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Sleep Analysis – The Oura Sleep Ring


When I first got my Oura ring many years ago, there weren’t many options for tracking sleep and the options available were nowhere near as good as this fantastic little device.

These were one of the first back in 2013. As always, times change, and the competition has increased and not just in numbers. The quality has also improved.

That being said, Oura has certainly not rested on its laurels as they continue to up their game all the time.

This guide will focus on the Oura Sleep Monitoring Ring. Now I appreciate there are a lot of great tools for tracking sleep like an Whoop, Apple Watch, FitBit or Garmin. I’ve also tried the Sleep Cycle app and didn’t get on with it. That’s not to say you won’t. However, the Oura Ring is super simple and super easy to use, hence why I believe it is one of the best device for tracking sleep. 

Though that being said (update August 2023) they have just added a montly subscription cost to use it, which really turns me off them, as its just not needed and simply a greedy attempt to take more money out of your pocket!

And I am sure, like me, the last thing you want to be learning is yet another app that takes away your bandwidth from other areas of your life. 

To put this in perspective, I’ve only just updated my phone after 7 years simply because I don’t want to spend time learning a new user interface. This is also why I stick with the same brand, as the change is kept to an absolute minimum plus, during the data transfer, there is always something that doesn’t go quite as smoothly as they say it will, which all takes up more time.

I am not going to cover here the technical aspect of how it works. Nor am I going into detail on the sensors and the tech, as if that’s something you want to know more about, visit their website (no link as the aim of The Longevity Clinic is to provide excellent advice and not affiliate links). My concern for you is to inform you how it will be a significant addition to your life and how best to use it daily for tracking sleep and having a good sleep every night.


Why I Like the Oura Ring – Usability 


Below is a list of the non-tech things I like about the Oura Ring, i.e. the general day-to-day use of it:


  • The fact that it is small and lightweight, and it is worn on your finger makes it easy.
  • It can be worn on any finger.
  • Choice of colours, silver, gold, stealth and black.
  • Easy to use and understand the app interface.
  • Long battery life, of up to 7 days, with a full charge of around 60 mins from dead.
  • Waterproof to 100 meters for swimmers and those in the sea a lot.
  • Things you might like that I don’t use are that it monitors your steps. I simply go for an hour’s walk every day, and I don’t care how many steps I’ve done. Next up, calories burned, duration of inactivity, general sleep score and activity score.
  • Good value for money. The prices change continuously, obviously with inflation; however, they start from £250 or $299 dollars.


Why I Like the Oura Ring – Why We Are Here For….Sleep Tracking Data!


For me, the most important metric I am interested in, even over REM, is deep sleep. This is the big one for me.

Though REM is extremely important, I view deep sleep as slightly more beneficial and also the one as I have gotten older, I have found I have had to up my game significantly in order to simply maintain. Though I am in fact, slowly improving my deep sleep.

However Oura has both deep sleep and REM, plus time spent in light sleep, time went to bed, time woke up and total time asleep. This is all I need and is amazing for what I want.

However, it doesn’t stop there…

Other key aspects that I monitor daily and write in my morning journal are:

  1. Number of times woken up throughout the night.
  2. Movement throughout the night.
  3. Total time awake.
  4. Resting heart rate.
  5. HRV- heart rate variability.
  6. Body temperature.
  7. Breathes per minute.

These are also good starting points for you to monitor daily if you decide to get one. Plus, this way, you can track the considerable improvements in your sleep just by following a few of the lessons in The Longevity Clinics Learning Centre you will benefit from.


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