, two hour round trip, plus getting unchanged and then changed again and of course actually being in the ozone sauna for half an hour, then finally 10 to 15 minutes to cool down, post ozone sauna and time chatting with staff at the spa, gives you a total time of around 4 hours.

Whereas at home this time is 45 minutes. Which explains the huge popularity of an ozone sauna at home.

So now we know why it’s an excellent idea to have one at home for you and your families regular use, the next question is, can you have at one at your home?

Below I list a few questions and consideration that you will need to consider before investing in an ozone sauna for you and your family’s health and wellbeing.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Home Ozone Sauna?

1. Do you have £14,990 to invest in an ozone sauna?

2. Do you have space for the ozone sauna i.e. 0.7m wide by 1.4m dept with an allowance for the doors opening 1.4m wide.

3. Are you happy with the extra electricity of 44 pence per hour (Jan’24) when in use or 22p per session?

4. Will you use it regularly? Personally I would recommend a minimum of once a week use before considering buying a home ozone sauna.

Unlike some of the other amazing longevity devices out there, this one is really quite simple as to whether or not it’s worth you buy one for home use.

First question is do you have the space? They really don’t take up much space at all, so that’s easy for most people and think garage, shed, spare bedroom etc.

Running costs are very economical. So again this is an easy decision, can you afford to pay 22 pence each time you use it?

The biggest decision is most likely are you happy to invest £14,990 in your health? Only you can make that decision.

Then finally an often under looked perspective, which I believe to be important, would be asking the question are you going to use this at least once a week? This could be you or any member of your family. However to make this a worthwhile investment, I truly believe at least one person in your household using it once a week on average is needed.


 Who Can’t Have an Ozone Sauna Treatment?


People who are listed below are unable to have an ozone sauna session:

1.      Recipient of an organ donation.

2.      Pregnant. If you are not absolutely certain, please ensure you confirm that you are not pregnant as ozone therapy will dramatically increase the babies heart rate.

3.      Breast Feeding. Please wait until you have finished.

4.      Had major surgery within the last 3 months, as the ozone can loosen blood clotting.

5.      Under 14 years old.

6.      Issues with blood clotting normally.

7.      The very frail, it might just be too much for you to take.


Before & After Best Practice for Ozone Sauna


Before Having an Ozone Sauna

– Do not consume vitamin C within two hours of your ozone session as vitamin C would you believe, destroys ozone and ozone destroys vitamin C! So not ideal for an ozone session!

– Please ensure that any medication you are taking is consumed with a clear 4 – 6 hour window BEFORE your ozone session as ozone, unsurprisingly will cleanse your body of the medication.

– Do not consume alcohol within 8 hours of having an ozone sauna.

– If you are currently taking chemo or radiation therapy, please wait a clear 4 days before your ozone session as ozone can increase the absorption of chemo affecting your prescribed dosage. It’s also worth informing your doctor of this treatment.

– Drink plenty of water before your ozone session as you will be sweating a lot.

– Wear as little as possible in the sauna as ozone is absorbed through the skin. Think swimwear to nothing.

– Wear comfortable clothing as you will be hot post ozone session.

– Make sure you go to the loo before your session as 30 minutes is a long time to hold your urine!


After Having an Ozone Sauna

– Ensure upon leaving the ozone sauna you walk on a warm surface, as the shock of a cold surface on the feet while they are still sensitive from the ozone sauna, may negatively affect your session.

– Lie down for 20 minutes post ozone sauna session as the ozone’s effects will continue even when you are out of the sauna. By lying down you allow the ozone chance to circulate through the body further, giving your organs more time eliminate toxins after your detoxification.

– Do not shower for 2 hours post ozone session as the shower will remove the ozone left on your skin and in turn reduce the effectiveness of the ozone sauna.

– Do not eat a large meal after your ozone sauna. Wait a few hours before doing so.

– Do not consume vitamin C for at least two hours after your ozone session as vitamin c would you believe, destroys ozone. So not ideal for an ozone session!

– Please ensure that any medication you are taking is consumed with a clear 4 hour window AFTER your ozone session as ozone, unsurprisingly ozone will cleanse your body of the medication.

– Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours of having an ozone sauna.

– Drink plenty of water after your ozone session as you will have been sweating a lot.


