I4 – Improve Your Infrastructure

This has to be the most disregarded and overlooked LONGEVITY aspect!!!

Before I reveal what it is, I pose a question to you…would you like to ache or be in agony every time you moved?

Would you like to struggle walking upstairs, tying your shoelaces or even simply getting out of bed in the morning at some point in your 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s?

Well, if you don’t look after your infrastructure then this will be you!

I define your infrastructure as your skeletal structure, muscles, ligaments and joints.

These are so key to our mobility and without mobility, we are grumpy miserable buggers! Nevermind not being able to do all the things you want to.

We only get one body, so please treat it well.

I’ve seen people treat a shitty new build house (plus it’ll probably fall down after a few decades if one of the big house builders have built it!) better than their bodies!

Ask yourself what’s the benefit of having a great mind and highly functioning organs, if your body’s structure doesn’t work and you are in pain when you move!

This is what amazes me about a lot of the longevity stuff around, it misses this key point.

Number one on the list has to be stretching. This is key to keeping your body as you age flexible and stopping it from going stiff, yet so often overlooked! This is pure madness. I stretch everyday (well almost as if am hungover, this is the last thing I want to be doing, bending over feeling dizzy and potentially falling over!).

Like all things in this article, the motivation for doing them and writing about them, is for you and I to live longer, however what I find is that you get massive instant gratification as well!

It’s like sex, why has nature made that feel so good for us, well it’s as nature wants us to do it and do it lots, so we produce lots more mini versions of ourselves, to continue populating this planet!

Straight after stretching I have these amazing waves of release, I can feel the tension leaving my body and it feels amazing! After my daily lying down on my back for 20 minutes with a book under by head, I can again feel the tension leave my lower back, plus you now get this great upright stance/posture, which in turn makes you feel amazing!

Though I appreciate this can’t be done yourself, I really enjoy having a massage, during it you can feel the knots/tension being worked out of your body. Then afterwards when you sit in your car to drive home, you feel so relaxed, with quite literally the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders!

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