Best Pillows to Support Your Sleep


Stuff a Pillow Between Your Legs


Now this one always surprises people when I tell them about this. WHAT…Sleep with a pillow between my legs. For heaven’s sake, why!!

I have two pillows on either side of me, placed around my hips/upper legs at the ready so that when I move from my other side, they are ready to be put between my knees for support.

Well, here’s a picture of my sleeping position.

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The first time you do this, it feels just amazing, you can feel the pressure completely taken off your back, and it also feels very comfortable between your legs.

Now I appreciate it if you are sharing a mere king-size bed with someone, then this will be very difficult, which is why I suggested in a previous sleep guide of either sleeping alone on weekdays or investing in a super king bed.

And finally, that brings me to the most obvious use for pillows, to put your head on!

You will notice how my head has only one pillow and not two, unlike the case for most people.

The reason is that I want my neck aligned as best as possible and not artificially raised too high, which in turn will give me a neck ache or a bad back.

You want “Goldilocks” not too low and not too high!

You want to match your neck and head with your spine. So if you are sleeping on your back, be careful not to raise the top of your head too high, forcing your chin down. That will come from having too many pillows.

Then obviously, the opposite applies as well, as you don’t want your chin raised up in the air while the top of your head sunk backwards.

While for those who prefer to sleep on your side, you want your pillow’s thickness, whether one or two pillows, to match the distance between your neck and shoulders. The main objective here is to keep your neck and spine aligned and stop any aches and pains when you wake up in the morning.


Do You have a Bad Back?


This leads me deliberately on to…do you have a bad back?

By seeing what I do and actually being able to picture it, gives you a much better idea of how to do this.

For those of you with lower back pain, using pillows between your knees or even your duvet, if it’s thick enough while on your side, is going to be one the best sleeping positions for you to wake up at ease and not in pain. As mentioned above, you can quite literally feel the relief in your back when you put that pillow between your knees.

The body pillow is excellent for supporting your head, arms and between your legs to support your knees.

The thickness of the pillow that works best for you will, of course, vary. For bigger people, you will want a thicker pillow; for some people, there will also be an element of personal preference aside from being bigger or smaller.

To get started, simply use your current pillows and then once in the habit, you can look to experiment with adding a second pillow or finding other pillows in the house thicker or thinner, to find the ultimate position for you.

For those of you who chose to sleep on your backs, it’s worth noting that a small gap can form between your lower back and the mattress, depending on how firm your mattress is. In some people, this can lead to unwelcome tension in their lower back.

This is easily rectified simply by placing a pillow under your knees. I have to say this feels just amazing the first time you do this, and you wonder why the hell you haven’t thought of this before!

Do it and find out for yourself even if you don’t have lower back pain!


 Your Action Plan – will only take you 3 mins.


  1. Experiment with a pillow under your knees if you are sleeping on your back.

  2. Place a pillow between your knees for those of you sleeping on your side.

  3. Finally, ensure that your pillow aligns your neck and spine correctly. Check is this one pillow or two pillows? This will vary depending on your size and whether you are sleeping on your back on your side.

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