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HOw much is an ozone sauna?

Why don’t we start with the question everyone is dying to know first! Or should we hide the price behind an email contact form or even insist that you have to speak to us first…

Ok, we arent that mean! The price of our Ozone Saunas start at £14,990 and goes upto £17,990 for our most popular deluxe model.

Originally founded in 2005, The Longevity Clinic has evolved from selling thousands of anti-aging treatments to supplying some of the best longevity devices available for your spa and wellness clinic. Unlike your typical longevity equipment suppliers, we also run “Corporate Sleep & Stress Workshops” and “Luxury Sleep Retreats” at some of the UK’s finest hotels.

With have even published a selection of rather helpful (Best Selling!) books to help you live longer. Everything we do is based around our personal Longevity Model Remove Stress, Improve Sleep & Optimise Life (The R.I.O. Model).

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The Benefits of An Ozone Sauna For Your Customers...

Here is a quick summary of the main benefits, out of over 100 health benefits (though too many to list here) for your customers from having regular ozone sauna sessions at your spa, clinic or wellness centre.

These are in my favourite order of why I love ozone saunas, however I am sure you will have your favourite reasons as well!

  • Stress Relief.
  • Boost Your Sleep Quality.
  • Boost Your Immunity.
  • Improves Your Daily Performance.
  • Restores Your Body’s Balance.
  • Increases Your Energy Levels.
  • Looking Younger & Anti-aging.
  • Skin Issues eg acne, psoriasis, eczema
  • Pain Management.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Improves Cellulite.
  • Potential Joint Benefits.
  • May Help With Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis & Inflammatory Diseases.

What Are The benefits for you buying an ozone sauna?

Quite simply having an ozone sauna has the potential to put you miles ahead of your competition!

 Before we go into the reasons why an ozone sauna makes a great addition to your spa, clinic and wellness centre, it’s worth noting that this treatment has been around for over a century and is massively popular in countries close to home such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and Eastern European countries. Then further afield in the U.S, Mexico and China are also big users of ozone saunas and ozone therapy in general.

Any spa and wellness centre that has treatments that their competitors don’t have, are quite simply going to attract individuals who are looking for that specific treatment. This then provides you with a great opportunity for you to WOW all those customers and in turn keep them long term.

Also by having specialised therapies like an ozone sauna, you start to build a great reputation as a spa or wellness clinic in the know, a place where people can go to get the best treatments and not necessarily what’s in the mainstream or the latest new fad.

I cover the return on investment and profitability in more detail below and in my Ozone Sauna Buyers Guide, which of course is a key component as to whether you are to invest in an ozone sauna or not.

How Much Money Can You Make From an Ozone Sauna?

If you are buying an ozone sauna to make money, it makes sense for you to view an ozone sauna as an investment. So like any investment, we are going to show you your ROI or return on investment.

For most of you, buying an ozone sauna will be an additional service offering to your spa, clinic or wellness centre.

I cover ozone sauna therapy pricing in my “Buyers Guide to Ozone Saunas” that you can get below, along with the highly profitable monthly subscription models and booking people in for their initial course of 10 ozone session to begin with.

The best way to present this information for you is by using a table, which factors in different variables, such as how many treatments per day, then the pay back per week, per month, and per annum which is in my “Buyers Guide to Ozone Saunas”.

However to give you an idea as to whether this is right for your business as a general guide, for those in the regions you would expect to make £60,000 plus per annum offering 5 saunas a day.

Then for those in London, again offering 5 saunas a day, this figure would be in excess of £100,000 per annum.

Is an Ozone Sauna Safe?

Depends! Like anything the dose makes the poison! If you were to inhale large amounts of ozone, then of course you would have side effects, which is for this reason we have your head out of the ozone sauna, and we gradually increase the level of ozone gradually until your body is used to it.

In large quantities ozone can be harmful to your eyes and respiratory system, again hence why your head is out!

It’s worth noting there are quite literally thousands of medical research papers on the safe use of ozone therapy from doctors and researcher all over the world for many decades now.

Your Investment from just £290 per month or £14,990!

FAQ's - Ozone sauna

Typically the actual ozone session is 30 minutes, though of course allow time to undress, relax afterwards if needs be and get changed once again.

It all depends on whether you are:

  • Chronically unwell.
  • Unhealthy.
  • Healthy.
  • An athlete.

The range is to start of with 2 to 4 ozone saunas a week, for 1 to 3 months.

A few of the contraindicators include:

  • Recipient of an organ donation.
  • Breast Feeding.
  • Under 14 years old.
  • Issues with blood clotting normally.
  • The very frail, it might just be too much for you to take.

This is very much location dependent. With a central London session price starting off at £80 to £120. Then in the regions from £40 to £80.

Very easily as they are simply plug and play.

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