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What is The Corporate Sleep Online Training Programme?

The ability to offer corporate sleep training online, on individual employees timeframes and pace, is a unique opportunity and movement for executives to coach themselves and their employees to perform at levels they didn’t know they were capable of. All with the premise to wakeup full of energy every morning and build wildly profitable businesses.

Originally founded in 2005, The Longevity Clinic has evolved from selling thousands of anti-aging treatments and longevity devices, to coaching ambitious people to do it themselves. With a selection of helpful (Best Selling!) workbooks to benefit from too.

Our tried and tested Sleep Mastery courses have helped a multitude of clients from international rugby players to part time single mums, enabling proactive individuals to achieve their best night’s sleep since childhood. This has been accomplished through our in-house model Remove, Improve & Optimise (The RIO Model).

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I wake up every morning full of energy without an alarm clock.
It works. And it will work for you.

Not that long ago though,  I would wake up some mornings so tired that I had little energy or motivation for the day ahead, nevermind getting out of bed. At the end of each week, I would look at my work, hoping to see progress (but there wasn’t). I knew something had to change…but what?

Over the last half a decade, I have trebled my productivty levels, and start each morning full of energy and raring to go (almost) 7 days  a week.

In that time period I have written 3 books, had two Amazon Best Sellers, got into the best physical shape of my life (abs at 43!), found time to meditate for an hour a day (2 hours on Sundays!) and setup a new business from scratch, plus many more achievements in the pipeline…

And, I achieved the above without personal trainers, ghost writers, PA’s, housekeeping staff or deep pocketed private equity. In fact I didn’t even have any business or personal support staff until 2022! Instead, I was able to do this one thing really well, which made the rest easily achievable. Can you guess what that one thing was? 


I slept so well, it enabled my ambitions to come to fruition ten-fold, and quicker than I could have expected. Call us today to discuss how Sleep Mastery can do this for you and your employees as well, and together we’ll achieve the sleep and life that your dreams are made of.

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Here's exactly what YOur ONE-2-ONE Coaching Program will show you how to do:

How to STOP!! Waking Up Tired Every Morning…

a – The Dangerous Eating Habits…stopping you falling alseep and causing you to be tired all the time.

b – The Unbelievable Sleep Device…that’s a cheap and simple way you can stop uncontrollable loud noises from waking you up, night after night (think noisy neighbours and barking dogs!).

c – The Bedroom is a Bedroom…how we make your bedroom work with you and not against you when it come to your precious sleep.

d – How to Correctly Set Your Alarm Clocks…you will never think of an alarm clock in the same way again, trust me you will be surprised!

How to STOP!! Waking Up in The Middle of The Night Unable to Get Back to Sleep…

a – If You Ain’t Woken Up, You Are Asleep…how to stop the things that keep waking you up night after night.

b – Mind Control…the simplest ways to stop those negative looping thoughts at 3am keeping you up all night.

c – Your Tomorrow Starts Today…how what you do today, massively effects your tomorrow.

How to Have So Much More Energy, People Think You Are on Something…

a – The Sleep Stack…how to program your brain to create the habits dreams are made of.

b – Sleep Like the Stars Blueprint…processes and checklists so simple and thought out that anyone can follow no matter how busy or stressed out in life you are.

c – The Dream Team…the simplest and most effective devices in the world to help you get both high quality and great quantity of sleep.

d – Super Sleep Supplements…that actually work, make you, well…sleep!

e – Best Bed in Town…too many people underestimate the importance of their bed, find out what’s keeping you up at night and is quite literally a thorn in your side.

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Just One Tactic is all it takes...

The methods contained in my Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program are so simple, so instantaneous, and so effective, its as if they work by magic.

If you implement even one tactic in The Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program, you’ll see the change in you and your employees energy levels and demeanour.

And you know the Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program method worked when you start hearing employees say to each other that “they feel like a new person recently”…before they even tell other employees how much better they have been sleeping .

If you want you and your employees to wake up energised each morning to achieve their goals faster, get a lot more done in their lives, with the added bonus of feeling less stressed and moody, plus reaping the benefits of HUGE improvements in all aspects of their life…then click the button below to get more detailed information and to schedule a call to speak with me directly.

FAQ's - Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program

It’s a 13 week online sleep coaching program, with a very comprehensive supporting workbook, aimed at getting you and your team to learn how to sleep better so that they can come into work every morning with higher levels of energy, more motivation all while in a much better mood!

Just think how far a car can go on a full tank of fuel, compared to when its down to half a tank! You and your employees are no different, when you are operating at full levels of energy just think how much, much further in business and life you can go…

Upto 30 minutes each week for 13 weeks.

