R0 – READ FIRST…An Introduction to Remove & The RIO Model

RIO Model

What is R.I.O. for Longevity & How Will it Help You?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Longevity is a very complex and highly confusing subject. There is no doubt about this. And this is even before the numerous contradicting viewpoints on the same subject e.g. caffeine is amazing for you, caffeine is the devil!

Why is it so confusing and overwhelming? Well, not only do you have a huge and very wide range of topics to cover, but the depth of each topic is also incredibly complex and in fact almost never-ending in terms of healthy aging research.

I’ve been studying longevity for over a decade now and I still get days every few weeks, where I find something new out, and I am just overwhelmed about where am I going to find the time to learn about this new topic, while of course, currently studying this other new discovery, I made a few months back.

So, in a nutshell, it’s a continuous full-time, forever job, learning everything there is to know about how to live a longer life. Which of course, I never will. While the irony is certainly not lost on me, that a lot of my limited time on this planet is spent, learning how to live longer, whereas surely if I didn’t study this, then I wouldn’t have to live longer as I would have more free time ha!

What I Do For You – To Stop You Dying Early?

I make this vast array of information overload, very simple for you to understand.

How do I do this? Well quite simply with my Longevity Model R.I.O. – Remove, Improve & Optimise.

This breaks down the key elements of any personal longevity plan.

There is no point in having an advanced “Optimise” treatment such as stem cell therapy if you are eating takeaways every night, drinking cans of coke every day while sitting all day on your backside with no exercise.

This is why we start with the super simple steps first, which I have classified as “Remove”. We don’t even consider the areas of exceptional longevity where we are “improving”, or the higher level stuff where we are “optimising”.

Longevity Wellness & health

It is estimated that around 25% of the variation in human life span is caused by genetics, but which genes and how they contribute to longevity, are not well understood.

Older people that practice healthy behaviors are less likely to get age-related chronic illnesses or cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, than their same-age peers. It’s a clear indication that if we all want to live longer, we need to care for both our mental health as well as physical health.

For example, a desire for an indefinitely long life might imply a commitment to a healthy life. Exercise and activity are important in the fight against atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases.

Living Longer One Step at a Time…

We also only do one step at a time, as we are keeping this super simple, so you “get it”. Don’t try and do everything in “Remove” at once, start slowly and do JUST one aspect a week.

I will also be doing an introduction guide for the “Improve” and “Optimise” parts of my R.I.O. for Longevity Model, which are also to be found on The Longevity Clinics Learning Centre.

So, without further ado, here are the key 12 areas of “Remove”:

1. Sleep.

2. Sugar.

3. Stress.

4. Toxins – Home & Environment.

5. Toxins – People & Work.

6. Toxins – Orally & Routine.

7. Heat.

8. Calories/Fasting.

9. Antinutrients and toxins.

10. Inactivity/Movement.

11. Stiffness/Your Infrastructure.

12. Life’s Junk/Bandwidth.

What does Living Longer mean for You?

Now before reading on, just go back for a second and re-read the above, take time to think what each one could mean for you?

Then once you’ve done that, go back into the Learning Centre section of The Longevity Clinics website and read each one, in turn, starting obviously with R2 – Sugar.

Then work your way through each guide from R2 – Sugar, all the way through to R12 – Life’s Junk, this will give you solid foundation health benefits to live at least 7 years longer in great health.

Next, once you have covered all these areas, I invite you to read the “Introduction to Improve & The RIO Model” guide, whereby I will be covering all the aspects of “Improve”.

I really hope this helps you as much as it has helped me, as when I first started on this road to discovery, WOW was I confused, and overwhelmed, it’s taken me years to get a solid understanding of all these different aspects that has allowed me to develop my RIO Model for Longevity, to make learning and then actioning all this information, super simple.



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