Is Natural or Synthetic Bedding Best For You?

Woman snuggling a body pillow (bedding)

This is a very underestimated and often overlooked aspect of a great night’s sleep and a peppy morning full of energy. So, let’s point you in the right direction to make the most of this underestimated source of knowledge…

When it comes to your bedding, you have three aspects of improving:

  1. The pillows.
  2. The duvet.
  3. The sheets (lay on plus those that cover your pillows and duvet).
Natural bedding is Best

The fabric choice of your bedding is key. Natural fibres win hands down over synthetic polyesters, nylon and chemical-based foams etc.

Natural fibres include cotton, linen, silk and wool.

On this topic, I want to give you my personal experience, as this will give you a better insight and relate to your situation a lot better than just telling you what you should get.

When it comes to sheets, I have always gone for the very finest Egyptian cotton and silk sheets. I love the contrast between the two as they are so very different, yet both are so magical to sleep with.

When it comes to your pillow and duvet filling, I’ve always slept with feathers, Siberian Down in particular, arguably the best feathers in the world or at least a close second to Canadian Goose. 

Though arguably one of the best bedding fabrics, sadly, I have yet to experience it first hand myself, being organic wool.

When I next come to change my bedding, I will replace it with organic wool. 

Should I be throwing out my feathers today and buying organic wool now? Yes, however, I can’t quite bring myself to throw away my very expensive and very comfortable bedding, just yet.

I’ve learnt in life that the key to getting into good habits is a process of slowly but surely. Nothing too drastic, and your ego will agree to it. Otherwise, your ego will resist and self-sabotage even the best-laid plans!

As I do everything else that I write about when it comes to mastering my sleep, then the odd thing I can live with. Though if I were earning a few million a year, I would be more inclined to treat my sheets and bedding as sunk costs and move forward with a Samina bed and organic wool bedding.


Your Pillows

For a very long time now, the only pillows I have slept with have been some of the finest Siberian Down feathers in the world. These have been great for me over the years.

They are natural, so there is no off-gassing from artificial chemicals, they are incredibly comfortable, and I have a great night’s sleep.

A few years ago, from my favourite bedding supplier, I wanted to test out natural silk pillows during the start of lockdown, so I ordered a set of the best pillows and steadily waited still very excited for the big day to arrive.

Sadly, for me, the big day never came to put silk and feather pillows head-to-head (get it!). King of Cotton, who have been supplying me with fantastic quality bedding and service for 15 years (oh wait, no link either as that’s because it’s a real recommendation, not an affiliate, how dare you, Ralph!), had run out annoyingly. Even more annoyingly, they have now since discontinued their Mulberry silk pillows as had been checking monthly, until they confirmed this over the phone.

This is something that I will look to test again shortly. However, I still need to find an alternative supplier I trust on the silk front. Once found and, in turn, tested, I will update you.


The Shape of Your Pillow

The main purpose of a pillow is to provide neck support and, in turn align your spine. 

When people think of pillows, they mainly think of what they are made out of, however, we also need to be thinking of a pillow’s shape as well.

Aside from the standard rectangle-shaped pillow, there are two new shapes I want to introduce you to.

The first being almost like a U-shaped valley. This is raised at the point where the pillow meets your shoulder to support the neck, then dips where your head goes. 

U-shaped pillows are perfect for those side and back sleepers.

Then, perhaps the most interesting option of them all… The Body Pillow as pictured.

This allows one pillow to take care of neck support, somewhere comfortable to support your hands and critically a great way to support your spine by going between the knees.


Your Duvet

Like my pillows, I have for decades been a big fan of feathers!

It all started many years ago when I dated a girl, well more like women when I was 25, and she was 34. I remember the first time I stayed at hers, she had the most incredible bedding, and I exclaimed the very moment I first awoke from that first night staying at hers, why is your bed so amazing!?!

She replied, feathers darling, it’s all about the feather’s darling!

Later that day, when I was back home, the first thing I did, was of course go feather hunting! 

And to this day, it was one of the best things I ever did. The comfort and good night’s rest I can attribute to my feathers are incredible!

However that being said, there is a new kid on the block, and it doesn’t tweet, it baarhs!

We touched on organic wool above and what makes wool so amazing Ralph, I can hear you asking…well first up, it can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture, which makes it great for those sweaty Bettys!

While its hollow fibres help keep an even temperature under the duvet for you.

Regulation of your sleep temperature is critical to a great night’s sleep, as the temperature is so vital to your sleep. Excess heat will keep you from falling asleep and will wake you up throughout the night.

Plus, I have my little secret to waking up easily in the morning and still feeling fantastic, though that has nothing to do with your duvet.

Also, remember that as the seasons change, so will your duvet potentially. For me, I use the same duvet all year round, as I have an air conditioning unit in my bedroom that in the summer keeps my bedroom at the same constant temperature my heating does in the winter.

So bear this in mind throughout the year based on your bedroom’s climate control.


Your Sheets

As with most things in life, you want them natural!

Of course, your bed sheets are no different. It’s for this reason a great place to start is with organic Egyptian cotton, with a minimum thread count of 400g per square meter.

If you have polyester sheets or any other synthesized fabrics, then please simply throw them out. Yes, I will repeat that. Throw them out. In fact now!

If you are feeling really flush, then why not go for 1,000 thread count, which I treated myself to a few years ago, and this, combined with the best feathers in town, makes night time a dream, quite literally…

I also have 400g/m2 as though the 400g/m2 doesn’t compare to the 1,000g/m2. The contrast is really nice to have, as you then fully appreciate the difference.

Plus, when it comes to summertime heat waves, you will be glad for the lighter and thinner 400g/m2.

In addition to this, I also have silk sheets mainly for summer, though they will be brought out a few times during winter as well, and they are the pinnacle of luxury and a great night’s sleep. Though interestingly, you tend to lose a pillow during the night as the silk is so slippery, and you find a pillow on the floor the next morning!


Bio-ceramic Organic Wool

A manufacturer I admire for both the quality of their products and their cutting-edge approach to sleeping is Samina. These guys have arguably (one of) the best beds in the world.

Samina has a very special bedding combination of 60% organic cotton and 40% bio-ceramic yarn sheets that includes various minerals and crystals.

This is then all wrapped around the previously mentioned virgin sheep wool to create soft and supple mattress toppers, pillows and duvets. This natural bedding optimally balances heat and moisture for a dry and warm bed.

In addition to this, the Bio-ceramic fibres help promote detoxification and relaxation and reduce stress on the body. All of these help for a deeper sleep and more energy, and a better mood come morning.

This bedding doesn’t just stop there as well, as these specialist materials are able to absorb infrared radiation during the day from daylight. Then at night, this infrared radiation is activated by your body heat and released into your body. It’s worth noting that people pay thousands for home infrared saunas to get these same benefits.

The benefits include improving your microcirculation and balancing your body’s natural energy, which accounts for why people feel drained when they wake up sleeping with synthetic blankets and an ordinary mattress.

Then finally, they give off negative ions, the same things you get at the sea, which is why you feel so good after a day at the beach, and then so tired by the end of it! Negative ions are really good for you, in life in general and when it comes to sleep.

The minerals in the threads of the bedding convert some of the absorbed heat into electrical charges, which in turn produce negative ions.


Your Action Plan – Only Takes You 3 mins

  1. Keep it real. Ensure that you have natural sheets and bedding only and preferably organic.
  2. Look into different shape pillows as they may serve you better than traditional rectangle, one size fits all?
  3. Is your duvet the right level of warmth for you? You are after Goldilocks, not too hot nor too cold!

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