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Wellness for Profit How Healthier Staff are More Profitable Staff…

Would You Like a Healthier, More Energetic, and Yet a More Profitable Workforce? 

What is Ralph’s Wellness for Profit Workshop Day?

People’s effectiveness in the work environment is determined by their energy levels, which are a by-product of their health and mindset.

If you help people live longer, it makes their physical health better, which in turn supports their mental health, making their productivity “skyrocket” as they are now physically able to perform better, as they have more energy, and an improved outlook on life.

This attracts a lot more customers, brings customers back a lot more frequently, and increases your sales significantly, in turn ramping up your profits!

This extra energy also equates to better business efficiency, so getting more done in less time, again helping to boost your profits.

This one is often very much underlooked. However, numerous studies have shown that a happier workforce is a more profitable workforce. Increasing people’s health makes them happier and, again, more profitable.

Then the final biggie is that when people are healthy, they sleep better; when they sleep better, they have better moods, are more tolerant, calmer, more understanding of others, which equates to much better rapport with customers and colleagues.


In a nutshell, it’s a fun-packed day of learning, showing your staff how in super simple ways, they can become healthier and, in turn, be more present and effective for you, their employer.

These are ram-packed days, with a vast amount of thought and effort gone into the most significant and most impactful aspects of wellness & longevity to boost your profits.

We keep the groups small, up to 30 staff maximum deliberately; Ralph wants to be able to go into accurate detail and provide a more personal touch, than some large lecture theatre with hundreds rammed in and your staff not getting that connection with Ralph, which is key to them implementing their new lifetime habits.

The other bonus of your corporate Wellness & Resilience Workshop Days is that staff can come together, share ideas, and help each other, further building personal relations and teamwork.

Also, the corporate wellbeing workshops will help with mental health awareness, healthy eating, managing stress, physical wellbeing, and practical skills so that employees improve and deal with mental health issues.

Well-being and longevity are vast and in-depth subjects, which is why Ralph has spent the last two decades studying it, initially for his benefit and now for your employees as well. Through this knowledge and experience, he can pass on two decades of wisdom in just a day to your company’s employees.

Ralph’s done the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Who is Ralph’s Corporate Wellness Workshop Days For?

Companies who both want to look after their staff, plus value their employees’ health and mental health problems. Also, the wellness workshops are helpful for stress management and developing resilience.

However, this is also perfect for those companies that don’t care much about their staff and just want to increase their profits, as ultimately that’s what you are in business for! If helping your staff gives you better profits, their health gains then are merely a bonus!

So whether you are after increasing profits, improving employees’ health, or both, then Ralphs’ Corporate Wellness & Longevity Workshops are a must for you and your company.

Ask Yourself…The Following Questions:

* Do you want happier staff?
* Do you want more productive staff?
* Do you want staff that will stay with you for years and reduce churn costs?
* Do you want both better internal staff relationships and external customer relationships?

When is Ralph’s Wellness Workshop Day?

Ralph holds just one Corporate Wellness & Longevity Workshop Day a month.

Dates are booked directly, so we can accommodate convenient times for you and your staff, as we appreciate organising just Ralph, is a lot easier than organising 30 members of staff!

Here’s What Your Staff Will Get & Learn from Your Wellness For Profit Workshop

From Just £167

  • How to Sleep?
  • How to Remove Brain Drain?
  • How to Remove Stress?
  • How to Remove Tech?
  • How to Remove The Poison?
  • How to Improve Movement?
  • How to Improve The Mind
  • How to Improve Your Work Environment?

Customer Reviews


"Applying the Action Plans in Ralph's "Complete Guide to Living Longer" Will Be One of the Best (if not the BEST) investments of Your Time You Will Ever Make..."


It is a fun-packed day aimed at successful people who want to live a calm and relaxed life and don’t want to die in their 70s or 80s due to stress and worry!
In turn, they are then spending the last decade or most likely two, hating being alive as their body has let them down.
It’s for people who invest in their future, who want to live longer, who want to live both healthier and happier lives.
Which person are you going to be? Dead at 75 in chronic pain or fit, healthy and happy at 90?

Most things in life are simple, and it’s just us humans who decide to overcomplicate things, adding unnecessary and complex layers to one’s life.
These added layers of life bring no value, yet vast amounts of stress, worry, and anxiety.
Ralphs shows you how to manage and finally eliminate these deadly toxins from your life, once and for all.
What if you could tap into someone else’s mistakes and learnings of over two decades and steal their “knowledge” in an instant and use it for yourself now, TODAY?
Living longer is getting more and more challenging now, more than ever…
Why, as the food industry is hell-bent on “feeding” us toxic food, big pharma is hell-bent on “medicating” us with harmful poisons, and big tech is hell-bent on “stimulating” our minds with toxic stress.
Billions of people will lose their lives a lot earlier than they should, if only they knew how simple it was to live longer and healthier lives.

Just one day! In a fun and supportive environment.

The Wellness & Longevity Workshops take place in the below great locations:

  1. The Cotswold.
  2. Bristol.
  3. Cardiff.

We offer Wellness & Longevity Workshops once a month in either The Cotswold, Bristol, or Cardiff, depending on the month.

We do; we follow the same highly effective and powerful day workshop format, with the workshop delivered on-site for your staff to help them live longer, be happier, and in turn make you more profitable!

Yes, you can. If you aren’t delighted about Ralph’s training, i.e. you don’t think it will make you live longer, then let us know why on the day, and we will refund 100% of your investment.

Where is Ralph’s Wellness for Profit Workshop Day?

One of the key things about, the location of all my Corporate Wellness & Longevity Workshops, is that they are held where you want them, as this is your day.

If you would like them on site, for convenience and/or cost this can be done.

If you would like to make more of an event out of it, by treating staff and putting them in a completely new environment to make their learnings hit home even harder, in a great relaxing space of your choice, then we can do that as well.

If you would like ideas of venues, dependant on areas of the country, Ralph has extensive knowledge of great venues.

Who is Ralph Montague?

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⇒  Longevity Guinea Pig…

⇒  Author of the famous longevity book…

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⇒  International longevity speaker.

⇒  Top 1,000 Longevity influencers in the world today.

⇒  Gets asked for ID when buying alcohol at 40 years of age!

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Your Wellness & Longevity Retreat is covered by our famous

Living Longer Guarantee.

If after the morning session, you are not happy. Then at lunch just tell Ralph this, then feel free to leave with a full refund!

Its that simple…Sound fair to you?

Your Investment of just £167 for a Full day with ralph!

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