Longevity & Living Longer…The BASICS

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In line with The Longevity Clinics key objective, keeping things simple so you can action and not get overwhelmed with words longer than the Severn Bridge!

Below are the 6 key things you need to be paying SUPER attention to, to “Stop Killing Yourself”, to live longer and not stink of piss at 90:

1.  Sleep (number 1 for a reason!).

2.  Sugar.

3.  Stress.

4.  Toxins.

5.  Fasting.

6.  Exercise.

There are so many amazing new devices, plans and techniques that though the above is nowhere near an exhaustive list, if you just stick to “Removing and Improving“, the above you will be in the top 1% of the world population if not the top 0.1%…

It’s the things that are simplest and easiest to implement that you can action today, with the biggest return on investment from both your time and money, that The Longevity Clinic is focused on.

 What our Learning Centre is NOT about, is giving you the most complicated and expensive cutting-edge treatments that will make you live to 1,000,000 years old!

That’s not to say we don’t cover the advanced aspects of longevity here as well, just those things are kept firmly inside the “Optimised” section of this Learning Centre!!

So, to being with, let’s stick to the basics first and get you started on this living stronger for longer trip or “youngevity” as I also like to call it.

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