Do You Want to STOP!! Waking Up Tired Every Morning, Have More Energy & Feel Happier?

“Getting the best out of your life can be hard. We make it easy.

Spend a weekend with Ralph so you STOP!! Waking Up Tired In Simple to Follow Steps…”

What is Ralph’s Sleep Retreat & Weekend of Wellness?

Sleep Retreats are a unique opportunity and movement for ambitious and motivated individuals just like you, to perform at levels you didn’t know you were capable of, so you can wakeup full of energy every morning and help you build and grow an even better life for you and your family.

A fun-packed weekend of learning with like minded individuals in the very best luxury hotels of the world.

London, Cotswolds and the South Coast (Maldives & Carribean coming soon) are the locations for these quarterly sleep retreats, on how to STOP!! Waking Up Tired, to live a healthier life, take back your wellbeing, balance your emotions, feel happier, look younger, and oh, not forgetting…live longer!

They are a small group of highly motivated individuals, who want to perform at their very best, which will give you a great opportunity to socialise and share ideas with new friends.

Unlike large workshops, we keep the groups deliberately small to provide you with a more personal touch than some large lecture theatre with hundreds rammed in!

Our tried and tested Sleep Coaching Programs have helped a multitude of clients from part time mothers to senior executives, business owners and international rugby players, enabling proactive individuals to achieve their best night’s sleep since childhood. This has been accomplished through our own R.I.O. Model (Remove, Improve & Optimise).

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Where & When is Ralph’s Luxury Sleep Retreat?

Ralph holds just one “Luxury Sleep Retreat” every quarter.

One of the key aspects of the locations for your “Luxury Sleep Retreats” is that they are held in the greatest hotels of the world.

In London we offer the very finest that our incredible capital has to offer, then outside of London we have great relaxing and peaceful spaces for you, think beautiful rolling countryside and the best sea views.

For this reason, I have personally handpicked the best 5* hotels in Central London, The Cotswolds, South Coast. With The Maldives and Barbados to follow shortly.

This allows you to then stay overnight in luxury while also taking full advantage of the onsite spa facilities and beautiful walks on tap for you.

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how a healthier you, is a more profitable you...

People’s effectiveness in both life and work is determined by their energy levels, which are a by-product of their sleep, health and mindset.

If you help yourself to better sleep using our sleep improvement methods, it greatly boosts your physical health, which in turn supports your mental health and you will benefit from an improved outlook on life.

This attracts more customers, brings customers back more frequently, and will increase your sales significantly, in turn ramping up profits!

This extra energy also equates to better business efficiency, getting more done in less time, again, helping to boost profits.

This one is often very much ignored and overlooked. However, numerous studies have shown that happier people are more profitable people! Improving your sleep and in turn, health, makes you happier and, again, more profitable.

Then the final biggie is that when you are healthy, you sleep better; when you sleep better, you have better moods, are more tolerant, calmer, and more understanding of others, which equates to much better rapport with your family, friends, customers and colleagues.


In a nutshell, it’s a fun-packed weekend of learning, doing, relaxation, pampered treatments and luxury, all so that you can sleep better, become healthier and, in turn, be more present and effective in your business and in your life. 

These are fun ram-packed days, with a vast amount of thought and effort going into the most significant and impactful aspects of sleep and building great personal habits to last you a lifetime and see your performance and profits soar.

We keep the groups small, typically between 10 to 25 deliberately; we want to be able to go into detail with each of you and provide a more personal touch for you, to gain a connection with Ralph, which is key to you implementing your new lifetime habits.

The other bonus of your Sleep Retreat is that you come together, with other great individuals who are just like you, highly motivated to improve their lives, share ideas, and help each other, further building personal and business relations.

In addition to sleep improvement, our Sleep Retreats also cover mental health awareness, healthy eating, managing stress, physical well-being, and practical skills.

Well-being and longevity are vast and in-depth subjects, which is why Ralph has spent the last two decades studying them, initially for his benefit and now for your benefit. Through this knowledge and experience, he can pass on two decades of wisdom in just a day to you and your family.

Ralph’s done the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Who is Ralph’s
Luxury Sleep Retreats For?

Individuals that value their well-being, energy, performance and mental health.

Our Luxury Sleep Retreats are helpful for stress management and developing resilience, and perfect for anyone looking at new and innovative ways to increase their performance and business profits.

Even if your health is not a priority in your life, this Sleep Retreat will results in better performance and profits for you, and you can simply view the health gains as an additional bonus!

Unsure whether a Luxury Sleep Retreat is right for you?

Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

1. Do you want to feel happier within?

 2. Do you want to be more productive?

 3. Do you want to feel more emotionally stable?

 4. Do you want better relationships in your life?

5. Do you want less stress in your life?

6. Do you want fewer sick days and to live longer?

Here’s What You Will Get & Learn from Your Luxury Sleep Retreat

Day 1 of YOur Sleep Retreat

  • The Extremely Comprehensive Sleep Mastery Workbook.
  • What’s The Best Time for You To Sleep?
  • How to Calm Your Mind for Sleep?
  • What’s The Quickest Way For You To Fall Asleep?
  • How Long Should You Sleep For?
  • What’s The Best Sleeping Position for You?
  • What Foods are Stopping You From Sleeping?
  • How to Stop Peeing During the Night?
  • How to Stop Waking Up In The Night?
  • How to Fall Back Asleep In The Middle of The Night?
  • What’s The Best Time For You To Wake Up?
  • Every Module is Summarised For You To Quickly Revisit.
  • Checklists For Every Topic to Ensure You Don’t Miss A Thing
  • No Stone Has Been Left Unturned To Make The Process As Simple & Easy to Follow For You As Humanly Possible.

Day 2 of YOur Sleep Retreat

  • The World’s Best Adaptogen For a Great Night’s Sleep.
  • The Most Effective Assistant to Calm Your Thoughts Before Bedtime.
  • A Specialist Room Monitor to Ensure The Best Bedroom Conditions for A Sound Night’s Sleep.
  • World Renowned Natural Herbal Remedy to Boost Sleep.
  • The Quintessential Relaxant For a Soothing Deep Sleep.
  • The Latest Natural Sleep Supplements For Those Struggling to Sleep.
  • One of The Best Breathing Devices for Deep Sleep.
  • A Copy of Ralphs Bestselling Book “STOP!! Killing Yourself The Beginners Guide to Living Longer.”
  • Ralph Has Spent Decades Learning, Researching & Testing All Aspects Of Sleep, So That In A Matter Of Weeks Your Employees Can Simply Learn 80% Of His Expertise.

happy sleep clients...

Ralph has worked with a range of people whether thats international sports stars, business owners, senior executives and employees.

Gareth Cooper – British Lions

Gareth Copper Transparent

Alix Popham – Welsh International

Alix Popham Outline veed remove background

"MEET YOUR MENTOR: Ralph Montague"

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⇒  Author of the best selling longevity books…

  STOP!! Killing Yourself… The Beginners Guide to Living Longer

       STOP!! Waking Up Tired… The Beginners Guide to Sleep

       STOP!! Stressing Out… The Beginners Guide to Relax (Nov ’24)


⇒  International longevity speaker.


⇒  Creator of “The R.I.O. Model” Remove, Improve, Optimise!


⇒  Ralph’s not perfect, he still likes to have a drink and eat pizza!

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