The Top 7 Things That Stop You from Sleeping

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In life, no matter how good your intentions are to transform your life for the better, there is always something or someone lurking in the background waiting to pounce on you and stop you dead in your tracks!

Well, I hate to inform you; sleep is no different!

There are plenty of pesky and annoying things and people waiting to cast you into an eternity of a tired and dazed existence of never sleeping!

There are generally seven primary sources that will initially cause resistance to your newfound sleep habits.

I will cover each one, firstly, to make you aware of them before they present their ugly and unwelcoming head. Then secondly, I will put a plan of action together for you to stop these from becoming an issue in your quest to wake up feeling funky fresh.


Barriers to Your Sleeping Success



Ask yourself, what’s more important, work or still being alive AND fit at 90?

Once you understand this and put everything else into context and see life from a long-term perspective, you soon realise that staying up late and working is a ticket to an early death. Both the lack of sleep and the added stress.

Also, let’s be honest with yourself, is the work you do past 9 pm actually that good anyway? I bet you could do the same amount of work, and of a better standard, in half the time come the morning! 

That’s the irony of it all, you are killing yourself while taking longer to the work, and the work you do is pretty rubbish!

A good rule of thumb, though I appreciate the exact time will vary for some, is to have a clear two hours break between last work and sleep time.

This will allow your mind to switch off fully. Enjoy some of your evenings, and most importantly, wake up feeling super refreshed tomorrow and are then able to get even better work done tomorrow.


Your Partner

There are a lot of aspects when it comes to your partner. However, I am going to cover the two big ones here, keeping you up late and waking you during the night.

First, people like their set habits and routines, so changing them will be met with resistance, often stiff resistance, if you suddenly want to start going to bed at 10 pm instead of 1130 pm.

You now have a problem, in fact, a big problem, as she will resist you and your new attempts to go to sleep early and wake up feeling refreshed, as she wants you on the sofa stroking her head (trust me I have been there!).

I know this from first-hand experience and the battle it would take to go to bed before falling asleep on the sofa together. Which is incredibly bad for your sleep however I will cover this in more detail in a later article.

Next, once you have finally managed to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, you are now going to have some external source making noises and hitting you throughout the night.

We used to have a king-size bed which you would think for two slim adults would be more than enough space to sleep unbothered. Think again!

Only when we slept in the most divine bed at Soho House Berlin, did we realise what we needed to do!

These beds were huge, and it meant that we both slept like a log, with neither the other person’s body heat waking you up. Plus, now the nightly attacks from Lexi stopped, as she could not reach me on the other side of the bed!

You are going to have to get your partner onside and sell them the benefits. Remember, self-interest is far more powerful a tool than appealing to someone’s kind heart, but you knew that!


Your Children

First off, you are the boss. It’s that simple, tell them to shut up!

Secondly, I don’t have kids, so this is a tough one for me to give guidance upon as I have not experienced this.

However, pay attention to how your children are affecting your sleep. It could be them coming into your bedroom during the night and you putting things in place to train them out of this annoying habit. Or they could simply be waking you up too early.


Noisy neighbours

This one is SO EASY!

In fact, one simple word will rectify nearly all your noisy neighbour problems in one – a fan.

Yep, that’s it, simply a fan.

But how, I hear you ask, can a fan stop all this; well, it is quite simple as a fan will first block out nearly all background noise.

Secondly, any big or loud noises are significantly reduced and, in most cases, simply muffled out, so they don’t wake you up and the dreaded falling back to sleep regime!

Thirdly, if those two weren’t enough, the white noise helps send you off to Lala land.

Finally, yes, there is even a fourth…the fan will also, would you believe, keep you cool at night and the body loves a cool room to sleep in!



Two words sum this up “Blackout Curtains”.

Did you know we have sensors all over our bodies that can sense when light is hitting our bodies, even if our eyes are covered without a mask! Crazy.

To combat this, we need to take some action and up the stakes when it comes to our window dressings!

I have found the easiest way to do this is by simply lining the back of your curtains with blackout material, easily found on Amazon for around $20/£15.

If, like me, you want to do this properly? You will also want double-sided sticky tape fixed to the wall and the back of your curtains. This now enables the edges of your curtains to be stuck to the wall. Stopping the light seeping out the sides of your curtains.

You can do the same for the bottom as well; however, I leave the top.


TV in the Bedroom

Under no circumstance should a TV be in a bedroom, never mind your bedroom! 

Would you invite students to party in your bedroom every night, just when you are about to go sleep?

Of course not, so why invite a TV into the bedroom?

When trying to remove a TV from an international sports star’s bedroom, it was met with fierce resistance from his wife. In fact so much, so it was getting rather heated, so I had to step back from that, and so did he. He simply rolled over and let that one stay! Does make me laugh as a 6ft 5 muscular and mighty man, being bossed around by some waiver thin 5ft 5 women! Oh, the irony…

In light of this, during your transition stage, perhaps put a timer on the TV, so the TV automatically cuts out.

Or even take it one step further and have your Wi-Fi on a timer as well, so data feeding the TV also cuts out.


Your Next Steps to a Peaceful Night’s Sleep…


For most people reading this, many of these issues will be affecting them. So rather than get overwhelmed and try and tackle them all at once. Simply pick the one that bothers you the most first.

Then for the next week, focus on this. Once mastered, then move on to the next. Rinse and repeat until all annoying things are removed from your life…


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