We have broken it down into the smallest and absolute simplest steps, to ensure maximum implementation by you and all your employees.

One of the key things benefits for you and your employees is that Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program can be accessed at home or in the office.

Whenever they want to dip into the 30 mins of training they have that week, or refer back, its completely up to them when and where.

They start from £79 per user for upto 1,000 employees. Then for an indiviudal user its £490 upto 10 users.

To get the exact investment for your company’s size, please book a call with Ralph to discuss your options further.

We also have our “Ultimate Sleep Packages” that includes all the very best in sleep devices, sleep supplements and monitoring devices.

Please contact directly for pricing on this as a few options that start from just £59 per user.

Happy Sleeping Clients...

Ralph has worked with a range of people whether thats international sports stars, business owners, senior exectives and employees.

Gareth Cooper – British Lions

Gareth Copper Transparent

Simon Rogers – IT Executive

Alix Popham – Welsh International

Alix Popham Outline veed remove background

Here’s What Your Employees Will Get & Learn from Your Online Corporate Sleep Coaching Program?

Starter Package From £79 Per Employeee

  • The Extremely Comprehensive Sleep Mastery Workbook.
  • What’s The Best Time for You To Sleep?
  • How to Calm Your Mind for Sleep?
  • What’s The Quickest Way For You To Fall Asleep?
  • How Long Should You Sleep For?
  • What’s The Best Sleeping Position for You?
  • What Foods are Stopping You From Sleeping?
  • How to Stop Peeing During the Night?
  • How to Stop Waking Up In The Night?
  • How to Fall Back Asleep When Woken Up In The Middle of The Night?
  • What’s The Best Time For You To Wake Up?
  • Never Forget Any of The Sleep Coaching.
  • Review and Revisit Any Lesson for 12 Months At Your Convenience.
  • Every Module of Sleep Mastery is Summarised For You To Quickly Revisit.
  • Checklists Have Been Created For Every Topic to Ensure Your Employees Don’t Miss Any Aspect.
  • No Stone Has Been Left Unturned To Make The Process As Simple & Easy to Follow For Your Employees As Is Humanly Possible.
  • Ralph Has Spent Decades Learning, Researching & Testing All Aspects Of Sleep, So That In A Matter Of Weeks Your Employees Can Simply Learn 80% Of His Expertise.
  • Fasttrack Your Sleep The Easy Way.
  • A Copy of Ralphs Bestselling Book “STOP!! Killing Yourself The Beginners Guide to Living Longer.”
  • One of The Best Breathing Devices for Deep Sleep.

optional upgrade PACKAGE £59 Per Employeee

  • The World’s Best Adaptogen For a Great Night’s Sleep.
  • The Most Effective Assistant to Calm Your Thoughts Before Bedtime.
  • A Specialist Room Monitor to Ensure The Best Bedroom Conditions for A Sound Night’s Sleep.
  • World Renowned Natural Herbal Remedy to Boost Sleep.
  • The Quintessential Relaxant For a Soothing Deep Sleep.
  • The Latest Natural Sleep Supplements For Those Struggling to Sleep.

Accelerator Package £690 Per Employee

  • A Month's Supply of 3 of The Best Sleep Supplements Available Today.
  • One of The Best Ways to Wake Up to a Natural & Yet Gradual Sunrise
  • One of The Best & Simplest Ways to Create Clean High Quality Air to Breath While You Sleep.
  • This Final and Yet Key Aspect in the Pro Sleep Devices Package, Allows You & Your Employees to Simply & Accurately Monitor Your Sleep.

money back guarantee

If you can look Ralph in the eye and honestly say that not one of your employees has slept better after completing the 13 week home learning corporate sleep program, then you simply get all your money back. Plus, we will refund you and pay your money back in under 62 minutes from the meeting, less direct expenses.

Due to the huge level of commitment in time and energy, that would have been invested in your success, all we ask is that you:

  1. All users have completed the 13 weeks of Sleep Mastery.
  2. All users have completed their Sleep Mastery Workbook each week.

It’s that simple.

We really, really, really want you to get amazing results as it gives us a great sense of satisfaction in seeing the huge improvements, we are making to people’s lives by showing them how they can sleep well and start feeling alive once more in business, relationships and life in general.

Plus, if you don’t get amazing results, we don’t really have a business and we love doing this and certainly don’t want to stop, so we will do everything possible to make sure you are not just happy but delighted!

"MEET YOUR MENTOR: Ralph Montague"

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       STOP!! Stressing Out… The Beginners Guide to Relax (Nov ’24)


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⇒  Creator of “The R.I.O. Model” Remove, Improve, Optimise!


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