HIFEM Muscle Stimulation – Complete Guide for Home & Spa

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What is HIFEM Muscle Stimulation?

In a nutshell the ability to do 36,000 sit-ups in 30 mins, with no sweating!

I perhaps need to say that again, as I also was blown away the very first time, I discovered this! You can get what would take 360 abs sessions (assuming 100 crunches each session), done in just 30 minutes.

So if you are doing abs three times a week, this equals 120 weeks or 2 ½ years!

After my initial shock, my second thoughts were, when can I get one! And get one I did…

EMS or electrical muscle stimulation devices have been around for donkeys’ years, I remember as a 12-year-old my dad buying a suitcase full of rubber pads, that gave you the weirdest of sensations, that was quickly put in a wardrobe to never be seen again.

I do believe even these prehistoric versions of muscle stimulation worked, it was just so time-consuming putting all the pads on, and I mean there were a lot of them! Plus it was really fiddly and then at the end, you had to do it all over again and take them all off, again!

This is where the new technology of HIFEM has made this a much simpler affair, with simply one paddle per area you want to be worked, easy!

The High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) Muscle Stimulation workout is a non-invasive treatment of between 20-30 minutes that creates a huge number of powerful muscle contractions, physically not possible through voluntary contractions.

When we are exposed to supramaximal contractions, our muscle tissue is now forced to adapt to these new extreme conditions we are being subjected to. Your body responds in a great way, creating a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in you building muscle and burning fat.

HIFEM Muscles Stimulation fully activates your muscles in a way that exercise alone simply can’t even get close to, which is how it achieves such an effective toning result in such a short time.

It really is what you and me, plus everyone else, have always wanted! A way to build muscle whilst simultaneously burning fat, without enduring months in the gym. 

The (very positive) side effect of this amazing level of muscle stimulation, is that you also get to burn fat. Though not my personal motivation for investing in one at home, this huge appeal is certainly not lost on me for others.

So one device that targets the two most important things people are wanting when it comes to their body, more muscle, and less fat. 

I personally use it for my abs and quads, having seen great results. Other areas it works on include the glutes for bum lifts (which saves risky Brazilian Bum Lift surgery!), calves, hamstrings, arms.

Why You Should Have The HIFEM Muscle Stimulation Device?


As the body is comprised of 35% muscle, we now have with the HIFEM Muscles Stimulation device, an effective way to build and strengthen key muscle groups of our body.


The reason that this, in my opinion, is a longevity device and not an aesthetic device, though very much both! Are that muscle and strength become so very important for longevity when it comes to your 5th decade and onwards…


First off, the most obvious reason is strength. As you get older, you lose strength, and this is a key component of remaining super fit and active in your 90s and 100s. 


This strength factor is also key to stopping falls when we are longer, which can take longer to heal and cause more chances of infections in our 90s and 100s.


Years ago my motivation for getting bigger muscles was for one reason and one reason only, women! Not for myself, not to be healthier or look better, though these were desirable, these weren’t enough to motivate me. However, attracting women was!


Now, however, I have another new huge motivator for wanting bigger muscles. Testosterone!


As we age ALL our hormones reduce in quantity. This has a huge impact on our looks and youthful functioning. Hormones are arguable, the most critical aspect to one’s longevity!


And guess what is one of the best ways to boost testosterone production…bigger muscles!


So it is for this reason that I now class HIFEM Muscles Stimulation, as a longevity device and not just an aesthetic device.


HIFEM Muscle Stimulation Really Comes into its Own For:

  • Giving you your abs back.
  • Lifting your bum in a naturally safe and effective way.
  • Saying goodbye to Bingo Wings, by toning your arms and removing fat.
  • Tone your thighs while also removing unwanted fat between your legs.

How Do You Use HIFEM Muscles Stimulation?


It is really quite simple to use…


Turn it on, select the function you want. I mainly go for muscle building however there are other options such as building muscle mass, toning, strengthening, endurance, or fat loss.


Next position it on the muscle group you want to improve, then sit somewhere comfortable with either a book in hand or TV in sight, then turn it on!


It really is that simple.


I keep mine next to my sofa and will typically put a documentary on or watch a training course with my laptop plugging into my TV.


You want a minimum of two days between the same muscle group, so I will use this on Tuesday for my abs, Wednesday quads and calves, Thursday back to abs, and Friday back to quads and calves.


I tend not to use many of my longevity devices on the weekend, to give me a break and to get outside and experience the world, though I do meditate for an hour Saturday and Sundays as opposed to half an hour on weekdays.


Each treatment will typically take 30 minutes, with a minimum of 4 sessions per muscle group, scheduled two to three days apart to see the best results. 


The HIFEM Muscles Stimulation treatment feels a bit odd at first, muscle contractions without moving! Then after a few minutes, you simply get used to it! You can even lay back and relax during your treatment.


You don’t need to take any time off after your treatment and you can resume normal activities straight afterward. No different from a gym session, plus no aftercare protocols to follow either.


This is what makes HIFEM Muscles Stimulation such a game-changer for you as it is so simple. I combine my sessions with my Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy Device while watching longevity documentaries so getting 3X the benefits from my time sat there…Now that’s some serious stacking of brainpower and physical strength!

Pros versus Cons of Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy Device?


Though the treatment is very easy and requires very little effort on your part, what I have noticed is that you need to be committed.


Each session by the time you turn the HIFEM Muscles Stimulation device on, get yourself comfortable, have the treatment and then finally turn it off to carry on with your day, takes in all, around 35 mins.


Due to the huge benefits of HIFEM Muscles Stimulation, I have this treatment every weekday at 1230 (with Intermittent Hypoxia Therapy), and occasionally on weekends if I am not out and about. 


There is no doubt, this takes commitment, however, I pair it with learning a new skill whilst doing my session, so for example my initial session of 4 treatments for abs, quads, and calves was combined with learning how to learn, using an online course while sat on my sofa with my laptop connected to my TV.


So, if you use your time wisely, it’s a great way to force you to learn something new and important, while also getting the great health and longevity benefits that HIFEM Muscles Stimulation (and intermittent hypoxia therapy) will bring you and your family.


How Much Does It Cost?


A HIFEM Muscles Stimulation device will start off around £20,000 from a decent supplier, with the market-leading model EmScult HIFEM costing around £150,000.


Which HIFEM Muscles Stimulation Device Should You Buy?

Is it the best, probably! Is it worth that huge amount extra no. it is good, however it is not seven times better, perhaps marginally 5% or maybe even 10% better.


For this reason by getting a high-quality device from a great supplier at around £20,000 to £30,000, you can then use the £120,000 saving of not buying the EmSculpt HIFEM, to buy something like a HBOT chamber or Cryotherapy Chamber, that will give you way more benefits overall.


For a lot of you reading this, money will be no object and if this is the case then go for it!


However, if you have a budget of around £500,000/$700,000 to £1m/$1.3m for your home spa in total, this addition will quickly take a huge chunk away from more important things. Especially when a £20,000 investment will do everything you desire and need.


Problems With HIFEM Muscles Stimulation

No such problems, more that for some people they could get accustomed to just sitting there and using the HIFEM Muscles Stimulation device and stop exercising daily.


That would be my only main concern, as the results, you will see are great and for some people, this could cause complacency as you will still need to exercise.


Nothing beats real actual movement for both mind and body.


It’s worth noting that HIFEM Muscles Stimulation has been approved by the FDA and can reduce the abdominal fat layer by 20% while increasing muscle mass by 18%.

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