Cryotherapy Chambers – Your Complete Guide for Home & Spa

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What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?


Having sold these to commercial operations i.e. clinics, gyms and spa’s until recently, for the last 5 years and actually have one of these at home, in my own personal “Longevity Spa”, I am well versed to write about this subject, you could say!

This guide gives you everything you need to know, before you can even start considering, whether investing in a cryotherapy chamber, is right for you and your family?

In fact, I will begin by saying that for a lot of you reading this “Guide to Home Cryotherapy Chambers”, a cryotherapy chamber is not a good investment for you and your family. By reading this guide, I will explain why this is so, plus am always happy to speak with people to discuss the alternatives for them, as just as this longevity device may not be suitable for you, there are plenty other amazing devices to choose from.

Breaking back cryotherapy to its very essence, in one sentence you would describe it as “your body is subject to temperatures ranging from -110°C to -130°C.”

The treatment takes just 3 minutes, which makes it a highly optimised and time efficient treatment for your longevity, and don’t let the short time fool you as the effect on the body is most spectacular. The extreme cold provides stimulus that activates physiological processes in the body.

It’s like restarting your PC, a system reboot of your body, your body scans itself for underperforming bodily functions, then repairs itself rapidly.

Why You Should Have Cryotherapy Chamber at Home?

A few years ago, I was out on the beers in my beloved Regency Cheltenham and got speaking to a group of lads, and the usual conversation came up of what do you do etc., the conversation evolved to the fact that I had one at home and they instantly were like, no way!

So, I said, my house is only 5 minutes away as we were 131 in Montpellier, come have a go in it if you don’t believe me! We got back and there are 6 random strangers all with their jaws on the floor in absolute disbelief.

One of them asked me, so why do you have something this expensive at home, I replied in simple terms…” So that I live longer”.

The treatment is excellent for many different conditions, simply as most conditions stem from the same issue, chronic inflammation!

It’s great for:

  • Pain relief from arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia.
  • General wellbeing.
  • Living longer.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Healing quicker from injuries
  • Faster recovery from training.
  • Improves your skins tone, texture while also tightening your skin.

I personally find, that by having a morning session when I first wake up, I feel great for the day ahead.


How Do You Use a Cryotherapy Chamber?

What makes this one of the best longevity devices to own at home, in your own personal longevity spa, is the fact that the whole treatment takes just 3 minutes!

Yes, you head that right, just 3 minutes.

This is a game changer, as it allows very little interference with your day, means you can fit it in so easily, between appointments without much effort.

This is where this excels over another great device such as intermittent hypoxia therapy or red-light therapy, all which require 20 to 50 minutes. Which is hard to find when you are the CEO or managing director of multiple companies.

You simply step inside for just 3 minutes, while the temperature is around -110°C or -166°F for the electric powered cryotherapy chamber or -120°C/-184°F for the liquid nitrogen powered cryotherapy chambers.

You are then free to go about your day, no downtime, it’s that simple.

How often you use your cryotherapy chamber is of course, down to you, however if you aren’t going to use it at least once a week, then its pretty pointless investing in one.

To really get the benefits, I would suggest you use it most days, especially when you consider the convince factor and ease of use when you have one at home, combined with it being just 3 minutes.

For sports stars, it could be that you use this twice a day on training days and after intense training, s therefore at least daily.

When you go in the cryotherapy chamber depending on if you have a “head in” or “head out” depends whether you wear a mask, however for both you will simply wear shorts/underwear along with socks and gloves.

You will begin to feel results straight away, with a great sense of wellbeing and vibrancy (well that’s what I get!), this is due to the endorphins and serotonin being release from the exposure to extreme cold.

For those investing in cryotherpay due to suffering from  pain issues, you will really notice the difference after a week or so of not using, therefore a good plan would be to use most days.

Pros versus Cons of a Cryotherapy Chamber?

There are so many variables when it comes to you investing in your own cryotherapy chamber for your home longevity spa. I am going to break them back and make this is as quick and simple for you to understand.

The four aspects to consider are:

  1. Full body cryotherapy chamber (think stepping into a sauna/steam room style).
  2. Whole body cryotherapy chamber (head sticking out the top of the unit).
  3. Liquid nitrogen powered cryotherapy chamber.
  4. Electric powered cryotherapy chamber.

