Ozone Saunas – Your Complete Guide for Home & Spa

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What is an Ozone Sauna?

We’ve all heard of the ozone layer, so this is the best way to start thinking about what this treatment is first and foremost.

Ozone is simply a molecule with three oxygen atoms. So instead of oxygen that’s O2, or two oxygen atoms, it’s O3.

It’s less stable than oxygen and is often used for sterilization processes, which is why ozone therapy lends itself so well to help you feel better and to live longer. These powerful oxidizing properties can eliminate bacteria, toxins, and viruses that make ozone saunas so beneficial to you. The range of uses it has been put to use in the past includes treating water, healing infected wounds, and even washing of the blood.

An ozone sauna is typically a capsule that you sit in, with a hole to stick your head out is the best way to describe it. As opposed to a typical type of sauna where you actually go into a small room.

An ozone sauna will infuse steam with ozone, then use the steam as the medium to deliver the ozone to your body. Think steam room just without steam exposure to your head. The steam will dilate your blood vessels, sending blood to the surface of the skin to cool the body. It’s then absorbed via the pores in your skin, in turn being transported to your bloodstream and your lymphatic system.

It’s then when in your bloodstream and the lymphatic system that the ozone works its magic by boosting your blood flow, killing viruses, toxins, and bacteria.

The raised temperature from the heat of the steam will increase your heart rate, similar to that from exercise.


Why You Should Have an Ozone Sauna?

Like with a lot of the longevity devices I write about and regularly use, there are very noted overlaps of the great benefits. This means often as we also have lives to live, it becomes more a question of what our longevity/health priority and how much time is do we have to invest in this.

I don’t cover costs in much detail as my typical readership has in fact the budget to buy every device I write about. This is why I focus more on ROT, return on time! And ultimately hats why we are both interested in longevity to buy more time…

The main benefits of an ozone sauna are:

  1. Increased blood flow to your cells and your tissues.
  2. Clears out your blood vessels.
  3. Balances your hormone production. This is so important as you are your hormones!
  4. Younger-looking skin that’s firmer, smoother, softer, and more radiant.
  5. Improves your brain performance.
  6. Promotes calmness, that in turn helps any anxiety or depression you may currently be experiencing.
  7. Boosts your immune system, think more robust health and less illness.
  8. Improves your lymphatic system which is key to removing toxins.
  9. Improves your flexibility and any joint pains.


How Do You Use an Ozone Sauna?

Two to three sessions a week is typically all you need to get the full range of benefits it provides you with however four for those really enthused and want to speed up the benefits then four to five treatments will do the trick.

Each treatment lasts for around 30 minutes.

You simply then sit down and relax for the duration of the treatment.


Pros versus Cons of an Ozone Sauna?

I don’t really see any cons to the device, except for the fact that a treatment time of 30 mins, means that this is a reasonable investment of time if you were to go intense on treatments and do this 5 days week. Therefore every week/working day would require a time slot out of the diary of 45 minutes ie by the time you factor in getting ready, undressed, and changed again.

For those who are at the opposite end of the spectrum, who would require the bare minimum of treatments i.e. twice a week, this would make a rather pleasant and relaxing addition to a weekend, with little interference with one’s work diary during the week.

The device itself, takes up little space being just under 2 meters high, just under a meter wide, and around 1.5 meters in-depth for a typical ozone pod.

This lends itself well to a high return on investment in a high-end health club or spa. And again due to the limited size, it takes up, lends itself well to a home longevity spa.

The fact that some ozone saunas come with multiple treatment offerings all built into one system, makes for great use of time and a high ROT score.

The question for me comes down to is this, is it 10X better than a cryotherapy chamber that only requires you in there for 3 minutes? As the ozone sauna will take up 10X your time, will it give you 10X the benefits?

Until I get one for home use, I can’t answer this and my initial thoughts are very much these are very complimentary and though overlap, also has enough of divergence in their benefits that the two realistically are viewed as complementary rather than either-or.

Plus, you are getting the benefits of both ozone and a steam room in one hit.

For some ozone saunas that allow you to have the carbonisation/CO2 feature, then you will also need to independently source a CO2 supply and rent the cylinder to store the gas.


Which Model Ozone Sauna Should You Buy?

There are like most longevity devices, a range of models offering just the treatment itself ie ozone therapy. While other models/manufacturers add in extras, such as far infrared, CO2, PEMF, etc. In the instance of far infrared, therefore making them equivalent to an infrared sauna and ozone sauna, in one unit.

This is great for ROT (return on time) optimisation, as allows you to stack many therapies at once. Never mind saving space, money, and more importantly time, by only requiring one device instead of multiple devices.


How Much is an Ozone Sauna?

Though they look more like a pod than what we would associate with a sauna, the price of an ozone sauna starts from around £5,000/$7,000.

With the best models coming in at circa £25,000/$35,000.

You can even spend as much as £45,000/$60,000 if you add numerous other features on top such as mentioned above like PEMF mats.

These prices fluctuate on currency movements if you are buying from America and based in Europe for example. Import taxes change, e.g. Brexit, and are also different from different locations. Finally, you have delivery charges, which again are different based on where you buy from, relative to where you are based.

It’s also worth noting that companies have offers from time to time, think the end of month sales targets or even better end of year accounting period! So though the above price is very accurate, it also certainly has a margin for improving or worsening.

At this price point, it makes for a very cost-effective return on investment (ROI). With a good return on time (ROT).

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