 Problems, Safety & Dangers of an Ozone Sauna

Ozone saunas, also known as ozone steam saunas, involve exposing the body to a mixture of ozone and steam in an enclosed environment. While of course we absolutely love ozone saunas, as we wouldn’t supply them otherwise, it is important for you before having an ozone sauna treatment and/or investing in your own ozone sauna at home, to know all the issues.

Without further ado, here are some problems and considerations:

1. Too Much Ozone – Ozone, a form of oxygen with three oxygen atoms (O3), can be harmful when inhaled in high concentrations. Excessive exposure to ozone may cause respiratory issues, irritation of the eyes and throat, and other health problems. It’s crucial to ensure that the concentration of ozone in the sauna is within safe limits.

2. Individual Sensitivity: Some people, like everything in life, may react differently to ozone exposure, and some individuals may be more sensitive or allergic to ozone. Before using an ozone sauna, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have pre-existing respiratory conditions or other health concerns.

3. Skin Irritation: Ozone exposure can potentially lead to skin irritation. The combination of steam and ozone may cause dryness, redness, or other skin issues in some individuals. It’s essential to monitor your skin’s response and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

4. Equipment Maintenance: Ozone saunas require proper maintenance to ensure safe and effective operation. Regular checks and maintenance of the equipment are essential to prevent malfunctions that could lead to increased ozone exposure or other safety issues. This is not plug and play and forget! Treat it like you would a care, which needs checking to make sure everything is working fine.

5. Dehydration: The combination of high temperatures and steam in ozone saunas can contribute to dehydration. It’s important to stay hydrated before, during, and after the session to prevent adverse effects on the body.


Is Ozone Safe?

Depends! Like anything the dose makes the poison! If you were to inhale large amounts of ozone, then of course you would have side effects, which is for this reason we have your head out of the ozone sauna, and we gradually increase the level of ozone gradually until your body is used to it.

In large quantities ozone can be harmful to your eyes and respiratory system, again hence why your head is out!

It’s worth noting there are quite literally thousands of medical research papers on the safe use of ozone therapy from doctors and researcher all over the world for many decades now.


The Chinese Question

However besides ozone safety as a chemical itself, we also have to consider the safety of the individual ozone sauna and how it was made. Having been in business of supplying anti-aging and longevity devices for almost 20 years now, I have seen over the years the huge rise of Chinese manufactured products. Both great Chinese devices and horrific Chinese devices.

However, due to the difference in cultures they don’t seem to value human life as highly as we do in the UK. Which means a lot of Chinese businesses have no issues cutting corners if it means making more money. They don’t seem to understand that boosting short term profits means you hurt your customers and ironically put yourself out of business eventually.

So both the quality and therefore the resultant treatment you get is reduced massively and the risk to human life and safety is also significantly reduced.


 Ozone Sauna Treatment FAQs.


1. What is an Ozone Sauna?

A good way to think of what it is, is simply a comfortable steam pod that you sit in with your head out which pumps ozone into the pod at temperatures of around 40oC.

2. How Long is an Ozone Sauna Treatment?

Typically the actual ozone session is 30 minutes, though of course allow time to undress, relax afterwards if needs be and get changed once again.

3. What Are The Health Benefits For You Having an Ozone Sauna?

Detoxifies your body, boosts your immune system, pain management, improves mental performance, increased energy, helps reduce the effects of chronic inflammatory diseases such as dementia, MS and arthritis, reduces skin issues such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, stress release, boost your sleep quality, helps with joint pain.


4. Will I Need To Take Time Off Work After My Treatment?

No. You can go back to work straight after your ozone sauna session. Though you might be feeling really relaxed and calm and not want to! However that’s for you to decide…

5. Can You Use Your Ozone Sauna Every Day?

Absolutely! However remember to acclimatise your body to this protocol to begin with and don’t jump into the deep end from the get-go!

6. When Can I Increase The Ozone Levels?

The best ozone sauna protocol is to always increase the number of sessions first, then once your body is comfortable, you can then look to increase your ozone level by around 10% per fortnight.

7. How Do I Prepare For an Ozone Sauna?

By having a session with good levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium along with iron, you can boost the effectiveness of your session.

Also as this is a steam sauna being sufficiently hydrated is also highly recommended. Though that being said, please remember to pee before going in for your session as 30 minutes is a long time to need a pee!

8. Can I Shower After an Ozone Sauna Session?

No, never, you are destined to smell forever! ha

On a serious note, the results of the ozone keep working for 20 minutes afterwards so you would be missing out on these extra advantages if you did shower straight afterwards. However, most people love the fresh clean feeling straight after an ozone sauna, so they don’t actually want to shower afterwards.

