Our promise to you!

Promise number one

Everything we explain or recommend has been tried and tested on Ralph (our in-house guinea). Why does Ralph test everything? In order to know for certain its works (and it does as he feels amazing) but most importantly that it’s safe for you to use (it is as he is still alive however please check before investing in your future as he might not be anymore). Is Ralph nuts testing all these things first, perhaps but if it wasn’t for people like Ralph, you’d never get to learn these amazing techniques…

Promise number two

We promise to make learning, actioning and all dealings with us as fun as possible! As life should be fun and happy, not stressful and boring (as these age us and make life shit). If we get too boring at any point please alert us to this, as we will then make sure this becomes fun again very shortly.

Promise number three

We specialise in helping English speaking business professionals as Ralph is an English speaking business owner and he knows the stresses and pressures you go through daily and it’s for these reasons he can relate  to you and your business very well as he’s been in your shoes before!

Your Energy & Longevity Coaching Options

Longevity Clinic has THREE 1-ON-1 Coaching Programs Supported With Online Training For You:

1. Sleep Mastery – NOW LIVE.

2. Stress Mastery (March 2024).

3. Anti-Aging Mastery (November 2024).

All three will get you to where you need to be in order to have more energy, live longer and look younger…

Rated Course

Your Online Training Program in Simple Steps...

Your coaching program consists of weekly or monthly private 1-2-1 calls with Ralph, combined with the full 13 week/91 day video training program all supported with the most comprehensive workbook you have ever experienced.

All your training is done via The Longevity Clinics online training platform, providing you with a detailed chronological plan to follow and action, starting in small steps, to get you actioning the big improvements before you know it. An interactive combination of video, guides, fact sheets and personal fact finding.

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You’ll be thanking us when your 90…