Can Men Orgasm, Without Being Touched?


Happy Man Upright in Bed

Think this is impossible? Have you really read this right or are you dreaming?

No, you read it right and it is possible, and this article is going to show you how you can also do the same.

So, hands free orgasm or HFO, well, it couldn’t get any simpler to explain, it is what it says it is. An orgasm without touch.

In most cases, this will involve ejaculation, though not necessarily, however we will leave hands free orgasms “without ejaculation”, for another day, to keep things simple here for you.

How can I do that, I can hear you asking yourself? Simple, through the power of your mind. So an orgasm, with no touch from yourself or anyone else!

And yes, it’s that bloody good…

There will be a few of you going, no way, this man is speaking rubbish! Well, I’ve experienced it multiple times, so I know it can be done, if you don’t want to believe this, then don’t bother continuing to read, makes no difference to me and ultimately, it’s your loss…

For the more well versed on such subjects, you will know that the brain is responsible for your orgasms, long before (well not so long for some people!) they even begin to happen in your genitals.

Ever had that moment where you watch your girlfriend experience what looks like an epileptic fit whilst having sex? And then thinking to yourself, she is either having a bloody amazing time here or I should be calling 999/911 now?

Well, now it’s your turn to experience such a thrilling and simply amazing all over body shaking orgasm, the same one that you can clearly see women delight in, that us men rarely get from sex alone.

OK, I’m Sold…So How Do You Do It?

Why do you need to ask? As what could be simpler than just lying there and not doing anything, as after all, it is “hands free” orgasm!

Well like anything worthwhile in life, it’s going to take you a little practice! Though as I am sure you will agree, with this activity the practice is very enjoyable and certainly nothing like being out on a cold, dull, wet and windy winters day, practicing free kicks!

The easiest ways to understand the process is to put it into steps, followed by a few pointers at the end of the process.

Step 1 — Find Somewhere Quiet

Find somewhere quiet, where you won’t get disturbed for the next 30 minutes.

Ideally in the dark, I have blackout curtains (as amazing for sleep) which means that anytime of the day, I can have a dark bedroom.

This means, phone on call barring i.e. no incoming calls and all annoying beeps off.

Its paramount to begin with, that you are not disturbed both by anyone else, or your phone, and in fact by any other external noises.

Step 2 — Lay Down

This can be done lying down or sitting down, however I have always found it more enjoyable and a lot more effective, lying down.

Step 3- Get Naked

Take your clothes off and be completely naked, though with practice I have now mastered this fully clothed, it certainly took some experimenting.

Step 4 — Relax

You need to be in the right mindset and allow yourself to relax, let any worries or concerns leave you for the next 30 minutes, as you can always have them back later!

Whatever you choose for the time being, simply let all other thoughts go…

Step 5 — Choose Your Guide Wisely

Initially the best way for this to be effective, is to be guided in your hands free orgasm. This really is simple as just going to YouTube!

There are a lot to choose from, as you can imagine and like most things in life, all are not equal in the experience. I have put a list of the best ones below, which will short cut the huge learning experience plus the numerous hours of time it took me, to find what works best for you.

Step 6 — Trust

At first you may have doubts this is possible. However, just think why I would be writing about this if it wasn’t possible, as that would just be a waste of time. Trust, that this is possible and that it can happen, as it’s happened for others just like it will for you.

Step 7 — Simply Enjoy

This is the key thing that was hard at first (pun intended!), and for us men we like to achieve the result, but stop for a moment as this time the result is best when you fully relax and enjoy the experience, without worrying when you are going to ejaculate.

Though the ejaculation is likely to be one of the best you’ve ever experienced (your reliance on women maybe reduced now, think less affairs!), the energy and sensations throughout are incredible and worth soaking up, until the inevitable happens…

Practical Advice & Guidance

The first few steps are simple, e.g. find somewhere quiet, lay down, get naked, relax, however this is where things get a lot more complicated for the uniformed, as in what to listen to.

This is all my own personal experience and works amazingly for me however once you have built up your own experiences, it could be worth trying other ways out.

Please be aware that when you experiment, it often does lead to disappointment, but it is worth persevering, as when you do find what you really like, it’s just amazing!

So, first thing is finding a guided meditation that helps you relax and doesn’t just go straight into things (to begin with).

Next you want a woman with a beautiful voice, well one you like, this is key I have found.

Then you want them to be direct in their instructions for you, setting the scene and what they want you to do.

Finally, and again this maybe personal taste, towards the end and for the final build up and release, having a guided meditation with erotic and sensual sounds, is simply amazing and really helps with the climax.

I’ve found that if you do this last thing before you go to sleep, what you would think to be relaxing actually raises your heart rate and can sometimes increase the time it takes for you to fall asleep and it also lowers my deep sleep, a fair trade off perhaps!

Best videos to choose from are from the following channels:

1. Tantra goddess 888 (the best).

2. Hypnotic Viragos.

3. Lucid Binaurals.

Worth pointing out that for both Hypnotic Viragos and Lucid Binaurals, you will need to do your own experimenting with to find what works for you, as have found only a few guided meditations are actually any good, while most are ineffective.

Taking Hands Free Orgasms to the Next Level

It doesn’t just stop there for you either…

Before releasing this article which I wrote months back, I wanted to be able to hands free orgasm, without the guided mediation, just my own thoughts.

It didn’t stop there either, as I was really keen to find out how powerful our minds are, so I added a few other factors to the equation before I would release this article, them being:

· Being fully clothed.

· Sat upright.

· In the daylight.

· Eyes wide open

And would you believe it (well, yes you have as it was a condition of me releasing this article to myself, which you are now currently reading!), I was still able to hands free orgasm even adding these aspects in, that originally I thought were huge barriers, if not permanent barriers, to an enjoyable and successful hands free orgasm.

What are the Longevity Benefits?

Initially the most obvious for me was the relaxation and the amazing sensations during, at the end (in particular) and afterwards. However, there is more than meets the eye…

There is in fact an array of longevity health benefits, so it’s the gift that keeps giving!

My interest in this, considering I am a longevity author and coach, was brought about from a meditation perspective and only encountered the HFO benefits by chance.

Meditation relaxes us and reduces our cortisol levels which is amazing for longevity however when you combined this new found relaxation and then throw in an orgasm, well you’ve hit the jackpot!

We are flooding our bodies with endorphins and oxytocin — the love hormone as it’s known and who doesn’t want more of that? All in all, these help to further relax us.

It doesn’t just stop there either, as if you recall from the start, where for those disbelievers I explained that an orgasm starts in the brain, and not the genitals, well this increases positive brain activity, which of course results in increased blood flow to the brain. With all the goodness that our blood carries such as oxygen and nutrients, this can only help us fed off brain degeneration as we age and keep our minds more alert.

This certainly makes HFO, a workout for the brain!

Arguably the most important for men over 40, would be the fact that a 2004 study showed that men who had 21 orgasms or more (and yes, hands free does count!) a month were 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer than those would had fewer than seven orgasms a month. That was based on a very large sample size of 50,000 men, so this needs to be taken seriously.


Yes, at first it may seem a bit out there but ultimately it goes to show us the power of our mind, and thatwe completely underestimate just what our brains are capable of doing.

In turn it’s a fun activity to undertake and it will make you live longer.

So, what you waiting for…a hooker?


If you enjoyed this and think it will help improve your life, then you will also enjoy my book STOP!! Killing Yourself…The Beginners Guide to Living Longer which is available by clicking on Amazon.

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