We do however recommend straight afterwards that you relax and stay warm for around 15 to 20 minutes post sauna session.

There are a few exceptions however, if you are very toxic, due to the detox taking place through your pores, in a tiny percentage of people think 1%, you may get a burning sensation due to the huge release of toxins through your skin. The same can go for those with very sensitive skin, even when less toxins are being released.

9. Why Is My Towell Dirty After an Ozone Sauna?

As the ozone sauna is doing exactly what you asked of it! Its removing bacteria, viruses and impurities from your body.

10. Why Do I Have a Rash After an Ozone Sauna?

Though very rare, these are called a healing crisis and if you get one of these, it’s a good sign that you really needed this treatment as you have a lot of stored toxins within your body.

Over the years your body will store accumulated toxins from your environment along with bacterial colonies. During an ozone session, these cells will thankfully now get dislodged and start to enter your blood stream to begin their process of being eliminated from your body.

As good as this is long term for you, in the short term you may experience temporary signs of illness such as a rash. If this is the case, step back from treatments for a few days and relax more, allowing your body time to process the increased loads of toxin elimination.

And we all know how painful it can be to say goodbye sometimes!

11. How Many Ozone Saunas Is Best For You?

Like with cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy which are all amazing for reducing inflammation and living longer, you want to start by pre-loading your body with this wholesome goodness to begin with before implementing a maintenance program for yourself.

Start with a course of 10 to 15 ozone sessions to begin with as remember, you will have a lifetime of toxicity, inflammation and damage built up within your body! Think 40 years, 50 years or even 80 years of cumulative damage. For this reason, don’t expect miracles after just one or two ozone saunas, though you will start to see great results by maintaining your new healthy habit.

Then long term, we would look to the following protocol for optimal health for you and your family:

Chronically Unwell Adults – To begin with 3 to 4 ozone saunas for 3 months. Then 3 sessions every week until better.

Unhealthy Adult – To begin with 3 to 4 ozone saunas for 2 months. Then 2 – 3 sessions every week until better.

Healthy Adult – To begin with 10 ozone saunas 2 to 3 times a week for a month. Then long term once or twice a week.

Athletes & Super Stars – Multiple sessions a day before and after an event, obviously time dependent up to a maximum of 5 per week.

12. Is Ozone Safe?

Depends! Like anything the dose makes the poison! If you were to inhale large amounts of ozone, then of course you would have side effects, which is for this reason we have your head out of the ozone sauna, and we gradually increase the level of ozone gradually until your body is used to it.

In large quantities ozone can be harmful to your eyes and respiratory system, again hence why your head is out!

13. Is Ozone Highly Flammable?

Like all oxygen, by presenting an open flame to oxygen it will burn. Think candle and open fires in your house. However the issues depends on the source, so keep open flames away from the oxygen generator of course.

14. Who Can’t Have an Ozone Sauna Therapy?

A few of the contraindicators include:

– Recipient of an organ donation.

– Pregant.

– Breast Feeding.

– Under 14 years old.

– Issues with blood clotting normally.

– The very frail, it might just be too much for you to take.


15. When Will I Feel Beter After an Ozone Sauna?

Most people will feel great straight afterwards, with both a sense of relaxed calmness along with your skin feeling amazing, plus more vitality. However those who have large amounts of toxins may experience a healing crisis that we cover in detail in the Ozone Sauna Buyer Guide which you can download below.

16. What Do I Wear During My Ozone Sauna Session?

What you would wear when going in a pool or traditional sauna is absolutely fine.

17. What’s The Difference Between an Ozone Sauna and Normal Sauna?

A traditional sauna is a dry heat, whereas an ozone sauna has more in common with a steam room. An ozone sauna is a steam room with the huge benefit over your traditional steam room, of adding the all important and powerful healing ozone to the sauna experience.

18. How Do You Feel When in The Ozone Sauna?

Hot and sweaty like a normal sauna!

19. What is Medical Ozone?

Medical ozone is simply ozone created from a medical oxygen source.

To create ozone, we simply convert oxygen into ozone. However, if we are to use normal air direct, this will have impurities in the air like pollution for example. Which is why you have medical grade ozone, we simply use either an oxygen concentrator (like we do with our ozone saunas) or medical oxygen cylinders.

It really is that simple!


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