Once you have understood these differences, then you can dig deeper into what you feel is right for you or again, by all means I am happy to discuss different options with you.


Which Cryochamber Should You Buy?

For most people reading this, you will have a very healthy budget and therefore, I will ignore price limitations, though prices are covered in the below section for you to get a better idea of cryotherapy chamber costs.

I would highly recommend the full body (head inside the unit) electric cryotherapy chamber.

Though this is the complete opposite to what, one of my other companies supplied for the last 5 years and in fact, the reason why we stopped supplying those type of chambers.

This is by far, the clear winner. It’s like racing an Aston Martin against a Toyota! It’s that clear cut.

Though I have the liquid nitrogen whole body personally, this was partly due to budget as didn’t have £80,000/$100,000 to invest plus, and I already had over £150,000 of longevity and anti-aging devices at home. Back then I also had less experience and knowledge, when I purchased mine 4 years ago.

If you want the full body “head in”, though want to keep your investment to around £50,000/$60,000, you will then be looking at a liquid nitrogen based cryochamber and not electric powered.


How Much Does a Cryotherapy Chamber Cost?

Liquid nitrogen based cryotherapy chambers start off at around £30,000 or $35,000 including taxes.

Electric cryotherapy chambers start off at around £80,000 or $100,000, with the Rolls Royce of electric cryotherapy chambers costing £130,000 or $175,000.

The technology to be able to get an electric cryotherapy chamber to below -100°C or -148°F, was only developed in 2019/20, so it’s very early stages and requires a lot of engineering to get this power packed into such a small unit.

There are electric cryotherapy chambers that are a lot less, however they only deliver -80°C or -112°F temperatures that are too warm for what we want to achieve with cryotherapy. Don’t get tempted to save money and buy one of these, as you may as well step out on to your balcony and throw bank notes away!


Problems With Cryotherapy Chambers?

One of the huge problems that comes with cryotherapy chambers, is summed up in two words!

Liquid nitrogen.

This stuff I bloody hate and the biggest factor why these amazing devices haven’t taken off around the world, like a sauna, though in fact testament to just how great they are, as even with the significant problems that liquid nitrogen creates for any owner/operator of a cryotherapy chamber, they are still popular.

A lot of people reading this will have their home spa or “Longevity Spa”, as I like to call them, in their basement, am thinking London townhouses, which is where we used to get a lot of enquiries from with my other business. However, we had to refuse pretty much all of them due to the dangers of having liquid nitrogen below ground level.

If you were one of the lucky people, who could have a liquid nitrogen based cryotherapy chamber, you were onto the next problem. Deliveries!

So, there are only a limited number of firms that will deliver to homes, as opposed to commercial operations, from both a perspective of safety and profitability. Which makes sense why deliver 240 litres of liquid nitrogen to a house, when you can deliver thousands of litres to a business!

This makes for reliable weekly or fortnightly deliveries a big challenge. And guess what happens if you don’t get regular liquid nitrogen delivers, in a nutshell absolutely nothing! Which means you can’t obviously use your cryotherapy chamber.

Then if you are lucky enough that you can use liquid nitrogen and where you live can get regular deliveries, you next have the hassle of a delivery guy turning up and taking around two hours to fill up your liquid nitrogen vessels.

Oh wait, it doesn’t stop there either! As liquid nitrogen is highly dangerous to handle, I should know as I have a hole in my arm from an experiment that went very wrong (they don’t call me the “longevity guide pig” for nothing!).

Though you need a one off inspection to setup your home spa to handle liquid nitrogen, it doesn’t just stop there. Dealing with liquid nitrogen is an on-going safety issue and I have a complete kit that I ALWAYS wear, when handling the stuff (picture to come shortly).

It’s for these reasons, that sadly back in November 2021, I had to make the tough decision at my other business, to stop selling liquid nitrogen based cryotherapy chambers. Five years of hard work developing this business, gone. However, I also believe that what you sell has to be right and the best for your clients and a liquid nitrogen based cryotherapy chamber, wasn’t.

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