Meet your trainer Ralph Montague

Ralph has an extensive background in anti-aging, longevity and business, having set up his first anti-ageing and aesthetic clinic in 2005, and has worked in the anti-ageing industry for over twenty years. Ralph is also the author of the Amazon Best-Seller The Profitable Clinic and the STOP!! book series.

Looking and feeling younger has always been key to Ralph’s heart and prior to turning forty, the realisation that growing old was a reality for everyone, himself included, gave Ralph the motivation to utilise his knowledge in anti-ageing and dedicate his time to researching and testing longevity techniques to help companies and business professionals.

The development of Ralph’s research resulted in an innovative approach to sleep, stress and longevity; the RIO Model (Remove, Improve, Optimise). Ralph’s laid-back, no-nonsense approach helps companies establish the foundations for a healthier, happier life and work routine for their employees, with minimal fuss enabling sustainable, long-term results.

By implementing the RIO Model system, both Ralph and his clients experienced high energy levels, reduced stress levels, and rested sleeping patterns within weeks – to the point that many often joke, “Will Ralph ever get old?”. His reflexologist even proclaims Ralph’s feet give a ‘Peter Pan’ like energy during their sessions.

It is now Ralph’s mission to spread his passion for sleep, stress and longevity to help companies and business professionals live longer through corporate sleep and stress workshops, ONE-On-ONE coaching programmes, and the STOP!! workbook series.

The only question left to ask is…

When do you want to “Stop Waking Up Tired” and “Stop Stressing Out” to “Stop Killing Yourself”?

If the answer is NOW – contact Ralph today or order one of Ralph’s longevity workbooks below.

Ralph even takes things one MASSIVE step further by having all this at home

As you can imagine guests are both rather amused and quite stunned when they see this array of longevity equipment, with one of the funniest moments being at 3am managing to fit 4 people in his single use hyperbaric oxygen chamber!!

His book STOP!! Killing Yourself…, started off with no intention of ever being a book but in fact his very own collection of private material and research from over the last 20 years, in order to ensure, he continued to keep looking and feeling as great AND most importantly, as close to how he does now in both in body, mind and spirit, over the next 6 decades before his death.

By regularly actioning the plans in his book, coaching and workshops plus having the treatments, he is walking, talking and thankfully living proof, that this stuff both works amazingly and is super safe having been 100% tried and tested by the “Head Guinea Pig” himself! 4

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“We Help Companies & Business Professionals, Reduce Sick Days & Staff Turnover, Improve Burnout & Motivation, To Optimise Profits & Performance, In Simple to Follow Steps…”

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