I5 – Improve Your Mind

The mind is such an incredible piece of kit we have and yet it’s so easy to use it to harm us, an oddly it takes a lot more effort for us to benefit from its tremendous power…

I don’t want us to get lost by going too much into PMA (that’s positive mental attitude) type thinking however there are a few key mindsets that will help you live a lot longer. Before we get onto those, it’s that time again to ask you a few questions…

You Are What You Think You Are….

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”.

So, on that note from one of the world’s greatest men, it’s worth considering that if you think you are young, then just by simply believing this, your body will start to look, act and behave as if it’s young. I truly believe this.

Now I appreciate there are limits, as if you are getting drunk every night, smoking 40 fags a day and eating a KFC before bed, then no amount of great thinking will counter act the catastrophic damage you are doing to your body!

In my mind I am late 20s (my chronological age is very different to the age I feel) yet turned 40 just a few weeks ago. As I am writing this, I feel young, super healthy, fit, my body functions well in all its capacities and I feel amazing inside (I am writing this in the morning after exercising, stretching, facial exercises, dry brushing, meditating, lying on my back for 20 mins, butter coffee, 1.5 litres of water, cold shower and my goals/gratitude/visualisations) so perhaps it’s no surprise, as this is my daily morning routine.

By ignoring your chronological age and allowing yourself to be the age you feel, or not even having a set mental age, just rather that “you are young” or “you feel young” is an amazing mindset for you to have if you want to be “stronger for longer”.

Just because this is simple please don’t underestimate the powerful effect your brain has on your health.

So, if you ever catch yourself in the future saying things like “not at my age” or “you’re past it” and any other type of self-depreciating humour, STOP.

Make that the last time those terrible words come out of your mouth and in fact remove them from your own self talk/dialogue while you’re at it!

Related to this theme is that those who think they are lucky get less illnesses and live longer. Optimistic people have a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, general infections and living past 85.

A study of over 70,000 people measuring their level of optimism has even proved this, way past the obvious common sense view that this of course be the case.

A few things I do to maintain my level of optimism and as I write this, 2020 has been a terrible year for me as a close family friend died, my mum’s dementia rapidly declined and she went into a home, one of my businesses due to the Covid pandemic has ceased to make any sales for over a year by the time it can reopen, yet I feel very excited and optimistic for the future, even if at this moment a lot of shit has been thrown my way.

Every morning I close my eyes for a minute or two and think of the top 5 things, I am grateful for, some mornings they may even be the same things as the last few days or I have mentioned loads before, which is fine as I am still very grateful for them. This works wonders for your mindset and is super simple!

I used to write them out however some days I couldn’t be bothered and found the best way to increase my uptake of this amazing habit, was by making it as easy as possible to begin with and there are not many things easier than closing your eyes for a minute!

A very recent strategy I have adopted, in fact this started in lockdown, was when something bad happens to you rather than get angry just laugh, it’s so super simple and so effective.

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