Make Your Last Stimulant Midday, If You Want to Wake Up Feeling Wide Awake

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Make Your Last Midday, If You Want to Wake Up Feeling Wide Awake

Welcome to Generation Stimulation

It certainly DOESN’T, give you wings, that’s for sure…

The very nature of a stimulant is to make you more alert and provide you with more energy, which is the exact opposite of what one needs come bedtime!

For this reason, by giving yourself many hours between stimulant consumption and bedtime, most of the effects from stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks will have diminished to low levels, though still in your system in small doses, now allowing you to sleep.

Think about it, do you want to be taking something that stimulates you at the very time you want to be approaching your sleep phase, therefore early evening? Never mind, late evening!

For those of you who are reliant on stimulants, you will absolutely love the big, quick wins you are about to get in not just sleep but your life as a whole.


Energy Drinks

So pretty much everything you’ve heard and that I will cover shortly for coffee stands for energy drinks.

Make midday your last and, if you really have to, 2 pm at the very latest.

There are huge overlaps with the stimulating effect of coffee, so keep things simple and group coffee and energy drinks in the same category.

Plus, I will introduce you briefly to its dangerous sugar levels, though sugar is covered in much more detail under the “Remove” articles.

A can of the Monster energy drink has 55 grams of sugar!! This is absolute and utter pure living hell for your body. This is 2 to 3 times my daily sugar in one drink!


Make Your Last Midday

This may scare some of you…

Coffee ideally needs to be stopped at midday. What, I hear you all say, no way Ralph! Get lost…

Well, if you are going to get the most benefits out of your life, it’s a good habit to form and one I adhere to pretty much every day. However, if you want to keep having a rubbish sleep and waking up tired, then just ignore this and carry on with your destructive habits, as it isn’t my sleep being affected!

Though annoyingly, my satisfaction from coaching will be affected, as I get great joy from seeing the massive improvements, I make to people’s lives…Buy hey, perhaps just not yours!

OK, so here’s the deal: if you can’t bring yourself to do the midday day cut-off thing, 2 pm is a great starting point for you! Let me explain how I have fully optimised this for myself.

I have two cups of organic mycotoxin coffee, freshly ground, daily, except for Sundays. Why Sundays? I like to give my body a caffeine break, plus most months, I will also go a week without coffee to stop my body from getting used to its effects.

I have my first cup of coffee around 7 am. I wake up at 0530 every morning and deliberately give myself at least an hour before my first cup of coffee, though the longer, the better, which is why it’s generally around one to two hours from waking.

Why, as I want to benefit from the natural rise in my cortisol levels when I first wake, and coffee also boosts my cortisol levels. However, I like the coffee boost benefits to kick in when my natural cortisol levels start to drop.

Brief side point: cortisol is an essential hormone; without it, we would die, and indeed not the monster it is made out to be, though if you are constantly stressed, it becomes perilous. That’s the critical importance between acute and chronic inflammation.

Then my final cup of coffee is around 10 am. I have two cups daily, as two to three cups have been proven to be the best for longevity and general wellbeing.

This will really bring you significant changes in your sleep and, therefore, your life. As we all know, sleeping better means a better life in every aspect, from mood, energy, emotions, productivity and happiness.

Coffee Shops

A few areas where I can get tempted and even succumb, as I really want to reiterate that even though these extracts from my sleep book (STOP!! Waking Up Tired), is the very blueprint that I live by most days, it’s not something I do every single day, just most days.

So, if I have a meeting in a coffee shop, then yes, at 3 pm I will have a coffee, and if it’s a Saturday, I have even been known to have a coffee up to 4 pm.

Drinking Alcohol

I don’t want to delve too deep into alcohol, as it’s a very emotional topic for a lot of people. Plus, there are other writers better suited for anyone who has a problem with this poisonous substance, and yes, I do take alcohol once or twice a month and on special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays and Christmas, though in an ideal world, it would be just twice a year, on my birthday, with my best friend and at Christmas with my sister.

In a nutshell, which you already know, and this is simply a reminder, it really messes with your sleep. It will affect the big ones, namely your REM. That’s it. I can’t gloss over it any other way.

Nevermind if you are a bloke and drink pints, then it’s going to see you visiting the loo around one visit per two pints consumed after the age of 40, then for those over 60, it may even be one loo visit per pint, lucky you!

There we go, that’s it. I kept this short and sweet as I know no one wants to be lectured about their drinking, as they have their partner for that!

Your Action Plan to Midday Magic

Focus your coffee consumption in your mornings.  

  1. Make midday your last coffee, with 2 pm being the hard cut-off, while getting used to this.
  2. See Energy drinks for what they are, hazardous liquids, full of poison, sorry, I mean sugar, and if you want the energy boost, switch to coffee.

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