Fed Up of Looking Old? Dont like what you see in the mirror Every Morning?

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Tried lots of things yet nothing works? And in fact, they just make you feel more frustrated and stressed? If that’s the case, why not get help from someone who can help you look younger?

I can help you look younger, and allow you to start waking up happy to look in the mirror every morning, just like you used to, many years ago!

I’m sure you realise it’s a HUGE jungle of overwhelming information out there. And due to how much information you need to learn, understand and action, it actually makes you more overwhelmed. Which in turn, less likely to actually do something about it, and this certainly won’t stop you from looking any younger, that’s for sure!

This is why I wrote the book “STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer”, as my very own personal and simple guide to follow, so I could always look at least 10 years younger, without getting confused, overwhelmed and fed up.

However, the book though great to get me going, wasn’t enough and I wanted more, in fact a lot more!

Which is when I went on a personal quest to study, practice, test and then action as many tactics as I could, in order to stop looking old. Why should we have to look old when we reach our 40s, 50s and 60s?

I truly believe everyone can look at least 10 years younger, if they know what to do?

Having owned and operated a chain of anti-aging clinics and a national training school, for approaching two decades now, I decided to make these insider secrets available, without any on-going expensive treatments.

Your Problem Solved...

  • I make things super simple for you – we start with the basics and in a flash, you will leave powerfully informed and optimistic about how to both look younger and for your future health.
  • I have a proven anti-aging model that I know works, want the proof, easy…ME! I am in my 40s and yet still get asked for ID a few times a year.
  • Though I am empathetic and supportive, there is no hiding or bullshit, and we get the results you want and need.
  • Never look in the mirror wondering who that old person is.

Welcome to Your Solution…


Remove | Improve | Optimise

Who This is For?

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  1. Are you fed up with what you see in the mirror every day?
  2. Are you sick of people thinking you are alot older than you are?
  3. Do you want to take action, NOW?
  4. Do you want to feel younger and experience more from life?
  5. Found yourself back on the dating market yet not looking your best?

Customer Reviews


Applying the Action Plans in Ralph's book "STOP!! Killing Yourself...The Complete Guide to Living Longer" Will Be One of the Best (if not the BEST) investments of Your Time You Will Ever Make...

Looking Younger Coaching FAQ's

Do you not like what you see in the mirror every morning? If so. I can help you look younger and more refreshed.

Are lots of people suprised when you say your age, expecting you to be alot older? If yes, I can help you look your age and in fact look younger.

We will review your current lifestyle, habits and environment, based on this, then provide you with super effective, yet super simple action plans, where together we walk you step by step, through every stage to make this super easy for you.

All training is done via our intereactive online training platform, thats broken down into Ralph’s simply model of Remove, Improve & Optimise (RIO).

Rather than take my word for it, the below photo was take of me at 40 years old. Make your own mind up as to whether I can help you, like I have helped myself and many others?

Who is Ralph Montague?

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  • Longevity Guinea Pig…
  • Author of the famous longevity book “STOP!! Killing Yourself… The Beginners Guide to Living Longer…”
  • International longevity speaker.
  • Top 1,000 Longevity influencers in the world today.
  • Still gets asked for ID when buying alcohol in his 40s!

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Your Investment to look younger…

what your looking younger Coaching covers


from just 2 pence a day (495)
  • Why Being Sweet Makes You Old?
  • People That Make You Look Old?
  • How Processed Are You?
  • The Toxins Making You Look Old?
  • Oasis Sung About This?
  • Why Botox Makes You Look Older?


from just 2 pence a day (495)
  • How to Become a Sleeping Beauty?
  • How You Mosturise Inside Out?
  • Why a Bloody Face Helps You Look Younger?
  • How the Sun is Your Friend?
  • What to Eat to Look Younger?


from just 4 pence a day (995)
  • How Best to Look After Your Skin From Home?
  • What Body Treatments Are Best For You?
  • What Face Treatments Are Best For You?
  • How to Lift Your Face Without a Knife in Sight?
  • What Longevity Treatments Make You Look & Feel Amazing?

Your Looking Younger Coaching Program is covered by our famous ‘Love Living Longer Guarantee’.

Invest in your “Looking Younger Coaching Program” and if after 30 days we haven’t improved how you look, we offer you a money back guarantee, so you can sleep soudly without any worry!

Sound fair to you?

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