The Best Foods to Help You Sleep

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Foods That Help You Sleep, Yes Some Really Can…


This guide is all about how eating the right foods can help you get a great night’s sleep.

Food plays two roles when it comes to you and your sleep. The wrong foods can really play havoc and have a much more significant impact on your sleep than good foods can promote your sleep.

Without a shadow of a doubt, bad foods will have a much bigger impact on your sleep than these great foods will for optimising your sleep. 

So, if you are still eating these culprits, such as cheese, fried food, and sugar-laden desserts, then, though this guide will be vital to optimising your future sleep, you still have work to do, and I would recommend at least stopping at 5 pm. 

That is if you really have to eat them in the first place!

That said, this will be of particular interest for most of you, with a keen interest in optimising every aspect of sleep you can. So, without further ado, I will cover foods that are great for promoting deep sleep and REM.

It’s worth noting at this point that though vitamins, minerals and other supplements can also take you further on your path to fully optimise your sleep, always remember if you can get it from foods first, do so. 

Vitamins, minerals and other supplements are mainly a backup if you need help getting the real deal. That being said, when it comes to adaptogens, which I regularly take for many benefits, one of which being sleep, work very well in supplement form and are very hard to get outside of Asia. So supplements are typically your only choice, though a very good choice when it comes to adaptogens.


The Best Foods to Optimise Your Energy Levels & Provide A Great Night’s Sleep


Turkey & Chicken 

Quite simply as its high in one of the most amazing and critical nutrients known to mankind, the amino acid Tryptophan.

At around 5 hours, Tryptophan converts into that amazing neurotransmitter serotonin. Not only will this boost your mood and overall feeling, plus reduce your anxiety, all key for mastery of one’s sleep. If that isn’t enough, serotonin will then convert into melatonin which is key to you having a great night’s sleep.

Also, what’s great about turkey and, to a lesser degree, chicken, though organic chicken is a lot easier to get than organic turkey, which is why I always go down the chicken route. They are both protein rich foods.



It’s just nuts how much magnesium is in Almonds! Which is why this nutter is one of the best foods to eat before bed. It’s also a excellent source of riboflavin, phosphorous, monounsaturated fats, antioxidants, omega-3 and fibre!

Magnesium is one of the most crucial minerals we humans can consume. It’s great for regulating blood sugar and other repair mechanisms as well.

Other nuts, such as walnuts and cashews, are also good for sleep for similar reasons, as all these nuts contain melatonin and zinc in addition to magnesium, though, of course, levels of each of the three nutrients will vary from nut to nut.

Plus, all these nuts help reduce inflammation. A good starting point is to experiment with around an ounce or 30 grams, then adjust to suit your specific requirements. 


Fatty Fish (salmon, trout and tuna)

Personally, I can’t comment on this as I don’t eat fish for two reasons, when I used to surf years ago, I had this strange view that if I didn’t eat fish, they wouldn’t eat me! Well, I don’t really surf anymore, so I suppose I could eat fish…

However, after years of my ex-fiancé “almost” forcing me to eat salmon, I am glad I didn’t give in to the onslaught, as unless you get very, very, very wild fish, most of it is composed of heavy metals and if that isn’t a turn off, just watch how they farm salmon (watch Kate Winslets Eating Our Way to Extiction!).

That being said, if you can get a high-quality wild fish, then this stuff is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. The key components are EPA and DHA, which I supplement daily with the very wild Alaskan variety, which I cover in the next article.

Plus, there is a lot of vitamin D, another absolute gem for life, never mind conquering insomnia and ensuring a great night’s sleep. Vitamin D is involved in the production of the hormone serotonin, which is critical to a great night’s sleep and confidence.


I didn’t want to include cherries and other fruits due to their sugar levels or fructose. However, tart cherries, or sour cherries, have high levels of melatonin, yes, that word again. In fact, for me that word is sheer magical due to how key it is to our sleep!

However, be careful, as it’s not all cherries. Sweet cherries don’t have this benefit, sadly! Stick to English Morello, Montmorency and Richmond’s cherries.


Honey, I Shrank Your Insomnia

Again for the same reasons above, I don’t want to encourage foods high in sugars. However, I do have organic unpasteurised honey that I take a few times a week, mainly in my porridge when I run out of blueberries, as it is full of excellent nutrients.

Guess what honey does…it stimulates that all important hormone, melatonin! Plus, it gets even better as it shuts off a neuropeptide, orexin, that makes us feel alert and awake, ensuring a great night’s sleep.


Oatmeal or Porridge

This is one of my favourite meals, yes, you heard that correctly! Porridge is one of Ralph’s favourite meals. Why, it gives me a fantastic fullness while not looking or feeling bloated, plus I feel full for hours and have a natural energy boost.

However, back to a sleep perspective, it’s high in fibre, which is excellent for you and full of the right types of carbs, which are again great for you, just don’t overdo the carbs.

But then, of course, they are a great source of melatonin! 


Your Action Plan – will only take you 3 mins


1. Pick one of the foods above that you don’t currently eat and start eating them before bed as to your last meal of the day, once or twice a week to ensure a great night’s sleep.

2. After a few weeks, look to add one of the above foods to your last meal eaten before bed, six days out of seven.


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