How Long Should You Sleep For?

8 Hours Sleep

The quick answer…it depends!

Well, Ralph, that was really helpful, and I am really glad I came to you for help!


What About My “8 Hours” A Night Sleep?


It’s worth noting at this point about the old “8 hours a night” parable, QUALITY of sleep is more important than QUANTITY of sleep.

I would rather sleep for just 6 or 7 hours and get 3 or 4 hours of deep sleep and REM than sleep for 9 hours and get just 2 hours of deep sleep and REM.

That being said, guess what the best amount of sleep time is for me…8 hours!

When I’m asleep for 7 or 7.5 hours, which I have experimented with, I don’t feel quite as energised and raring to go as when I sleep for 8 hours.

Everyone has a different optimal sleep duration. You will need to experiment a little to find what yours is, which will be between 7 to 9 hours; however, this will be somewhere around the 8-hour mark for most. Though please remember everyone is different.

For me, by waking up half an hour earlier and having 7.5 hours of sleep, I miss out on extra REM. By adding an extra 30 mins to my sleep, I get an extra 25-30 mins of REM per night. A price worth paying for getting up half an hour later.


What’s The Right Amount of Sleep Time for You?


It’s straightforward what you are to do…

For the first few nights, don’t set the alarm; just awake when your body wants to.

Yes, Ralph, that’s all very well for you, but I got kids, I got work…!!

Ok, so ask yourself, what’s more important? 

You go into work for a few days at a different time than normal yet wake up every day vitalized and able to do a high-quality workday here on in for the rest of your life.

Or scraping by as you currently are, waking up feeling like rubbish every morning? Not fulfilling your full potential and continuously being mentally vacant with your loved ones as you have run out of energy come the evening (though, let’s be honest, you didn’t have much, to begin with), never mind the health ticking time bomb waiting to blow up inside you?

So, for the next 3-4 nights, simply wake up when you want.

If you have to let others know of this, to make this as easy as possible, please do so, as we want your utmost focus on this matter.

After a few days of doing this, once you have caught up on sleep, after the first morning or two, you may find you’re asleep for quite a few hours extra. This is fine. Then once you get this out of your system, you can then notice the time you like to wake up.

Keep note of this, as you now know how much time your body likes to sleep. From here, you can then plan the time you would like to wake up and, in turn, plan backwards, to determine your bedtime in order to facilitate this.


Your Next Steps to a Great Nights Sleep…


Go to sleep for the next three to four nights with no alarm set and see how long your body wants you to be asleep for without any outside distractions.

Inform people of your plan and perhaps also sleep in a separate bedroom if this further helps.

Its widely known that 7 hours is the absolute minimum for humans (well nearly all), so anything below this will most likely bring you negative health issues in the future. The same goes for oversleeping, which is generally held to be around 9 hours. So, a good night’s sleep will lie somewhere within this range.


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