I3 – Improve Movement

Quite simply put, movement is key.

You want to be regularly moving, being static for long periods of time is just not good for you.

Exercise can take many forms and if you hate the gym, those classes where you have to wear bright coloured lycra or even outdoor sports, don’t worry as there are easy solutions.

The key thing is that you move and move often.

So, for those who don’t like to exercise, start off with a regular walk every day, even if this is just for 5 or 10 minutes, as long as it gets you in to the habit. Once you’ve done this for a few weeks, you can then look at increasing this to around 20 minutes however if you don’t want to do that long, don’t. The key thing is you are doing something, no matter how small.

I don’t want to go into huge detail here as like everything with this Longevity Learning Centre, the idea is to keep it simple, so that you get on and do it. I could talk about all sorts of HiiT, split sets etc. but this Longevity Learning Centre isn’t an exercise centric resource, it’s a place for you to leant how to make yourself live longer, in the quickest and simplest way possible without overcomplicating things.

Think to yourself what do you enjoy? Then start doing it and if you are not sure just try different random types of exercises. I don’t care what it is as long as it is something.

Huge bonus point here…if what you do choose happens to be outside then you get the significant extra benefit of nature and her magical healing powers.

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