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Why It’s Time You Invest In Yourself?

For a long time, people have had personal trainers and even a nutritionists to help them become healthier, yet this is only part of what one needs to understand, and action to live longer and be completely healthy not just part healthy.

Its almost like taking your car to a garage and getting them to replace the oil and fix the blown tyres, yet you have no steering wheel or brakes!

Though diet and exercise are key elements of both health and longevity, they are only two parts out of many and something as simple as sleep is even more powerful, yet we don’t think to get a personal sleep coach, do we?

My longevity coaching encompasses the effective and proven longevity model, RIO (Remove, Improve, Optimise) 4 Longevity.

For those of you who don’t want to die 10 or even 20 years early, and miss out on all those special family moments, then you need a “Longevity Coach”.

Though I am based in Bristol, I am able to offer “Longevity Coaching” to those in person in the South West and for those further afield via Zoom, though idealy our first meeting is done face to face to really get to know each other better and am happy to travel for that all important first meeting.

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