I1 – Improve Sleep

Did You Wake Up Tired This Morning?

I’ve recently realised that it’s not the quantity but rather the quality of sleep that’s key for us humans!

Sleep is THE MOST important thing and luckily one of the simplest things, you can do today to change your life. It will make you live longer, feel happier, look younger, allow you to get more work done AND better work done, plus reduce the frequency that you get ill!

Need any more persuasion? If so, don’t bother reading this as you obviously got more important things to worry about than being super healthy and living longer…

Having invested in a sleep monitor at the end of 2019, I have monitored my sleep for almost a year now, where by with actioning what I cover in my sleep coaching program, I have seen my deep sleep and REM improve drastically. Regularly surpassing 3 hours most nights, and often I can even achieve over 3.5 hours of both deep sleep and REM. My ultimate aim is of 4 hours plus deep sleep and REM in a 6 hour to 7.5 hour time period in bed.

I deliberately use the word regularly as opposed to every night as appreciate some nights you might be staying at a hotel and therefore away traveling, exposing yourself to numerous factors outside of your control while the ones normally within your control are temporarily harder to adhere to.

Please note you are not super hard if you go without sleep and brag about it, you are just a fucking idiot!

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